Current California Fire Sites

CAL Fire:

UC ANR Fire Activity Map:

US Wildfires:



ArcGIS US Wildfire Activity Web Map:

ESRI Wildfire Public Information Map:

PG&E Rotating Outage Map:

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Scope – Knowledgespeak: STM Industry Daily News Alert

Wiley Education Services recently partners with new Universities – 

Wiley Education Services, part of John Wiley and Sons Inc., has announced the signing of several new university partnerships in 2020 including Calvin University, La Trobe University, Methodist University and University of New Haven, to support more than 45 undergraduate and graduate online programs across a… Read More

SAGE Campus expands to online learning for skills and research methods – 

Academic publisher SAGE Publishing is expanding its SAGE Campus product from its original focus on online data science courses to now offer high-quality support for the teaching and learning of a wide range of skills and research methods that can be applied across all stages of… Read More

WebMD Health Corp. acquires coliquio – 

WebMD Health Corp., an Internet Brands company and a leader in health information services for physicians, other healthcare professionals and consumers, has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire coliquio, a German-based information and education platform for healthcare professionals. The acquisition combines the… Read More

GeoScienceWorld adds Russian Geology and Geophysics to its journals collection – 

GeoScienceWorld (GSW) has added Russian Geology and Geophysics, volumes 60 and 61, 2019 and 2020 respectively, to its domain-leading collection of earth science research journals. The backfile dating from 2002–2018 will be added on a rolling basis in the coming weeks. … Read More

The University of Manchester joins the Frontiers – JISC national open access deal – 

The University of Manchester has joined the national open access deal agreed between Jisc Collections and Frontiers. The landmark deal provides a simplified and streamlined route to open access publishing for researchers in the UK, who publish 7% of the world’s research. The University of… Read More

Library Assessment Conference is now open for registration – 

Registration is now open online for the second session of the virtual 2020–21 Library Assessment Conference, to be held on November 18, 2020, half-day webinar on Assessment Programs and Organisational Issues. The 2020–21 Library Assessment Conference is being offered as free… Read More

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Scope – Knowledgespeak: STM Industry Daily News Alert

IncoPat joins Clarivate to provide intellectual property solutions to customers – 

Clarivate Plc, a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, has announced that Beijing Incopat Co., Ltd (IncoPat) has joined Clarivate. The partnership will be able to provide a more comprehensive suite of intellectual property solutions to customers… Read More

Taylor & Francis adds Annals of Medicine to its Open Access journals – 

Academic publisher Taylor & Francis has enhanced its ever-growing portfolio of fully Open Access journals with the addition of Annals of Medicine. To improve greater collaboration and reproducibility, now across more than 30 crucial therapy areas, the international general medicine journal… Read More

Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians approves BMJ Best Practice – 

The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom has approved leading healthcare knowledge provider BMJ’s clinical decision support tool BMJ Best Practice. This means that members of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians and those subscribed to the Federation CPD diary scheme… Read More

CHORUS partners with AGU on NSF data citation best practices grant – 

CHORUS has been named in a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant made to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) designed to further open data citation best practices and ensure that NSF earth science data are publicly accessible, linked to publications and grants, and credited. CHORUS seeks… Read More

BioMed Research International has a new Editorial Board model – 

For nearly two decades, BioMed Research International (BMRI) has been an important source of information and knowledge as well as an international forum for the biomedical research community. After careful consideration and discussions with Editors and authors in the field, Hindawi has decided to have… Read More

ITHAKA extends JSTOR and Artstor access program – 

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to disrupt higher education, ITHAKA, the not-for-profit organisation behind the journal archive JSTOR, is extending the JSTOR and Artstor expanded access program through June 30, 2021 to help institutions in their shift to remote teaching. Institutions… Read More

UK universities joins Ex Libris RapidILL Community to provide library users with easy access to materials – 

Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, has announced that five prominent UK universities — Imperial College London, UCL, the University of Liverpool, the University of Manchester, and the University of St Andrews — have decided to join the growing RapidILL community in the United Kingdom, giving their… Read More

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Latest Publications: UC Davis/UC Davis Medical Center – Scopus

Your search alert called “UCD/UCDMC” has found 224 new results.

