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The institutional research decisions of tomorrow are often made with today’s research in mind. Thorough analysis of today’s engineering research trends, reach, and impact help deans and chairs make data-driven decisions about the pathway to tomorrow, while influencing grant allocations, research focus, and overall strategic vision.

Yet, the pathway from today to tomorrow is often uncertain. Creating reports that summarize institutional research activity can be time consuming. Plus, it’s still a challenge to reconcile data from multiple sources. Without a comprehensive analytical view, institutions are challenged to capture their valuable contributions to the engineering research community today or make data-driven decisions about the future. Similarly, engineering leaders may struggle in making judgements about funding and both short-term and strategic long-term focus.

The Engineering School Profile (ESP) on Engineering Village demystifies your school’s engineering research landscape. Track research output and view institutional engineering research trends in one visual, interactive, and customizable interface. With the power of Compendex’s 190 engineering disciplines and global focus, engineering leaders are ensured a thorough and comprehensive analysis of their institution’s research landscape.


Where to find the Engineering School Profile on


Additional Features That Provide Benefits

  • View what you need – Customize charts and graphs by engineering subject area and date range
    • Assess engineering research output based on:
      • Top authors
      • Research focus
      • Funding sources
      • Annual research publication output (last 10 years)
      • Subject area
      • Source title
  • Share findings – Easily share results via email and download to include data within reports and presentations
  • Track what’s important – Use alerts (coming in October 2018) and save features to track your progress against important metrics
  • Compare and contrast – Pull up multiple institutional profiles to compare research output against peers


Feature Overview

  • 1: Filter by dates and subject areas
  • 2: Filter for institutions
  • 3: Two of the six charts included
  • 4: Email, print and download data


Who Else Benefits From the Engineering School Profile

  • Librarians = Save time and effort tracking engineering school research output without sacrificing quality by using the world’s most trusted and comprehensive engineering research tool. Take the insights to the dean and/or department chair.
  • Professors = Determine areas of key contributions to research and prominence within the research institution
  • Students = Make better decisions when choosing a graduate / PhD program by analyzing which institutions are research leaders in engineering areas of interest as well as identify experts in an engineering specialty field


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