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Engineering Village Newsletter | September 2016 | Covering news, product updates, tips & tricks and more

Tip & Trick: Create alerts to stay connected and save time

item1Creating alerts in Engineering Village is an easy way to keep up to date with research related to your topic of interest. Based on your search and refined results, weekly alerts can be initiated by the simple click of a button. Alerts are sent every Friday to make it easy to stay on top of research and trends, but you can also access the search your alert is based on at any time, meaning you won’t waste time recreating searches.

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Your Input is Important

item2The Engineering Village team continuously evaluates new features and content. We gather user input through several avenues including user surveys, customer interviews and support desk inquiries. Additionally, we have begun testing the use of new features within the Engineering Village platforms.  At the recent ASEE conference, the Engineering Village team conducted face-to-face interviews with several customers to get input on features that are in an early concept phase. The feedback is being analyzed and will help to determine product strategy and priority projects for our development team.  We are also using digital surveys via email and within the Engineering Village product as a way for customers to provide us quick feedback at the point a feature is being used. If you get prompted for a quick survey, please take a moment to give us your input.

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Tip & Trick: Set your preferences in Engineering Village

item3Did you know you can customize your settings in Engineering Village? For example, you can set which search refinement facets you want to appear at the top of your list options, create a default naming convention to be used each time you download a file, and even choose the highlight color your search terms appear in. A quick review of this tip & trick can help you work more effectively in Engineering Village.

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