Row Number Document Title Authors Year Source
1. Attachment theory and religion Cherniak, A.D., Mikulincer, M., Shaver, P.R., Granqvist, P. 2021 Current Opinion in Psychology, 40, pp. 126-130.
2. Postharvest use of natamycin to control Alternaria rot on blueberry fruit caused by Alternaria alternata and A. arborescens Wang, F., Saito, S., Michailides, T.J., Xiao, C.-L. 2021 Postharvest Biology and Technology, 172, art. no. 111383.
3. Feature-Driven Viewpoint Placement for Model-Based Surface Inspection Mosbach, D., Gospodnetić, P., Rauhut, M., Hamann, B., Hagen, H. 2021 Machine Vision and Applications, 32(1), art. no. 8.
4. Authentication of barley-finished beef using visible and near infrared spectroscopy (Vis-NIRS) and different discrimination approaches Barragán, W., Aalhus, J.L., Penner, G., (…), Angulo, J., Prieto, N. 2021 Meat Science, 172, art. no. 108342.
5. A novel aspartic protease inhibitor inhibits the enzymatic browning of potatoes Dong, T., Cao, Y., Li, G., (…), Jiang, C.-Z., Wang, Q. 2021 Postharvest Biology and Technology, 172, art. no. 111353.
6. Internet of things forensic data analysis using machine learning to identify roots of data scavenging Shakeel, P.M., Baskar, S., Fouad, H., (…), Saravanan, V., Montenegro-Marin, C.E. 2021 Future Generation Computer Systems, 115, pp. 756-768.
7. Comparative investigation on three laboratory testing methods for short-term aging of asphalt binder Tian, Y., Li, H., Zhang, H., (…), Zuo, X., Wang, H. 2021 Construction and Building Materials, 266, art. no. 121204.
8. A user-friendly algorithm for adaptive closed-loop phase-locked stimulation Rodriguez Rivero, C., Ditterich, J. 2021 Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 347, art. no. 108965.
9. Differential inflammatory potential of particulate matter (PM) size fractions from imperial valley, CA D’Evelyn, S.M., Vogel, C.F.A., Bein, K.J., (…), Nguyen, T.B., Pinkerton, K.E. 2021 Atmospheric Environment, 244, art. no. 117992.
10. Quantitative joint evaluation of sheep enteric methane emissions and faecal dry matter and nitrogen excretion van Lingen, H.J., Jonker, A., Kebreab, E., Pacheco, D. 2021 Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 305, art. no. 107116.
11. Differential calculus on the space of countable labelled graphs Khare, A., Rajaratnam, B. 2021 Advances in Operator Theory, 6(1), art. no. 12.
12. Rapid Evolution and Rupture of an Incidental Aneurysm During Hyperdynamic Therapy for Cerebral Vasospasm Chagoya, G., Salehani, A., Tabibian, B.E., (…), Elsayed, G.A., Harrigan, M.R. 2021 World Neurosurgery, 145, pp. 205-209.
13. Development of a simulation method for three-dimensional shape generation by femtosecond laser ablation on binderless nano-polycrystalline diamond Nabetani, S., Aoyama, H., Ueda, M., (…), Kobayashi, Y., Yamazaki, K. 2021 Precision Engineering, 67, pp. 262-268.
14. Dose–response with stereotactic body radiotherapy for prostate cancer: A multi-institutional analysis of prostate-specific antigen kinetics and biochemical control Levin-Epstein, R.G., Jiang, N.Y., Wang, X., (…), Fuller, D.B., Kishan, A.U. 2021 Radiotherapy and Oncology, 154, pp. 207-213.
15. Sensory, physicochemical and volatile compound analysis of short and long shelf-life melon (Cucumis melo L.) genotypes at harvest and after postharvest storage Farcuh, M., Copes, B., Le-Navenec, G., (…), Guinard, J.-X., Van Deynze, A. 2020 Food Chemistry: X, 8, art. no. 100107.
16. Bilateral external auditory canal masses following repair of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm and open decompressive exploratory laparotomy for compartment syndrome: A rare case of spontaneous bilateral otorrhagia Teh, R.A., Hoshal, S., Hoshal, G.L., (…), Bobinski, M., Raslan, O.A. 2020 Radiology Case Reports, 15(12), pp. 2660-2662.
17. A site-specific map of the human plasma glycome and its age and gender-associated alterations Merleev, A.A., Park, D., Xie, Y., (…), Lebrilla, C.B., Maverakis, E. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 17505.
18. Predicting in silico electron ionization mass spectra using quantum chemistry Wang, S., Kind, T., Tantillo, D.J., Fiehn, O. 2020 Journal of Cheminformatics, 12(1), art. no. 63.
19. Bridge Deck Replacement of Posttensioned Concrete Box-Girder Bridges Zhang, Y., Chai, Y.H. 2020 Journal of Bridge Engineering, 25(12), art. no. 04020107.
20. Comparison of a traditional systematic review approach with review-of-reviews and semi-automation as strategies to update the evidence Reddy, S.M., Patel, S., Weyrich, M., Fenton, J., Viswanathan, M. 2020 Systematic Reviews, 9(1), art. no. 243.
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Scope – Knowledgespeak: STM Industry Daily News Alert

Taylor & Francis digitally shares medical conference materials – 

Taylor & Francis has developed a new digital solution – launching in Open Access Week – that will enable medical academic conference materials to reach beyond their physical or virtual audience. The new publication option, ‘Open Access conference material supplements’, will allow… Read More

EIFL signs free Read & Publish agreement with IWAP – 

EIFL has signed a Read & Publish agreement with IWA Publishing – the publishing arm of the International Water Association – to provide free access to their 10 pay-walled journals for libraries as well as free open access publishing for corresponding authors in their 15 fully… Read More

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishes Journal of Correctional Health Care – 

The National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) has awarded the contract to publish Journal of Correctional Health Care to Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers, effective January 2021. The Journal adds a strong component to the company’s portfolio… Read More

Bentham Science takes lead on Open Access management through Chronos Hub – 

Bentham Science is taking its Open Access (OA) management to the forefront by becoming the first publisher to fully leverage Chronos Hub. The collaboration serves to improve the authors’ experience and guarantee compliance with their funders’ and institution’s publishing policies, as well as automating the payment… Read More

HBKU Press celebrates Open Access Week 2020 – 

Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press) is celebrating Open Access (OA) Week 2020 by reaffirming its commitment as a leader in information dissemination despite the economic challenges that publishers worldwide are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. OA Week is an annual… Read More

OCLC provides open access content freely accessible through WorldCat – 

OCLC is supporting libraries, researchers, educators and students with high-quality open access content that is discoverable and freely accessible through WorldCat Discovery and OCLC is making open content more discoverable and accessible through expanding collections and… Read More

Latest edition of Blogspeak now online – 

The latest edition of Blogspeak is now online. Featured are: Liz Bal (Open with purpose); PLOS blog (PLOS and Transparency (including Plan S Price & Service Transparency Framework)); Roger C. Schonfeld (Are publishers learning from their mistakes?); Neal Haddaway (8 common problems with literature reviews and how to… Read More

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Scope – Knowledgespeak: STM Industry Daily News Alert

Microbiology Society and IReL enter open-access agreement for ten Irish higher education institutions – 

Not-for-profit Society publisher, the Microbiology Society, and Ireland’s nationally funded e-learning consortium IReL, have announced an open-access (OA) agreement for ten Irish higher education institutions. This ’Publish and Read’ deal will allow researchers at selected institutions to publish an unlimited number of… Read More

Universiti Utara Malaysia Press to feature its publications on ScienceOpen’s interactive search and discovery platform – 

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Press has partnered with ScienceOpen to enrich its metadata and feature its publications on ScienceOpen’s interactive search and discovery platform. Seven UUM Press open access journals and approximately 400 other titles are now available in Read More

