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1. A bonded sphero-cylinder model for the discrete element simulation of elasto-plastic fibers Guo, Y., Wassgren, C., Curtis, J.S., Xu, D. 2018 Chemical Engineering Science, 175, pp. 118-129.
2. Viewpoint Set on Nuclear Materials Science Katoh, Y., Huang, Q., Han, Y.-H., Risbud, S. 2018 Scripta Materialia, 143, pp. 126-128.
3. Imaging glutamate with genetically encoded fluorescent sensors Broussard, G.J., Unger, E.K., Liang, R., McGrew, B.P., Tian, L. 2018 Neuromethods, 130, pp. 117-153.
4. Minimum tillage of a cover crop lowers net GWP and sequesters soil carbon in a California vineyard Wolff, M.W., Alsina, M.M., Stockert, C.M., Khalsa, S.D.S., Smart, D.R. 2018 Soil and Tillage Research, 175, pp. 244-254.
5. Effect of age and castration on serum anti-Müllerian hormone concentration in male alpacas Ciccarelli, M., Tibary, A., Campbell, A.J., Conley, A.J. 2018 Theriogenology, 105, pp. 174-177.
6. Defective GABAergic neurotransmission in the nucleus tractus solitarius in Mecp2-null mice, a model of Rett syndrome Chen, C.-Y., Di Lucente, J., Lin, Y.-C., (…), Maezawa, I., Jin, L.-W. 2018 Neurobiology of Disease, 109, pp. 25-32.
7. Errors in Calculating Anterior-Posterior Tibial Contact Locations in Total Knee Arthroplasty Using Three-Dimensional Model to Two-Dimensional Image Registration in Radiographs: An in Vitro Study of Two Methods Ross, D.S., Howell, S.M., Hull, M.L. 2017 Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 139(12), art. no. 121003.
8. Microchamber Cultures of Bladder Cancer: A Platform for Characterizing Drug Responsiveness and Resistance in PDX and Primary Cancer Cells Gheibi, P., Zeng, S., Son, K.J., (…), Pan, C.-X., Revzin, A. 2017 Scientific Reports, 7(1), art. no. 12277.
9. Cancer-associated fibroblasts support vascular growth through mechanical force Sewell-Loftin, M.K., Bayer, S.V.H., Crist, E., (…), Longmore, G.D., George, S.C. 2017 Scientific Reports, 7(1), art. no. 12574.
10. Use of Infrared Thermography to Detect Jugular Venipuncture in the Horse Daglish, J., le Jeune, S.S., Pypendop, B.H., Ramirez, E.M., Turner, T.A. 2017 Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 59, pp. 1-6.
11. Fermiology and electron dynamics of trilayer nickelate La4Ni3O10 Li, H., Zhou, X., Nummy, T., (…), Mitchell, J.F., Dessau, D.S. 2017 Nature Communications, 8(1), art. no. 704.
12. Omega-6 and omega-3 oxylipins are implicated in soybean oil-induced obesity in mice Deol, P., Fahrmann, J., Yang, J., (…), Hammock, B.D., Sladek, F.M. 2017 Scientific Reports, 7(1), art. no. 12488.
13. Acoustic cavitation assisted extraction of pectin from waste grapefruit peels: A green two-stage approach and its general mechanism Wang, W., Wu, X., Chantapakul, T., (…), Ye, X., Liu, D. 2017 Food Research International, 102, pp. 101-110.
14. Pathways of DNA unlinking: A story of stepwise simplification Stolz, R., Yoshida, M., Brasher, R., (…), Shimokawa, K., Vazquez, M. 2017 Scientific Reports, 7(1), art. no. 12420.
15. Bartonella, bats and bugs: A review Stuckey, M.J., Chomel, B.B., de Fleurieu, E.C., (…), Boulouis, H.-J., Chang, C.-C. 2017 Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 55, pp. 20-29.
16. More integrated formal education and practice in water resources systems analysis Rosenberg, D.E., Babbar-Sebens, M., Root, E., (…), Ford, D., Basdekas, L. 2017 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 143(12), art. no. 02517001.
17. Adaptive variation in natural Alpine populations of Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst) at regional scale: Landscape features and altitudinal gradient effects Di Pierro, E.A., Mosca, E., González-Martínez, S.C., (…), Neale, D.B., La Porta, N. 2017 Forest Ecology and Management, 405, pp. 350-359.
18. Chemoenzymatic synthesis of Neu5Ac9NAc-containing α2–3- and α2–6-linked sialosides and their use for sialidase substrate specificity studies Li, W., Xiao, A., Li, Y., Yu, H., Chen, X. 2017 Carbohydrate Research, 451, pp. 51-58.
19. Altered expression of the FMR1 splicing variants landscape in premutation carriers Tseng, E., Tang, H.-T., AlOlaby, R.R., Hickey, L., Tassone, F. 2017 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 1860(11), pp. 1117-1126.
20. Rank acquisition in rhesus macaque yearlings following permanent maternal separation: The importance of the social and physical environment Wooddell, L.J., Kaburu, S.S.K., Murphy, A.M., Suomi, S.J., Dettmer, A.M. 2017 Developmental Psychobiology, 59(7), pp. 863-875
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