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1. Inhibition as a potential resolution to the attentional capture debate Gaspelin, N., Luck, S.J. 2019 Current Opinion in Psychology, 29, pp. 12-18.
2. Using ChemCam LIBS data to constrain grain size in rocks on Mars: Proof of concept and application to rocks at Yellowknife Bay and Pahrump Hills, Gale crater Rivera-Hernández, F., Sumner, D.Y., Mangold, N., (…), Wiens, R., Maurice, S. 2019 Icarus, 321, pp. 82-98.
3. Assessment of the Geographical Detector Method for investigating heavy metal source apportionment in an urban watershed of Eastern China Luo, L., Mei, K., Qu, L., (…), Dahlgren, R.A., Zhang, M. 2019 Science of the Total Environment, 653, pp. 714-722.
4. Fate of inoculated Listeria monocytogenes on yellow onions (Allium cepa) under conditions simulating food service and consumer handling and storage Lieberman, V.M., Harris, L.J. 2019 Food Control, 96, pp. 375-382.
5. Bioengineered miRNA-1291 prodrug therapy in pancreatic cancer cells and patient-derived xenograft mouse models Tu, M.-J., Ho, P.Y., Zhang, Q.-Y., (…), Bi, H., Yu, A.-M. 2019 Cancer Letters, 442, pp. 82-90.
6. Synthesis and characterization of bimodal structured Cu-Fe3O4 nanocomposites Predescu, A.M., Vidu, R., Predescu, A., (…), Pantilimon, C., Predescu, C. 2019 Powder Technology, 342, pp. 938-953.
7. Data evacuation from data centers in disaster-affected regions through software-defined satellite networks Lourenço, R.B.R., Figueiredo, G.B., Tornatore, M., Mukherjee, B. 2019 Computer Networks, 148, pp. 88-100.
8. Co-activation of WT1 and AP-1 proteins on WT1 gene promoter to induce WT1 gene expression in K562 cells Anuchapreeda, S., Rungrojsakul, M., Tima, S., Chiampanichayakul, S., Krig, S.R. 2019 Cellular Signalling, 53, pp. 339-347.
9. A data-driven metric learning-based scheme for unsupervised network anomaly detection Aliakbarisani, R., Ghasemi, A., Felix Wu, S. 2019 Computers and Electrical Engineering, 73, pp. 71-83.
10. Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor in the Pelvic Limb of a Domestic Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Reimnitz, L., Sanchez-Migallon Guzman, D., LaDouceur, E., (…), Brust, K., Hawkins, M.G. 2019 Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, 28, pp. 137-142.
11. Methodology for selection of the most damaging ground motions for nuclear power plant structures Li, C., Zhai, C., Kunnath, S., Ji, D. 2019 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 116, pp. 345-357.
12. Endurance training restores spatially distinct cardiac mitochondrial function and myocardial contractility in ovariectomized rats Morra, E.A., Rodrigues, P.L., Jesus, I.C.G.D., (…), Stefanon, I., Ribeiro Júnior, R.F. 2019 Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 130, pp. 174-188.
13. Governing fisheries in the face of change: Social responses to long-term geographic shifts in a U.S. fishery Dubik, B.A., Clark, E.C., Young, T., (…), Pinsky, M.L., St. Martin, K. 2019 Marine Policy, 99, pp. 243-251.
14. Defining hydrogel properties to instruct lineage- and cell-specific mesenchymal differentiation Hung, B.P., Harvestine, J.N., Saiz, A.M., (…), Weiss, M.L., Leach, J.K. 2019 Biomaterials, 189, pp. 1-10.
15. Developmental exposure to environmentally relevant concentrations of bifenthrin alters transcription of mTOR and ryanodine receptor-dependent signaling molecules and impairs predator avoidance behavior across early life stages in inland silversides (Menidia beryllina) Frank, D.F., Brander, S.M., Hasenbein, S., (…), Geist, J., Connon, R.E. 2019 Aquatic Toxicology, 206, pp. 1-13.
16. Review and synthesis of the effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on soil processes: No changes in pools, but increased fluxes and accelerated cycles Kuzyakov, Y., Horwath, W.R., Dorodnikov, M., Blagodatskaya, E. 2019 Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 128, pp. 66-78.
17. POST-TRAUMATIC OCULAR LYMPHOMA IN THREE RABBITS (ORYCTOLAGUS CUNICULUS) Keller, K.A., Sanchez-Migallon Guzman, D., Reilly, C., (…), Scott, E.M., Dubielzig, R.R. 2019 Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, 28, pp. 154-161.
18. Resolving gastric cancer aetiology: an update in genetic predisposition Lott, P.C., Carvajal-Carmona, L.G. 2018 The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 3(12), pp. 874-883.
19. Chloroplast transport and import Theg, S.M. 2018 Photosynthesis Research, 138(3), pp. 261-262.
20. Clarifying distinct models of modern human origins in Africa Henn, B.M., Steele, T.E., Weaver, T.D. 2018 Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 53, pp. 148-156.
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