University of Cambridge to create single organisation – 

The University of Cambridge has announced that it will bring together its publishing and assessment operations to create a single organisation. Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment publish and create world-leading content and examinations that are used across more than 170 countries. The move is… Read More

Underline Science announces investment from ProQuest – 

Underline Science , the premier virtual conference venue for events in science, medicine and academia, has announced an investment from ProQuest, a global leader in educational technology. The investment from ProQuest will enable Underline to extend the reach of its video platform… Read More

Central European University Press transits to open access monograph programme – 

The Central European University Press (CEUP) is transitioning to an open access (OA) monograph programme through its new library subscription membership initiative, Opening the Future. The Press will provide access to portions of their highly-regarded backlist and use the revenue from members’… Read More

OpenAthens launches publisher consultancy offer – 

Single sign-on provider OpenAthens is paving the way for the information industry with its new publisher consultancy offering. The service is designed to improve user experience and support business goals. Customers can choose from three packages – basic, standard and enterprise. All… Read More

ASNT appoints Dr. Parisa Shokouhi as the RNDE Editor-in-Chief – 

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing Inc. (ASNT) has announced the appointment of Dr. Parisa Shokouhi as the Editor-in-Chief for Research in Nondestructive Evaluation (RNDE), effective January 1, 2021. Her appointment follows the retirement of Dr. John C. Duke whose tenure as Editor-in-Chief began in 2007.… Read More

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Scope – Knowledgespeak: STM Industry Daily News Alert

Elsevier collaborates with Novartis to develop a prediction tool to reduce drug development safety risk – 

Elsevier, a global information analytics business specialising in science and health, has announced its collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop a safety margin risk assessment prediction tool, primarily using the PharmaPendium data. The FDA estimates more… Read More

Latest release of Thieme’s reference resource Science of Synthesis 4.19 is now available – 

The latest update for the Science of Synthesis (SOS) 4.19 is now available. Two new SOS Knowledge Updates volumes enrich this comprehensive resource for synthetic chemists, with chapters covering diverse areas including organometallic chemistry and heterocycle synthesis. This latest release of Thieme’s reference resource for reliable… Read More

Jisc and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press announce read-and-publish agreement – 

Jisc and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHL Press) have announced an agreement that provides faculty in participating Jisc institutions with unlimited, open-access publication of accepted research manuscripts and full reading access to the complete collection of renowned CSHL Press journals. The… Read More

Brill and EIFL sign three-year journals and open access agreement – 

International scholarly publisher Brill has signed a three-year journal agreement with Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), a not-for-profit organization working with libraries worldwide to enable access to digital information for people in developing and transition countries. The agreement includes discounted access to… Read More

ASBMB’s journals to become open access in January 2021 – 

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s (ASBMB) three peer-reviewed journals — Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Lipid Research, and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics — will become fully open access in 2021. Scientists publishing in ASBMB journals already had the option for open access,… Read More

John Timothy Wright to lead the Journal of the American Dental Association; Jack L. Ferracane named founding editor of new OA science journal – 

The American Dental Association (ADA) has appointed new editors for The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) and an open-access science journal set, effective January 1, 2021. Dr. John Timothy Wright will be the next editor of JADA, while Dr. Jack L. Ferracane will be… Read More

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Scope – Knowledgespeak: STM Industry Daily News Alert

Clarivate global research report calls for shared responsibility for sustainable scholarly ecosystem – 

Clarivate Plc, a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, has released a report, ‘Research Integrity: Understanding our shared responsibility for a sustainable scholarly ecosystem’. Recent analysis from the Institute for Scientific InformationTM at Clarivate… Read More

American Physiological Society and Jisc announce Read, Publish and Join partnership – 

The American Physiological Society (APS) and Jisc have announced a Read, Publish and Join pilot offering UK institutions unlimited, immediate open access publishing in the APS Digital Library. The innovative custom publishing model is the first of its… Read More

