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1. Integrative comparative analyses of metabolite and transcript profiles uncovers complex regulatory network in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) fruit undergoing chilling injury Zhang, W.-F., Gong, Z.-H., Wu, M.-B., (…), Jin, L., Deng, W. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 4470.
2. Quasi-static mechanical properties of tomato peels produced from catalytic infrared and lye peeling Vidyarthi, S.K., El Mashad, H.M., Khir, R., (…), Tiwari, R., Pan, Z. 2019 Journal of Food Engineering, 254, pp. 10-16.
3. Balancing agricultural production, groundwater management, and biodiversity goals: A multi-benefit optimization model of agriculture in Kern County, California Bourque, K., Schiller, A., Loyola Angosto, C., (…), Ayres, A., Larsen, A. 2019 Science of the Total Environment, 670, pp. 865-875.
4. Sequential change-point detection based on nearest neighbors Chen, H. 2019 Annals of Statistics, 47(3), pp. 1381-1407.
5. Chemistry of new particle growth during springtime in the Seoul metropolitan area, Korea Kim, H., Zhang, Q. 2019 Chemosphere, 225, pp. 713-722.
6. In situ measurement of estrogenic activity in various aquatic systems using organic diffusive gradients in thin-film coupled with ERE-CALUX bioassay Guo, W., Van Langenhove, K., Vandermarken, T., (…), Baeyens, W., Gao, Y. 2019 Environment International, 127, pp. 13-20.
7. A robust and efficient approach to causal inference based on sparse sufficient dimension reduction Ma, S., Zhu, L., Zhang, Z., Tsai, C.-L., Carroll, R.J. 2019 Annals of Statistics, 47(3), pp. 1505-1535.
8. Locally linear embedding with additive noise Wang, J., Wong, R.K.W., Lee, T.C.M. 2019 Pattern Recognition Letters, 123, pp. 47-52.
9. Automatic mapping of planting year for tree crops with Landsat satellite time series stacks Chen, B., Jin, Y., Brown, P. 2019 ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 151, pp. 176-188.
10. Changing conceptualizations of regression: What prospective studies reveal about the onset of autism spectrum disorder Ozonoff, S., Iosif, A.-M. 2019 Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 100, pp. 296-304.
11. What drives the use of ridehailing in California? Ordered probit models of the usage frequency of Uber and Lyft Alemi, F., Circella, G., Mokhtarian, P., Handy, S. 2019 Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 102, pp. 233-248.
12. Using miniature brain implants in rodents for novel drug discovery Waldau, B. 2019 Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, 14(4), pp. 379-386.
13. Story Appraisal Theory: From Story Kernel Appraisals to Implications and Impact Berger, C.R., Ha, Y., Chen, M. 2019 Communication Research, 46(3), pp. 303-332.
14. Associations between self-harm and chronic disease among adolescents: Cohort study using statewide emergency department data Lidón-Moyano, C., Wiebe, D., Gruenewald, P., (…), Brown, P., Goldman-Mellor, S. 2019 Journal of Adolescence, 72, pp. 132-140.
15. Identification of novel mutations in genes involved in silicon and arsenic uptake and accumulation in rice Kim, H.J., Tai, T.H. 2019 Euphytica, 215(4), art. no. 72.
16. Population genomics demystifies the defoliation phenotype in the plant pathogen Verticillium dahliae Zhang, D.-D., Wang, J., Wang, D., (…), Chen, J.-Y., Dai, X.-F. 2019 New Phytologist, 222(2), pp. 1012-1029.
17. Dynamic Processing of Displacement Loops during Recombinational DNA Repair Piazza, A., Shah, S.S., Wright, W.D., (…), Koszul, R., Heyer, W.-D. 2019 Molecular Cell, 73(6), pp. 1255-1266.e4.
18. Ultrafast photodissociation dynamics and nonadiabatic coupling between excited electronic states of methanol probed by time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy Champenois, E.G., Greenman, L., Shivaram, N., (…), Belkacem, A., Slaughter, D.S. 2019 Journal of Chemical Physics, 150(11), art. no. 114301.
19. Metabolomics Analyses of 14 Classical Neurotransmitters by GC-TOF with LC-MS Illustrates Secretion of 9 Cell-Cell Signaling Molecules from Sympathoadrenal Chromaffin Cells in the Presence of Lithium Hook, V., Kind, T., Podvin, S., (…), Lietz, C., