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1. Graphitic coated Al nanoparticles manufactured as superior energetic materials via laser ablation synthesis in organic solvents Davari, S.A., Gottfried, J.L., Liu, C., (…), Duscher, G., Mukherjee, D. 2019 Applied Surface Science, 473, pp. 156-163.
2. A rapid-throughput adaptable method for determining the monosaccharide composition of polysaccharides Amicucci, M.J., Galermo, A.G., Nandita, E., (…), Xu, G., Lebrilla, C.B. 2019 International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 438, pp. 22-28.
3. Compost induces the accumulation of biopesticidal organic acids during soil biosolarization Hestmark, K.V., Fernández-Bayo, J.D., Harrold, D.R., (…), Simmons, C.W., VanderGheynst, J.S. 2019 Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 143, pp. 27-35.
4. Copper enrichments in the Kimberley formation in Gale crater, Mars: Evidence for a Cu deposit at the source Payré, V., Fabre, C., Sautter, V., (…), Lanza, N.L., Maurice, S. 2019 Icarus, 321, pp. 736-751.
5. Chemical processing of water-soluble species and formation of secondary organic aerosol in fogs Kim, H., Collier, S., Ge, X., (…), Herckes, P., Zhang, Q. 2019 Atmospheric Environment, 200, pp. 158-166.
6. YAP and TAZ are distinct effectors of corneal myofibroblast transformation Muppala, S., Raghunathan, V.K., Jalilian, I., Thomasy, S., Murphy, C.J. 2019 Experimental Eye Research, 180, pp. 102-109.
7. The road to currency internationalization: Global perspectives and chinese experience Liu, T., Wang, X., Woo, W.T. 2019 Emerging Markets Review, 38, pp. 73-101.
8. Correlation between epitaxial strain and magnetic properties in La0.7Sr0.3CoO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 bilayers Byers, J.P., Li, B., Chopdekar, R.V., (…), Takamura, Y., Browning, N.D. 2019 Journal of Applied Physics, 125(8), art. no. 82518.
9. Stem cell-based in utero therapies for spina bifida: Implications for neural regeneration Long, C., Lankford, L., Wang, A. 2019 Neural Regeneration Research, 14(2), pp. 260-261.
10. Information-gain computation in the FIFTH system Di Franco, A. 2019 International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 105, pp. 386-395.
11. Control of physicochemical and cargo release properties of cross-linked alginate microcapsules formed by spray-drying Strobel, S.A., Scher, H.B., Nitin, N., Jeoh, T. 2019 Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 49, pp. 440-447.
12. Structural and thermodynamic mixing properties of La1−xNdxPO4 monazite-type solid solutions Schlenz, H., Dellen, J., Kegler, P., (…), Navrotsky, A., Bosbach, D. 2019 Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 270, pp. 470-478.
13. Oncogenic Ras/squamous cell carcinoma antigen signaling pathway activation promotes invasiveness and lymph node metastases in papillary thyroid carcinoma Luo, D., Liu, Y., Lin, S., (…), Li, H., Ouyang, N. 2019 Oncology Reports, 41(2), pp. 1253-1263.
14. Deforestation impacts network co-occurrence patterns of microbial communities in Amazon soils Khan, M.A.W., Bohannan, B.J.M., Nüsslein, K., (…), Barberán, A., Rodrigues, J.L.M. 2019 FEMS microbiology ecology, 95(2).
15. Effect of interlayers and scanning strategies on through-thickness residual stress distributions in additive manufactured ferritic-austenitic steel structure Woo, W., Kim, D.-K., Kingston, E.J., (…), Salvemini, F., Hill, M.R. 2019 Materials Science and Engineering A, 744, pp. 618-629.
16. Predicting the Future: Using Simulation Modeling to Forecast Patient Flow on General Medicine Units Mishra, V., Tu, S.-P., Heim, J., (…), Clark, R.R., Dow, A.W. 2019 Journal of hospital medicine, 14(1), pp. 9-15.
17. An introduction to hardware, software, and other information technology needs of biomedical biobanks Im, K., Gui, D., Yong, W.H. 2019 Methods in Molecular Biology, 1897, pp. 17-29.
18. Uncovering early adopter’s perceptions and purchase intentions of automated vehicles: Insights from early adopters of electric vehicles in California Berliner, R.M., Hardman, S., Tal, G. 2019 Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 60, pp. 712-722.
19. Widespread RNA editing dysregulation in brains from autistic individuals Tran, S.S., Jun, H.-I., Bahn, J.H., (…), Geschwind, D.H., Xiao, X. 2019 Nature Neuroscience, 22(1), pp. 25-36.
20. OUTCOMES OF PNEUMATIC RETINOPEXY PERFORMED BY VITREORETINAL FELLOWS Emami-Naeini, P., Vuong, V.S., Tran, S., (…), Park, S.S., Yiu, G. 2019 Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.), 39(1), pp. 186-192.
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