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1. Pathways to carbon neutral energy systems at the University of California, Davis Wiryadinata, S., Morejohn, J., Kornbluth, K. 2019 Renewable Energy, 130, pp. 853-866.
2. A lattice Boltzmann model for multi-component two-phase gas-liquid flow with realistic fluid properties Deng, H., Jiao, K., Hou, Y., Park, J.W., Du, Q. 2019 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 128, pp. 536-549.
3. Impact and importance of hyperdiffusion on the spectral element method: A linear dispersion analysis Ullrich, P.A., Reynolds, D.R., Guerra, J.E., Taylor, M.A. 2018 Journal of Computational Physics, 375, pp. 427-446.
4. Restoration of center of rotation and balance of THR Lum, Z.C., Dorr, L.D. 2018 Journal of Orthopaedics, 15(4), pp. 992-996.
5. Trojan Horse nanotheranostics with dual transformability and multifunctionality for highly effective cancer treatment Xue, X., Huang, Y., Bo, R., (…), Lin, T.-Y., Li, Y. 2018 Nature Communications, 9(1), art. no. 3653.
6. Controlled surface functionalization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers with varied vinyl monomers via radical graft copolymerization Tamizifar, M., Sun, G. 2018 Materials Today Communications, 17, pp. 124-132.
7. Meaning Guides Attention during Real-World Scene Description Henderson, J.M., Hayes, T.R., Rehrig, G., Ferreira, F. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 13504.
8. Design method of end anchored FRP strengthened concrete structures Chen, C., Cheng, L., Sui, L., (…), Li, D., Zhou, Y. 2018 Engineering Structures, 176, pp. 143-158.
9. Partial Shocks on Cooperative Multiplex Networks with Varying Degrees of Noise Burghardt, K., Maoz, Z. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 13619.
10. A case of retrograde venous air embolism causing cerebral infarction following upper gastrointestinal endoscopy: A novel pathophysiological mechanism Uldin, H.H.U., Shabana, A.A.S., Raslan, O.O.R. 2018 Radiology Case Reports, 13(6), pp. 1093-1096.
11. Predicting early spring emergence and late season overwintering movement of Calepitrimerus vitis (Nalepa) (Acari: Eriophyidae) in grapevine Lee, S.K., Im, J.S., Jung, J.K., Lee, H., Lee, J.-H. 2018 Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology, 21(4), pp. 1182-1185.
12. Optimization of a biomass-integrated renewable energy microgrid with demand side management under uncertainty Zheng, Y., Jenkins, B.M., Kornbluth, K., Kendall, A., Træholt, C. 2018 Applied Energy, 230, pp. 836-844.
13. Differential algebra of cubic planar graphs Casals, R., Murphy, E. 2018 Advances in Mathematics, 338, pp. 401-446.
14. Rapid and complete dehalogenation of halonitromethanes in simulated gastrointestinal tract and its influence on toxicity Yin, J., Wu, B., Liu, S., (…), Ren, H., Xian, Q. 2018 Chemosphere, 211, pp. 1147-1155.
15. Modulation of human corneal stromal cell differentiation by hepatocyte growth factor and substratum compliance Miyagi, H., Jalilian, I., Murphy, C.J., Thomasy, S.M. 2018 Experimental Eye Research, 176, pp. 235-242.
16. Effects of experimental chronic traffic noise exposure on adult and nestling corticosterone levels, and nestling body condition in a free-living bird Injaian, A.S., Taff, C.C., Pearson, K.L., (…), Patricelli, G.L., Vitousek, M.N. 2018 Hormones and Behavior, 106, pp. 19-27.
17. Preferential accumulation of small (<300 μm) microplastics in the sediments of a coastal plain river network in eastern China Wang, Z., Su, B., Xu, X., (…), Zhang, M., Shang, X. 2018 Water Research, 144, pp. 393-401.
18. Developing a water-energy-GHG emissions modeling framework: Insights from an application to California’s water system Escriva-Bou, A., Lund, J.R., Pulido-Velazquez, M., Hui, R., Medellín-Azuara, J. 2018 Environmental Modelling and Software, 109, pp. 54-65.
19. Enhanced mechanical properties of aluminum based composites reinforced by chemically oxidized carbon nanotubes Guo, B., Zhang, X., Cen, X., (…), Shen, T., Du, Y. 2018 Carbon, 139, pp. 459-471.
20. Visual and linguistic narrative comprehension in autism spectrum disorders: Neural evidence for modality-independent impairments Coderre, E.L., Cohn, N., Slipher, S.K., (…), Ledoux, K., Gordon, B. 2018 Brain and Language, 186, pp. 44-59.
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