Aries Systems sponsors OASPA’s OA Switchboard initiative – 

Aries Systems Corporation, a leading technology workflow solutions supplier to the scholarly publishing community, has announced its sponsorship of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association’s (OASPA) OA Switchboard initiative. The OA Switchboard strives to enable the seamless sending and receiving of messages… Read More

Annual Reviews announces final two journals in the 2020 pilot program for Subscribe to Open – 

Nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews has announced that the 2020 volumes of the Annual Review of Environment and Resources and the Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science have been converted from gated to open access. All articles in… Read More

American Academy of Ophthalmology appoints Dr. Emily Chew as Editor-in-Chief of Ophthalmology Science – 

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has announced the appointment of Dr. Emily Chew as Editor-in-Chief of Ophthalmology Science, the fourth and newest addition to the Academy’s Ophthalmology® family of journals. Dr. Chew is a medical retina specialist and editor, with extensive experience in the design and… Read More

Accucoms and the American Mathematical Society announce new representation agreement – 

Accucoms, the specialist in global sales, marketing and customer service for academic publishers, and the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the world’s leading non-profit publisher in mathematics, have announced a new representation agreement covering the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, including managing… Read More

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Scope – Knowledgespeak: STM Industry Daily News Alert

German institutions to benefit from first transformative agreement for Nature and Nature-branded journals – 

Springer Nature and the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) have agreed an approach that will deliver the first ever transformative agreement (TA) for Nature and Nature-branded journals. Building on the nationwide Projekt DEAL agreement concluded in January 2020 for Springer Nature journals,… Read More

Wiley’s Open Science Ambassador Program encourages scientific collaboration – 

John Wiley and Sons Inc., a leader in research and education, has introduced its Open Science Ambassador Program. The program acknowledges and supports Chinese thought leaders around the world who embrace open science principles and encourage a free exchange of ideas and… Read More

ARPHA and Pensoft launch one-stop preprint & journal submission in selected journals – 

With the rise of easily and publicly accessible digital knowledge in recent times, along with the emergence of global calamities, including the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, so is the demand for early scientific research and, particularly, preprints. To answer the growing need for faster dissemination of scientific… Read More

COAR and Jisc release new roadmap for OpenDOAR as an international, community-driven repository directory – 

The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR), and Jisc’s OpenDOAR service which is a global directory of academic open access repositories, have released a joint roadmap for the further development for OpenDOAR as an international, community-driven repository directory. The Read More

Full-text HTML articles now available on medRxiv – 

Scholarly publishing technology provider HighWire has announced that full-text HTML articles will be available to all readers of medRxiv, effective October 19, 2020. medRxiv, the preprint server for health sciences, is a collaboration between founding organisations Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, BMJ,… Read More

ICE Publishing Celebrates 13th annual Open Access week – 

Marking the 13th annual Open Access Week and in support of 2020’s theme of ‘open with purpose: taking action to build structural equity and inclusion’, ICE Publishing is celebrating the success of flagship Gold Open Access journal Geotechnical Research. Now in… Read More

Yewno Discover platform integrates with Ex Libris Primo to provide mutual users with unparalleled access to knowledge discovery – 

Yewno, a Silicon Valley-based AI provider with a mission to transform information into knowledge, has announced that their Yewno Discover platform integrates into the Ex Libris Primo discovery service to provide mutual users with unparalleled access to knowledge discovery. Read More

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Scope – Knowledgespeak: STM Industry Daily News Alert

CAS and Pistoia Alliance launch Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library platform to improve laboratory safety – 

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specialising in scientific information solutions, and the Pistoia Alliance, a global non-profit that works to lower barriers to innovation in life science and healthcare R&D, have announced the launch of a new Read More

Clarivate announces Dr. Giacomo Livan as winner of the 2020 Eugene Garfield Award – 

Clarivate Plc, a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, has announced Dr. Giacomo Livan as the recipient of the 2020 Eugene Garfield Award for Innovation in Citation Analysis. Launched in 2017, the award recognises early-career scientists who… Read More

Cambridge University Press seeks Transformative Journal status to transit journals to Open Access – 

