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1. Combination of aerosolized curcumin and UV-A light for the inactivation of bacteria on fresh produce surfaces de Oliveira, E.F., Tikekar, R., Nitin, N. 2018 Food Research International, 114, pp. 133-139.
2. Best look-alike prediction: Another look at the Bayesian classifier and beyond Sun, H., Jiang, J., Nguyen, T., Luan, Y. 2018 Statistics and Probability Letters, 143, pp. 37-42.
3. Salvage of the 5-deoxyribose byproduct of radical SAM enzymes Beaudoin, G.A.W., Li, Q., Folz, J., (…), Bruner, S.D., Hanson, A.D. 2018 Nature Communications, 9(1), art. no. 3105.
4. Understanding the path to smart home adoption: Segmenting and describing consumers across the innovation-decision process Sanguinetti, A., Karlin, B., Ford, R. 2018 Energy Research and Social Science, 46, pp. 274-283.
5. Sex-associated differences in baseline urinary metabolites of healthy adults Fan, S., Yeon, A., Shahid, M., (…), Fiehn, O., Kim, J. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 11883.
6. Evaluation of maize production under mobile drip irrigation Oker, T.E., Kisekka, I., Sheshukov, A.Y., Aguilar, J., Rogers, D.H. 2018 Agricultural Water Management, 210, pp. 11-21.
7. An Electrochemical Performance Characterization Method for Comparing PEFCs of Varying Channel Dimensions Cooper, N.J., Smith, T.L., Santamaria, A.D., Wan Park, J. 2018 Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, 15(4), art. no. 041006.
8. Photosynthetic responses and identification of salt tolerance genes in a chromosome segment substitution line of ‘Khao dawk Mali 105’ rice Chutimanukul, P., Kositsup, B., Plaimas, K., (…), Comai, L., Chadchawan, S. 2018 Environmental and Experimental Botany, 155, pp. 497-508.
9. MARMIT: A multilayer radiative transfer model of soil reflectance to estimate surface soil moisture content in the solar domain (400–2500 nm) Bablet, A., Vu, P.V.H., Jacquemoud, S., (…), Baret, F., Tian, J. 2018 Remote Sensing of Environment, 217, pp. 1-17.
10. Variability in PolyIC induced immune response: Implications for preclinical maternal immune activation models Careaga, M., Taylor, S.L., Chang, C., (…), Van de Water, J.A., Bauman, M.D. 2018 Journal of Neuroimmunology, 323, pp. 87-93.
11. The creation of a representative driving cycle based on Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and a mathematically statistical algorithm: A case study of Changchun (China) Zhao, J., Gao, Y., Guo, J., Chu, L. 2018 Sustainable Cities and Society, 42, pp. 301-313.
12. Virome of > 12 thousand Culex mosquitoes from throughout California Sadeghi, M., Altan, E., Deng, X., (…), Coffey, L.L., Delwart, E. 2018 Virology, 523, pp. 74-88.
13. Work-based framework for sample quality evaluation of low plasticity soils DeJong, J.T., Krage, C.P., Albin, B.M., DeGroot, D.J. 2018 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 144(10), art. no. 04018074-1.
14. The effect of movement-focused and breath-focused yoga practice on stress parameters and sustained attention: A randomized controlled pilot study Schmalzl, L., Powers, C., Zanesco, A.P., (…), Groessl, E.J., Saron, C.D. 2018 Consciousness and Cognition, 65, pp. 109-125.
15. Suppression of ribosomal protein RPS6KB1 by Nexrutine increases sensitivity of prostate tumors to radiation Hussain, S.S., Huang, S.-B., Bedolla, R.G., (…), Ghosh, R., Kumar, A.P. 2018 Cancer Letters, 433, pp. 232-241.
16. Crossing numbers of random two-bridge knots Cohen, M., Even-Zohar, C., Krishnan, S.R. 2018 Topology and its Applications, 247, pp. 100-114.
17. Analytical validation of a new point-of-care assay for serum amyloid A in horses Schwartz, D., Pusterla, N., Jacobsen, S., Christopher, M.M. 2018 Equine Veterinary Journal, 50(5), pp. 678-683.
18. The Brief Attachment Scale (BAS-16): A short measure of infant attachment Cadman, T., Belsky, J., Pasco Fearon, R.M. 2018 Child: Care, Health and Development, 44(5), pp. 766-775.
19. Contrasting seasonal and aseasonal environments across stages of the annual cycle in the rufous-collared sparrow, Zonotrichia capensis: Differences in endocrine function, proteome and body condition González-Gómez, P.L., Echeverria, V., Estades, C.F., (…), Kültz, D., Wingfield, J.C. 2018 Journal of Animal Ecology, 87(5), pp. 1364-1382.
20. Interventional Equipment and Radiation Safety Cléroux, A., Hersh-Boyle, R., Clarke, D.L. 2018 Veterinary Clinics of North America – Small Animal Practice, 48(5), pp. 751-763.
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