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1. Mapping flood susceptibility in mountainous areas on a national scale in China Zhao, G., Pang, B., Xu, Z., Yue, J., Tu, T. 2018 Science of the Total Environment, 615, pp. 1133-1142.
2. Enzymatic conversion of sucrose to glucose and its anomerization by quantitative NMR spectroscopy: Application of a simple consecutive reaction rates approach Singh, J., Her, C., Krishnan, V.V. 2018 Journal of Molecular Structure, 1153, pp. 187-191.
3. Spatio-temporal salinity dynamics and yield response of rice in water-seeded rice fields Marcos, M., Sharifi, H., Grattan, S.R., Linquist, B.A. 2018 Agricultural Water Management, 195, pp. 37-46.
4. Exploiting 2A peptides to elicit potent neutralizing antibodies by a multi-subunit herpesvirus glycoprotein complex Wussow, F., Chiuppesi, F., Meng, Z., (…), Barry, P.A., Diamond, D.J. 2018 Journal of Virological Methods, 251, pp. 30-37.
5. A high-Oil castor cultivar developed through recurrent selection Chen, G.Q., Johnson, K., Morales, E., Ibáñez, A.M., Lin, J.-T. 2018 Industrial Crops and Products, 111, pp. 8-10.
6. Effects of thyroid hormone manipulation on pre-nuptial molt, luteinizing hormone and testicular growth in male white-crowned sparrows (Zonotrichia leuchophrys gambelii) Pérez, J.H., Meddle, S.L., Wingfield, J.C., Ramenofsky, M. 2018 General and Comparative Endocrinology, 255, pp. 12-18.
7. Heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of crystalline and amorphous forms of the metal organic framework zinc 2-ethylimidazolate, Zn(EtIm)2 Calvin, J.J., Asplund, M., Akimbekov, Z., (…), Friščić, T., Woodfield, B.F. 2018 Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 116, pp. 341-351.
8. Connecting tropical river DOM and POM to the landscape with lignin Hernes, P.J., Dyda, R.Y., McDowell, W.H. 2017 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 219, pp. 143-159.
9. Changing spatial patterns of stand-replacing fire in California conifer forests Stevens, J.T., Collins, B.M., Miller, J.D., North, M.P., Stephens, S.L. 2017 Forest Ecology and Management, 406, pp. 28-36.
10. Control of chrysanthemum flowering through integration with an aging pathway Wei, Q., Ma, C., Xu, Y., (…), Hong, B., Gao, J. 2017 Nature Communications, 8(1), art. no. 829.
11. Transcriptomic responses to drought and salt stress in desert tree Prosopis juliflora George, S., Manoharan, D., Li, J., Britton, M., Parida, A. 2017 Plant Gene, 12, pp. 114-122.
12. Preference for novel faces in male infant monkeys predicts cerebrospinal fluid oxytocin concentrations later in life Madrid, J.E., Oztan, O., Sclafani, V., (…), Garner, J.P., Parker, K.J. 2017 Scientific Reports, 7(1), art. no. 12935.
13. Climate change-induced increases in precipitation are reducing the potential for solar ultraviolet radiation to inactivate pathogens in surface waters Williamson, C.E., Madronich, S., Lal, A., (…), Schladow, S.G., Lee-Taylor, J. 2017 Scientific Reports, 7(1), art. no. 13033.
14. Methodological considerations for disentangling a risk factor’s influence on disease incidence versus postdiagnosis survival: The example of obesity and breast and colorectal cancer mortality in the Women’s Health Initiative Cespedes Feliciano, E.M., Prentice, R.L., Aragaki, A.K., (…), Anderson, G., Caan, B.J. 2017 International Journal of Cancer, 141(11), pp. 2281-2290.
15. A large scale hearing loss screen reveals an extensive unexplored genetic landscape for auditory dysfunction Bowl, M.R., Simon, M.M., Ingham, N.J., (…), Mallon, A.-M., Brown, S.D.M. 2017 Nature Communications, 8(1), art. no. 886.
16. Models of the strongly lensed quasar DES J0408-5354 Agnello, A., Lin, H., Buckley-Geer, L., (…), Thomas, D., Walker, A.R. 2017 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 472(4), art. no. stx2242, pp. 4038-4050.
17. Positive contrast from cells labeled with iron oxide nanoparticles: Quantitation of imaging data Magnitsky, S., Zhang, J., Idiyatullin, D., (…), Lane, N.E., Majumdar, S. 2017 Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 78(5), pp. 1900-1910.
18. Clinical Internships for the Next Generation of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants Hughes, V., Kombol, P., Donovan, K., (…), Floyd, F., Love-Zaranka, A. 2017 Journal of Human Lactation, 33(4), pp. 757-760.
19. Triangulation procebes experienced by children in contemporary China Wang, M., Liu, S., Belsky, J. 2017 International Journal of Behavioral Development, 41(6), pp. 688-695.
20. Testing predictions of movement behaviour in a hilltopping moth Grof-Tisza, P., Steel, Z., Cole, E.M., Holyoak, M., Karban, R. 2017 Animal Behaviour, 133, pp. 161-168
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