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1. Paid Family Leave, Fathers’ Leave-Taking, and Leave-Sharing in Dual-Earner Households Bartel, A.P., Rossin-Slater, M., Ruhm, C.J., Stearns, J., Waldfogel, J. 2018 Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 37(1), pp. 10-37.
2. A community-based One Health education program for disease risk mitigation at the human-animal interface Berrian, A.M., Smith, M.H., van Rooyen, J., (…), Smith, W.A., Conrad, P.A. 2018 One Health, 5, pp. 9-20.
3. Optimizing accuracy of protocols for measuring dry matter and nutrient yield of forage crops Miller, C.M.F., Fadel, J.G., Heguy, J.M., (…), Price, P.L., Meyer, D. 2018 Science of the Total Environment, 624, pp. 180-188.
4. Improve regional distribution and source apportionment of PM2.5trace elements in China using inventory-observation constrained emission factors Ying, Q., Feng, M., Song, D., (…), Kleeman, M.J., Li, X. 2018 Science of the Total Environment, 624, pp. 355-365.
5. Wetlands receiving water treated with coagulants improve water quality by removing dissolved organic carbon and disinfection byproduct precursors Hansen, A.M., Kraus, T.E.C., Bachand, S.M., Horwath, W.R., Bachand, P.A.M. 2018 Science of the Total Environment, 622-623, pp. 603-613.
6. Intergroup contact through online comments: Effects of direct and extended contact on outgroup attitudes Kim, N., Wojcieszak, M. 2018 Computers in Human Behavior, 81, pp. 63-72.
7. Structural equation modeling reveals iron (hydr)oxides as a strong mediator of N mineralization in California agricultural soils Wade, J., Waterhouse, H., Roche, L.M., Horwath, W.R. 2018 Geoderma, 315, pp. 120-129.
8. Energy dissipation analysis of elastic–plastic materials Yang, H., Sinha, S.K., Feng, Y., McCallen, D.B., Jeremić, B. 2018 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 331, pp. 309-326.
9. Aliphatic hydrocarbons recovered in vegetables from soils based on their in-situ distribution in various soil humus fractions using a successive extraction method Zhang, J., Fan, S.-K., Zhang, M.-H., Grieneisen, M.L., Zhang, J.-F. 2018 Journal of Hazardous Materials, 346, pp. 10-18.
10. Alterations in cancer stem-cell marker CD44 expression predict oncologic outcome in soft-tissue sarcomas Henderson, T., Chen, M., Darrow, M.A., (…), Murphy, W.J., Canter, R.J. 2018 Journal of Surgical Research, 223, pp. 207-214.
11. Dissolved organic matter reduces CuO nanoparticle toxicity to duckweed in simulated natural systems Rippner, D.A., Green, P.G., Young, T.M., Parikh, S.J. 2018 Environmental Pollution, 234, pp. 692-698.
12. Inhibin-A and inhibin-B in cyclic and pregnant mares, and mares with granulosa-theca cell tumors: Physiological and diagnostic implications Conley, A.J., Scholtz, E.L., Dujovne, G., (…), Savjani, G.V., Kumar, A. 2018 Theriogenology, 108, pp. 192-200.
13. Poor cognitive ageing: Vulnerabilities, mechanisms and the impact of nutritional interventions Miquel, S., Champ, C., Day, J., (…), Wittenberg, R., Geurts, L. 2018 Ageing Research Reviews, 42, pp. 40-55.
14. Monitoring the hardening process of ultra high performance concrete using decomposed modes of guided waves Lee, C., Park, S., Bolander, J.E., Pyo, S. 2018 Construction and Building Materials, 163, pp. 267-276.
15. Improving the representation of modal choice into bottom-up optimization energy system models – The MoCho-TIMES model Tattini, J., Ramea, K., Gargiulo, M., (…), Yeh, S., Karlsson, K. 2018 Applied Energy, 212, pp. 265-282.
16. The influence of soluble fragments of extracellular matrix (ECM) on tumor growth and morphology Nargis, N.N., Aldredge, R.C., Guy, R.D. 2018 Mathematical Biosciences, 296, pp. 1-16.
17. Sirtuin1 is required for proper trophoblast differentiation and placental development in mice Arul Nambi Rajan, K., Khater, M., Soncin, F., (…), Laurent, L.C., Parast, M.M. 2018 Placenta, 62, pp. 1-8.
18. Osmotin: A plant defense tool against biotic and abiotic stresses Hakim, Ullah, A., Hussain, A., (…), Jin, S., Munis, M.F.H. 2018 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 123, pp. 149-159.
19. Using saline soil and marginal quality water to produce alfalfa in arid climates Díaz, F.J., Grattan, S.R., Reyes, J.A., (…), Dorta, M., Tejedor, M. 2018 Agricultural Water Management, 199, pp. 11-21.
20. Bioactive compounds from marine macroalgae and their hypoglycemic benefits Zhao, C., Yang, C., Liu, B., (…), Cao, H., Xiao, J. 2018 Trends in Food Science and Technology, 72, pp. 1-12
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