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1. Thermal and oxidative stability of curcumin encapsulated in yeast microcarriers Young, S., Nitin, N. 2019 Food Chemistry, 275, pp. 1-7.
2. Peptidomic profiling of human milk with LC–MS/MS reveals pH-specific proteolysis of milk proteins Gan, J., Robinson, R.C., Wang, J., (…), Barile, D., German, J.B. 2019 Food Chemistry, 274, pp. 766-774.
3. Influence of grain boundaries with dispersed nanoscale Al2O3particles on the strength of Al for a wide range of homologous temperatures Balog, M., Krizik, P., Bajana, O., (…), Schoenung, J.M., Lavernia, E.J. 2019 Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 772, pp. 472-481.
4. Thermochemistry of formation of ion exchanged zeolite RHO Guo, X., Wu, L., Corbin, D.R., Navrotsky, A. 2019 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 274, pp. 373-378.
5. Decoding motion direction using the topography of sustained ERPs and alpha oscillations Bae, G.-Y., Luck, S.J. 2019 NeuroImage, 184, pp. 242-255.
6. Early nurture epigenetically tunes the oxytocin receptor Perkeybile, A.M., Carter, C.S., Wroblewski, K.L., (…), Bales, K.L., Connelly, J.J. 2019 Psychoneuroendocrinology, 99, pp. 128-136.
7. Rigged configuration bijection and proof of the X = M conjecture for nonexceptional affine types Okado, M., Schilling, A., Scrimshaw, T. 2018 Journal of Algebra, 516, pp. 1-37.
8. Oak barrel tannin and toasting temperature: Effects on red wine anthocyanin chemistry Watrelot, A.A., Waterhouse, A.L. 2018 LWT, 98, pp. 444-450.
9. Maternal metabolic profile predicts high or low risk of an autism pregnancy outcome Hollowood, K., Melnyk, S., Pavliv, O., (…), Hahn, J., James, S.J. 2018 Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 56, pp. 72-82.
10. Method for high frequency tracking and sub-nm sample stabilization in single molecule fluorescence microscopy Schmidt, P.D., Reichert, B.H., Lajoie, J.G., Sivasankar, S. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 13912.
11. Superconducting Phases in Lithium Decorated Graphene LiC6 Gholami, R., Moradian, R., Moradian, S., Pickett, W.E. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 13795.
12. Safety profile after prolonged C3 inhibition Reis, E.S., Berger, N., Wang, X., (…), Nilsson, B., Lambris, J.D. 2018 Clinical Immunology, 197, pp. 96-106.
13. Characteristic patterns of inter- and intra-hemispheric metabolic connectivity in patients with stable and progressive mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease Huang, S.-Y., Hsu, J.-L., Lin, K.-J., (…), Fargher, K., Raj, B.A. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 13807.
14. LUX trigger efficiency Akerib, D.S., Alsum, S., Araújo, H.M., (…), Yazdani, K., Zhang, C. 2018 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 908, pp. 401-410.
15. Hydrothermal-time-to-event models for seed germination Onofri, A., Benincasa, P., Mesgaran, M.B., Ritz, C. 2018 European Journal of Agronomy, 101, pp. 129-139.
16. Omega-3 PUFA attenuate mice myocardial infarction injury by emerging a protective eicosanoid pattern Fang, X., Cai, W., Cheng, Q., (…), Zhu, Y., Zhang, X. 2018 Prostaglandins and Other Lipid Mediators, 139, pp. 1-9.
17. Analysis of SAPRC16 chemical mechanism for ambient simulations Venecek, M.A., Cai, C., Kaduwela, A., (…), Carter, W.P.L., Kleeman, M.J. 2018 Atmospheric Environment, 192, pp. 136-150.
18. Integrating GLEAMS sedimentation into RZWQM for pesticide sorbed sediment runoff modeling DeMars, C., Zhan, Y., Chen, H., (…), Zhang, X., Zhang, M. 2018 Environmental Modelling and Software, 109, pp. 390-401.
19. In Regard to Bossi et al Fakhry, C., Nguyen-Tân, P.F., Lambert, L., (…), Harris, J., Le, Q.-T. 2018 International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, 102(3), pp. 669-670.
20. Collision energy dependence of moments of net-kaon multiplicity distributions at RHIC Adamczyk, L., Adams, J.R., Adkins, J.K., (…), Zhu, X., Zyzak, M. 2018 Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 785, pp. 551-560.
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