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1. Targeting the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor in MTAP-deficient renal cell carcinoma Xu, J., Chang, W.-H., Fong, L.W.R., (…), Yu, S.-L., Chen, C.-H. 2019 Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, 4(1), art. no. 2.
2. Disassembly of the fruit cell wall by the ripening-associated polygalacturonase and expansin influences tomato cracking Jiang, F., Lopez, A., Jeon, S., (…), Powell, A.L.T., Mitcham, E. 2019 Horticulture Research, 6(1), art. no. 17.
3. Ocean colour signature of climate change Dutkiewicz, S., Hickman, A.E., Jahn, O., (…), Beaulieu, C., Monier, E. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 578.
4. Autofluorescence lifetime augmented reality as a means for real-time robotic surgery guidance in human patients Gorpas, D., Phipps, J., Bec, J., (…), Marcu, L., Farwell, D.G. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 1187.
5. Rejection of labrusca-type aromas in wine differs by wine expertise and geographic region Perry, D.M., Byrnes, N.K., Heymann, H., Hayes, J.E. 2019 Food Quality and Preference, 74, pp. 147-154.
6. Understanding location-based service application connectedness: Model development and cross-validation Oh, Y.J., Park, H.S., Min, Y. 2019 Computers in Human Behavior, 94, pp. 82-91.
7. Thermodynamic stability of the fluorite phase in the CeO2 − CaO − ZrO2 system Shelyug, A., Navrotsky, A. 2019 Journal of Nuclear Materials, 517, pp. 80-85.
8. Predicting content consumption from content-to-content relationships Han, J., Choi, D., Chung, T., (…), Kim, H.-C., Kwon, T.T. 2019 Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 132, pp. 1-9.
9. Glioblastoma Multiforme of the Conus Medullaris—Management Strategies and Complications Goodarzi, A., Thaci, B., Toussi, A., (…), Kim, K., Fragoso, R. 2019 World Neurosurgery, 124, pp. 101-109.
10. Influence of trimethylaluminum predoses on the growth morphology, film-substrate interface, and microstructure of MOCVD-grown AlN on (1 1 1)Si Lange, A.P., Mahajan, S. 2019 Journal of Crystal Growth, 511, pp. 106-117.
11. Quantifying the contribution of conservation easements to large-landscape conservation Graves, R.A., Williamson, M.A., Belote, R.T., Brandt, J.S. 2019 Biological Conservation, 232, pp. 83-96.
12. Effects of age on serum glucose and insulin concentrations and glucose/insulin ratios in neonatal foals and their dams during the first 2 weeks postpartum Berryhill, E.H., Magdesian, K.G., Tadros, E.M., Edman, J.E. 2019 Veterinary Journal, 246, pp. 1-6.
13. Correction to: Assessment of Capacity to Meet Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Indicators in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria (World Journal of Surgery, (2019), 43, 3, (704-714), 10.1007/s00268-018-4835-z) Anderson, J.E., Ndajiwo, A.B., Nuhu, S.A., (…), Amedu, J.O., Ameh, E.A. 2019 World Journal of Surgery, 43(3), pp. 715-716.
14. Topical Rho-Associated Kinase Inhibitor, Y27632, Accelerates Corneal Endothelial Regeneration in a Canine Cryoinjury Model Miyagi, H., Kim, S., Li, J., Murphy, C.J., Thomasy, S.M. 2019 Cornea, 38(3), pp. 352-359.
15. Bioengineered Let-7c Inhibits Orthotopic Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Improves Overall Survival with Minimal Immunogenicity Jilek, J.L., Zhang, Q.-Y., Tu, M.-J., (…), Qiu, J.-X., Yu, A.-M. 2019 Molecular Therapy – Nucleic Acids, 14, pp. 498-508.
16. Routine Assessment of Health Impacts of Local Transportation Plans: A Case Study From the City of Los Angeles Nicholas, W., Vidyanti, I., Caesar, E., Maizlish, N. 2019 American journal of public health, 109(3), pp. 490-496.
17. Tissue issues: mucosal T-cell responses in HIV-1 infection Shacklett, B.L., Ferre, A.L., Kiniry, B.E. 2019 Current opinion in HIV and AIDS, 14(2), pp. 100-107.
18. Chronic Lower Urinary Tract Signs in Cats: Current Understanding of Pathophysiology and Management Westropp, J.L., Delgado, M., Buffington, C.A.T. 2019 Veterinary Clinics of North America – Small Animal Practice, 49(2), pp. 187-209.
19. Elasticity of bamboo fiber variants from Brillouin spectroscopy Williams, D.R., Nurco, D.J., Rahbar, N., Koski, K.J. 2019 Materialia, 5, art. no. 100240.
20. Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Opioid Overdoses: Exploring Sources of Heterogeneity Castillo-Carniglia, A., Ponicki, W.R., Gaidus, A., (…), Wintemute, G.J., Cerdá, M. 2019 Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.), 30(2), pp. 212-220.
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