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1. Responses of nitrification and ammonia oxidizers to a range of background and adjusted pH in purple soils Wang, Z., Meng, Y., Zhu-Barker, X., (…), Zhao, Y., Jiang, X. 2019 Geoderma, 334, pp. 9-14.
2. The roles of schema incongruity and expertise in consumers’ wine judgment Lanseng, E.J., Sivertsen, H.K. 2019 Food Quality and Preference, 71, pp. 261-269.
3. Beyond autophagy: a novel role for autism-linked Wdfy3 in brain mitophagy Napoli, E., Song, G., Panoutsopoulos, A., (…), Zarbalis, K.S., Giulivi, C. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 11348.
4. Calibers: A bandwidth calendaring paradigm for science workflows Alali, F., Hanford, N., Pouyoul, E., (…), Kumar, Y., Ghosal, D. 2018 Future Generation Computer Systems, 89, pp. 736-745.
5. Stabilization of three-dimensional charge order in YBa2Cu3O6+xvia epitaxial growth Bluschke, M., Frano, A., Schierle, E., (…), Blanco-Canosa, S., Keimer, B. 2018 Nature Communications, 9(1), art. no. 2978.
6. Girls’ pubertal development is associated with white matter microstructure in late adolescence Chahal, R., Vilgis, V., Grimm, K.J., (…), Keenan, K., Guyer, A.E. 2018 NeuroImage, 181, pp. 659-669.
7. Ecologically salient stressors and supports and the coordination of cortisol and salivary alpha-amylase in mothers and infants Hibel, L.C., Trumbell, J.M., Valentino, K., Buhler-Wassmann, A.C. 2018 Physiology and Behavior, 195, pp. 48-57.
8. Phenotype-centric modeling for elucidation of biological design principles Valderrama-Gómez, M.A., Parales, R.E., Savageau, M.A. 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology, 455, pp. 281-292.
9. A general model of forager search: Adaptive encounter-conditional heuristics outperform Lévy flights in the search for patchily distributed prey Ross, C., Pacheco-Cobos, L., Winterhalder, B. 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology, 455, pp. 357-369.
10. Lessons from California’s 2012-2016 drought Lund, J., Medellin-Azuara, J., Durand, J., Stone, K. 2018 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 144(10), art. no. 04018067.
11. Simulating Local Buckling-Induced Softening in Steel Members Using an Equivalent Nonlocal Material Model in Displacement-Based Fiber Elements Kolwankar, S., Kanvinde, A., Kenawy, M., Lignos, D., Kunnath, S. 2018 Journal of Structural Engineering (United States), 144(10), art. no. 04018192.
12. Optimization and control of offshore wind systems with energy storage Wang, X., Li, L., Palazoglu, A., El-Farra, N.H., Shah, N. 2018 Energy Conversion and Management, 173, pp. 426-437.
13. Effects of diets enriched in linoleic acid and its peroxidation products on brain fatty acids, oxylipins, and aldehydes in mice Ramsden, C.E., Hennebelle, M., Schuster, S., (…), Gibson, R.A., Taha, A.Y. 2018 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids, 1863(10), pp. 1206-1213.
14. Estimating glutamate and Glx from GABA-optimized MEGA-PRESS: Off-resonance but not difference spectra values correspond to PRESS values Maddock, R.J., Caton, M.D., Ragland, J.D. 2018 Psychiatry Research – Neuroimaging, 279, pp. 22-30.
15. Firearm legislation, gun violence, and mortality in children and young adults: A retrospective cohort study of 27,566 children in the USA Tseng, J., Nuño, M., Lewis, A.V., (…), Margulies, D.R., Alban, R.F. 2018 International Journal of Surgery, 57, pp. 30-34.
16. Halo histories versus galaxy properties at z = 0-III. The properties of star-forming galaxies Tinker, J.L., Hahn, C., Mao, Y.-Y., Wetzel, A.R. 2018 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 478(4), pp. 4487-4499.
17. SHARP – V. Modelling gravitationally lensed radio arcs imaged with global VLBI observations Spingola, C., McKean, J.P., Auger, M.W., (…), Lagattuta, D.J., Vegetti, S. 2018 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 478(4), pp. 4816-4829.
18. Hurricane-induced selection on the morphology of an island lizard Donihue, C.M., Herrel, A., Fabre, A.-C., (…), Kolbe, J.J., Losos, J.B. 2018 Nature, 560(7716), pp. 88-91.
19. Cascading effects of soil type on assemblage size and structure in a diverse herbivore community Robinson, M.L., Strauss, S.Y. 2018 Ecology, 99(8), pp. 1866-1877.
20. Theoretical investigation of ultrasound-modulated Cerenkov luminescence imaging for higher-resolution imaging in turbid media Klein, J.S., Mitchell, G.S., Stephens, D.N., Cherry, S.R. 2018 Optics Letters, 43(15), pp. 3509-3512.
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