Cambridge University Press seeks to request the majority of its journals be given Transformative Journal status by cOAlition S as part of a commitment to transition them to full Open Access (OA). The Press’s commitment to OA stems from its belief that a sustainable transition… Read More

IOP Publishing signs DORA affirming its commitment to raising standards in research evaluation – 

IOP Publishing (IOPP) has signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) as part of its commitment to support more equitable, inclusive approaches to research evaluation in line with open science practices. DORA was developed in 2012 during the Annual Meeting of the American… Read More

Oxford University Press celebrates open access milestones – 

As International Open Access (OA) Week begins, Oxford University Press (OUP) is celebrating some major milestones, over 2019, on its 16th year of open access publishing. A flagship new journal series called Oxford Open is launched on April 2020. Oxford Open is a series of… Read More

Karger launches Vesalius Innovation Award to encourage young scientists and entrepreneurs – 

Karger Publishers has launched the Vesalius Innovation Award for startups in the field of innovative Health Sciences publishing. Five finalists presented their projects at a pitching event during the Frankfurt Book Fair, recently. Karger is granting the Vesalius Innovation Award for the first time in… Read More

Latest edition of Blogspeak now online – 

The latest edition of Blogspeak is now online. Featured are: Jeffrey Brainard (New PLOS pricing test could signal end of scientists paying to publish free papers); Emilia Ruzicka (Ruzicka ’21: Our future is Open Access); Heather Desmarais (Managing scientific literature access and copyright compliance in a remote workforce);… Read More

Winners announced – Nature Research Award for Inspiring & Innovating Science 2020 – 

The winners of 2020’s Nature Research Award for Inspiring & Innovating Science, which is organised in partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies, have been announced at a dedicated digital award ceremony. Now in its third year, the award celebrates and supports both the achievements of women… Read More

AIP Publishing implements ORCID reviewer recognition service – 

AIP Publishing has announced that reviewers of AIP Publishing journal articles can now record their efforts through ORCID. Peer review is at the heart of the scholarly publication process, but because it is traditionally ‘blind’ – meaning the author does not know… Read More

Free online collection of coronavirus research sees 1.7 million downloads – 

A free, online collection of coronavirus research from Cambridge University Press has proved hugely popular, with around 1.7 million articles downloaded in the eight months to September, 2020. The collection was launched in January, 2020 when COVID-19 – then still unnamed… Read More

Frontiers and the Institute of Marine Research form open access publishing agreement – 

The Institute of Marine Research form open access publishing agreement with Frontiers to support their authors in publishing open access. As part of the support, the Institute of Marine Research will cover Article Processing Charges (APCs) for eligible articles centrally for their eligible authors. As part… Read More

Portico to preserve scholarly content – 

Recent research has demonstrated that dozens of online-only Open Access journals are no longer available, while hundreds of others are inactive and at risk of being lost. Important scholarship may be lost to future generations of researchers if there is no preservation plan in place. … Read More

Ex Libris adds Leganto and Esploro to FedRAMP Authorisation to Operate – 

Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, has announced that the Ex Libris Leganto® course resource list solution and Ex Libris EsploroTM research information management solution are now included in the United States Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program (FedRAMP) and, under the sponsorship of the United States… Read More

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Latest Publications: UC Davis/UC Davis Medical Center – Scopus

Your search alert called “UCD/UCDMC” has found 143 new results.

