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1. Lipopolysaccharide O-antigen delays plant innate immune recognition of Xylella fastidiosa Rapicavoli, J.N., Blanco-Ulate, B., Muszyński, A., (…), Cantu, D., Roper, M.C. 2018 Nature Communications, 9(1), art. no. 390.
2. The Effects of Gain- and Loss-Framed Advice Messages on Recipients’ Responses to Advice Jang, J.Y., Feng, B. 2018 Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 37(2), pp. 181-202.
3. Collectively improving our teaching: Attempting biology department–wide professional development in scientific teaching Owens, M.T., Trujillo, G., Seidel, S.B., (…), Domingo, C.R., Tanner, K.D. 2018 CBE Life Sciences Education, 17(1), art. no. 2.
4. Novel approaches to antifungal therapy Thompson, G.R., Patterson, T.F. 2018 American Journal of Transplantation, 18(2), pp. 287-288.
5. There goes the neighborhood: White-crowned Sparrow nest site selection and reproductive success as local density declines Porzig, E.L., Seavy, N.E., Eadie, J.M., (…), Humple, D.L., Geupel, G.R. 2018 Condor, 120(1), pp. 234-244.
6. Methylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and/or their metabolites are important contributors to the overall estrogenic activity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon–contaminated soils Lam, M.M., Engwall, M., Denison, M.S., Larsson, M. 2018 Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 37(2), pp. 385-397.
7. A review of control options and externalities for verticillium wilts Carroll, C.L., Carter, C.A., Goodhue, R.E., Lawell, C.-Y.C.L., Subbarao, K.V. 2018 Phytopathology, 108(2), pp. 160-171.
8. Modern variable selection for longitudinal semi-parametric models with missing data Kowalski, J., Hao, S., Chen, T., (…), Feng, C., Tu, X.M. 2018 Journal of Applied Statistics, pp. 1-15.
Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press
9. Mode and rate of evolution of haemosporidian mitochondrial genomes: Timing the radiation of avian parasites Pacheco, M.A., Matta, N.E., Valkiünas, G., (…), Pond, S.L.K., Escalante, A.A. 2018 Molecular Biology and Evolution, 35(2), pp. 383-403.
10. Ultra-obligatory running among ultramarathon runners Hoffman, M.D., Krouse, R. 2018 Research in Sports Medicine, pp. 1-11.
Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press
11. Maximum a posteriori estimators as a limit of Bayes estimators Bassett, R., Deride, J. 2018 Mathematical Programming, pp. 1-16.
Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press
12. Increases in tibial force imbalance but not changes in tibiofemoral laxities are caused by varus–valgus malalignment of the femoral component in kinematically aligned TKA Riley, J., Roth, J.D., Howell, S.M., Hull, M.L. 2018 Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, pp. 1-11.
Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press
13. Resilience in a two-population system: interactions between Allee effects and connectivity Johnson, C.L., Hastings, A. 2018 Theoretical Ecology, pp. 1-9.
Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press
14. Genetic cluster of fragile X syndrome in a Colombian district Saldarriaga, W., Forero-Forero, J.V., González-Teshima, L.Y., (…), Hagerman, R.J., Tassone, F. 2018 Journal of Human Genetics, pp. 1-8.
Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press
15. Differential depth distribution of microbial function and putative symbionts through sediment-hosted aquifers in the deep terrestrial subsurface Probst, A.J., Ladd, B., Jarett, J.K., (…), Ryan, M.C., Banfield, J.F. 2018 Nature Microbiology, pp. 1-9.
Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press
16. Submerged fixed floating structure under the action of surface current Cui, Z., Fu, Z.-F., Dai, W.-H., Lai, Z.-Q. 2018 Water (Switzerland), 10(2), art. no. 102.
17. Interannual variation and spatial distribution of decapod larvae in a region of persistent coastal upwelling Hameed, S.O., Elliott, M.L., Morgan, S.G., Jahncke, J. 2018 Marine Ecology Progress Series, 587, pp. 55-71.
18. QM/MM and MM MD Simulations on the Pyrimidine-Specific Nucleoside Hydrolase: A Comprehensive Understanding of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Uridine Fan, F., Chen, N., Wang, Y., Wu, R., Cao, Z. 2018 Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 122(3), pp. 1121-1131.
19. Combined Forward-Backward Asymmetry Measurements in Top-Antitop Quark Production at the Tevatron Aaltonen, T., Abazov, V.M., Abbott, B., (…), Zivkovic, L., Zucchelli, S. 2018 Physical Review Letters, 120(4), art. no. 042001.
20. Detection of skin temperature differences using palpation by manual physical therapists and lay individuals Levine, D., Walker, J.R., Marcellin-Little, D.J., Goulet, R., Ru, H. 2018 Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy, pp. 1-5.
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