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1. High temperature deformability of ductile flash-sintered ceramics via in-situ compression Cho, J., Li, Q., Wang, H., (…), García, R.E., Zhang, X. 2018 Nature Communications, 9(1), art. no. 2063.
2. The Diversity of Chemoprotective Glucosinolates in Moringaceae (Moringa spp.) Fahey, J.W., Olson, M.E., Stephenson, K.K., (…), Egner, P.A., Hubbard, W.C. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 7994.
3. Wild and domesticated Moringa oleifera differ in taste, glucosinolate composition, and antioxidant potential, but not myrosinase activity or protein content Chodur, G.M., Olson, M.E., Wade, K.L., (…), Garima, Fahey, J.W. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 7995.
4. Electrophysiological evidence for an independent effect of memory retrieval on referential processing Karimi, H., Swaab, T.Y., Ferreira, F. 2018 Journal of Memory and Language, 102, pp. 68-82.
5. Bacterial ecology and rheological parameters of multigrain gluten-free sourdoughs Adepehin, J.O., Enujiugha, V.N., Badejo, A.A., (…), Odeny, D.A., Wu, F. 2018 LWT, 96, pp. 344-349.
6. Microbial functional responses to long-term anthropogenic impact in mangrove soils Cabral, L., Pereira de Sousa, S.T., Júnior, G.V.L., (…), Hess, M., de Oliveira, V.M. 2018 Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 160, pp. 231-239.
7. Dew deposition suppresses transpiration and carbon uptake in leaves Gerlein-Safdi, C., Koohafkan, M.C., Chung, M., (…), Thompson, S., Caylor, K.K. 2018 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 259, pp. 305-316.
8. Energetic design of grain boundary networks for toughening of nanocrystalline oxides Bokov, A., Zhang, S., Feng, L., (…), Faller, R., Castro, R.H.R. 2018 Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 38(12), pp. 4260-4267.
9. Exclusion of small mammals and lagomorphs invasion interact with human-trampling to drive changes in topsoil microbial community structure and function in semiarid Chile Alfaro, F.D., Manzano, M., Abades, S., (…), Belnap, J., Armesto, J.J. 2018 Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 124, pp. 1-10.
10. Reconstructing mantle carbon and noble gas contents from degassed mid-ocean ridge basalts Tucker, J.M., Mukhopadhyay, S., Gonnermann, H.M. 2018 Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 496, pp. 108-119.
11. Effects on post-fresh period milk production and fertility as a result of prior niacin supplementation of dairy cows during their fresh period Havlin, J.M., Robinson, P.H., Garrett, J.E. 2018 Livestock Science, 214, pp. 73-78.
12. Early reading skill profiles in typically developing and at-risk first grade readers to inform targeted early reading instruction Grimm, R.P., Solari, E.J., McIntyre, N.S., Denton, C.A. 2018 Journal of School Psychology, 69, pp. 111-126.
13. Electrophysiological evidence for preserved primacy of lexical prediction in aging Dave, S., Brothers, T.A., Traxler, M.J., (…), Henderson, J.M., Swaab, T.Y. 2018 Neuropsychologia, 117, pp. 135-147.
14. Approaching human-animal relationships from multiple angles: A synthetic perspective Echeverri, A., Karp, D.S., Naidoo, R., Zhao, J., Chan, K.M.A. 2018 Biological Conservation, 224, pp. 50-62.
15. Changes in alcohol use associated with changes in HIV disease severity over time: A national longitudinal study in the Veterans Aging Cohort Williams, E.C., McGinnis, K.A., Bobb, J.F., (…), Justice, A.C., Bradley, K.A. 2018 Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 189, pp. 21-29.
16. On the set of L-space surgeries for links Gorsky, E., Némethi, A. 2018 Advances in Mathematics, 333, pp. 386-422.
17. Insensitivity of the distance ladder Hubble constant determination to Cepheid calibration modelling choices Follin, B., Knox, L. 2018 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 477(4), pp. 4534-4542.
18. Design Thinking and Organizational Culture: A Review and Framework for Future Research Elsbach, K.D., Stigliani, I. 2018 Journal of Management, 44(6), pp. 2274-2306.
19. Impact of thiamine metabolites and spent medium from Chlorella sorokiniana on metabolism in the green algae Auxenochlorella prototheciodes Higgins, B.T., Wang, Q., Du, S., (…), Fiehn, O., VanderGheynst, J.S. 2018 Algal Research, 33, pp. 197-208.
20. P300, A New Player in Mechanosensitivity and Activation of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Torok, N.J. 2018 Gastroenterology, 154(8), pp. 2025-2026
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