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1. Diametric effects of autism tendencies and psychosis proneness on attention control irrespective of task demands Abu-Akel, A., Apperly, I., Spaniol, M.M., Geng, J.J., Mevorach, C. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 8478.
2. The Tomato Hybrid Proline-rich Protein regulates the abscission zone competence to respond to ethylene signals Sundaresan, S., Philosoph-Hadas, S., Ma, C., (…), Reid, M.S., Meir, S. 2018 Horticulture Research, 5(1), art. no. 28.
3. Correction: Spatial fidelity of workers predicts collective response to disturbance in a social insect (Nature Communications DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-03561-w) Crall, J.D., Gravish, N., Mountcastle, A.M., (…), Pierce, N.E., Combes, S.A. 2018 Nature Communications, 9(1), art. no. 2180.
4. Author Correction: Applications and efficiencies of the first cat 63K DNA array (Scientific Reports DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-25438-0) Gandolfi, B., Alhaddad, H., Abdi, M., (…), Wasim, M., Lyons, L.A. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 8746.
5. Cultivar influence on variability in olive oil phenolic profiles determined through an extensive germplasm survey Miho, H., Díez, C.M., Mena-Bravo, A., (…), Barranco, D., Priego-Capote, F. 2018 Food Chemistry, 266, pp. 192-199.
6. Multi-color flow cytometry for evaluating age-related changes in memory lymphocyte subsets in dogs Withers, S.S., Moore, P.F., Chang, H., (…), Sparger, E.E., Rebhun, R.B. 2018 Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 87, pp. 64-74.
7. Impact of organic waste composition on life cycle energy production, global warming and Water use for treatment by anaerobic digestion followed by composting Pace, S.A., Yazdani, R., Kendall, A., Simmons, C.W., VanderGheynst, J.S. 2018 Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 137, pp. 126-135.
8. The conundrum of combustible clean energy: Sweden’s history of siting district heating smokestacks in residential areas Brinkley, C. 2018 Energy Policy, 120, pp. 526-532.
9. Amygdala functional connectivity during socioemotional processing prospectively predicts increases in internalizing symptoms in a sample of low-income, urban, young men Gard, A.M., Waller, R., Swartz, J.R., (…), Forbes, E.E., Hyde, L.W. 2018 NeuroImage, 178, pp. 562-573.
10. Acute inhibition of kappa opioid receptors before stress blocks depression-like behaviors in California mice Williams, A.V., Laman-Maharg, A., Armstrong, C.V., (…), Minie, V.A., Trainor, B.C. 2018 Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, 86, pp. 166-174.
11. Use of LC-MS for the quantitative analysis of (poly)phenol metabolites does not necessarily yield accurate results: Implications for assessing existing data and conducting future research Ottaviani, J.I., Fong, R.Y., Borges, G., Schroeter, H., Crozier, A. 2018 Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 124, pp. 97-103.
12. Chiral molecules in space and their possible passage to planetary bodies recorded by meteorites Pizzarello, S., Yarnes, C.T. 2018 Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 496, pp. 198-205.
13. In-situ high temperature micromechanical testing of ultrafine grained yttria-stabilized zirconia processed by spark plasma sintering Cho, J., Li, J., Li, Q., (…), Wang, H., Zhang, X. 2018 Acta Materialia, 155, pp. 128-137.
14. External biomechanical constraints impair maximal voluntary grip force stability post-stroke Ding, Q., Patten, C. 2018 Clinical Biomechanics, 57, pp. 26-34.
15. Enzymatic digestion turns food waste into feed for growing pigs Jinno, C., He, Y., Morash, D., (…), Stein, H.H., Liu, Y. 2018 Animal Feed Science and Technology, 242, pp. 48-58.
16. Electrocautery effects on fluorescence lifetime measurements: An in vivo study in the oral cavity Lagarto, J.L., Phipps, J.E., Faller, L., (…), Farwell, D.G., Marcu, L. 2018 Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 185, pp. 90-99.
17. Residue analysis, use-wear patterns, and replicative studies indicate that sandstone tools were used as reamers when producing shell fishhooks on San Nicolas Island, California Smith, K.N., Vellanoweth, R.L., Sholts, S.B., Wärmländer, S.K.T.S. 2018 Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 20, pp. 502-505.
18. Formyl peptide receptor activation inhibits the expansion of effector T cells and synovial fibroblasts and attenuates joint injury in models of rheumatoid arthritis Odobasic, D., Jia, Y., Kao, W., (…), Morand, E.F., Yang, Y.H. 2018 International Immunopharmacology, 61, pp. 140-149.
19. How mammals stay healthy in nature: The evolution of behaviours to avoid parasites and pathogens Hart, B.L., Hart, L.A. 2018 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 373(1751), art. no. 20170205.
20. Optimal design and operating strategies for a biomass-fueled combined heat and power system with energy storage Zheng, Y., Jenkins, B.M., Kornbluth, K., Kendall, A., Træholt, C. 2018 Energy, 155, pp. 620-629
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