Row Number Document Title Authors Year Source
1. Assimilable nitrogen reduces the higher alcohols content of huangjiu Liu, S., Ma, D., Li, Z., (…), Zhou, Z., Mao, J. 2021 Food Control, 121, art. no. 107660.
2. Lignification of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) pericarp tissue during blossom-end rot development Reitz, N.F., Mitcham, E.J. 2021 Scientia Horticulturae, 276, art. no. 109759.
3. Bond characteristics and modeling of near-surface mounted CFRP in concrete Wang, X., Cheng, L. 2021 Composite Structures, 255, art. no. 113011.
4. Relative abundance of ureides differs among plant fractions in soybean Moro Rosso, L.H., Tamagno, S., da Silva, A.L., (…), Schwalbert, R.A., Ciampitti, I.A. 2021 European Journal of Agronomy, 122, art. no. 126175.
5. Antagonists and defense mechanisms of entomopathogenic nematodes and their mutualistic bacteria Karthik Raja, R., Arun, A., Touray, M., (…), Kaya, H.K., Hazir, S. 2021 Biological Control, 152, art. no. 104452.
6. Incompatibility of argon during magma ocean crystallization Jackson, C.R.M., Williams, C.D., Du, Z., (…), Mukhopadhyay, S., Fei, Y. 2021 Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 553, art. no. 116598.
7. On the relationship between baseline corticosterone levels and annual survival of the thorn-tailed rayadito Quirici, V., Botero-Delgadillo, E., González-Gómez, P.L., (…), Wingfield, J.C., Vásquez, R.A. 2021 General and Comparative Endocrinology, 300, art. no. 113635.
8. Racial attitudes & political cross-pressures in nationalized elections: The case of the Republican coalition in the Trump era Algara, C., Hale, I. 2020 Electoral Studies, 68, art. no. 102207.
9. Adaptation of Multiobjective Reservoir Operations to Snowpack Decline in the Western United States Cohen, J.S., Zeff, H.B., Herman, J.D. 2020 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 146(12), art. no. 04020091.
10. Secondary production is an underutilized metric to assess restoration initiatives Layman, C.A., Rypel, A.L. 2020 Food Webs, 25, art. no. e00174.
11. Leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) hatch success and essential and nonessential metals in eggs and embryos from nests in St. Kitts (2015) Dennis, M.M., Poppenga, R., Conan, A., (…), Maroun, V., Stewart, K.M. 2020 Marine Pollution Bulletin, 161, art. no. 111726.
12. Novel idebenone analogs block Shc’s access to insulin receptor to improve insulin sensitivity Hui, C., Tomilov, A., Garcia, C., (…), Havel, P., Cortopassi, G. 2020 Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 132, art. no. 110823.
13. Recent advances in non-thermal decontamination technologies for microorganisms and mycotoxins in low-moisture foods Deng, L.-Z., Tao, Y., Mujumdar, A.S., (…), Wang, H., Xiao, H.-W. 2020 Trends in Food Science and Technology, 106, pp. 104-112.
14. Pyoderma gangrenosum Maverakis, E., Marzano, A.V., Le, S.T., (…), Shinkai, K., Langan, S.M. 2020 Nature Reviews Disease Primers, 6(1), art. no. 81.
15. Effect of an oral probiotic nutraceutical containing Aspergillus-derived ingredients on a serum and urine galactomannan antigen assay in dogs Reagan, K.L., Wheat, L.J., Sykes, J.E. 2020 Veterinary Journal, 265, art. no. 105551.
16. Demystifying and Demonstrating the Value of a One Health Approach to Parasitological Challenges Krecek, R.C., Rabinowitz, P.M., Conrad, P.A. 2020 Veterinary Parasitology, 287, art. no. 109202.
17. MILK Symposium review: Sustainability of dairy production and consumption in low-income countries with emphasis on productivity and environmental impact Tricarico, J.M., Kebreab, E., Wattiaux, M.A. 2020 Journal of Dairy Science, 103(11), pp. 9791-9802.
18. Ultrahigh temperature in situ transmission electron microscopy based bicrystal coble creep in Zirconia II: Interfacial thermodynamics and transport mechanisms Grosso, R.L., Vikrant, K.S.N., Feng, L., (…), Hattar, K., Dillon, S.J. 2020 Acta Materialia, 200, pp. 1008-1021.
19. Superhydrophobic bowl-like SERS substrates patterned from CMOS sensors for extracellular vesicle characterization Suarasan, S., Liu, J., Imanbekova, M., (…), Voss, J.C., Wachsmann-Hogiu, S. 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 8(38), pp. 8845-8852.
20. Imaging Neurotransmitter and Neuromodulator Dynamics In Vivo with Genetically Encoded Indicators Sabatini, B.L., Tian, L. 2020 Neuron, 108(1), pp. 17-32.
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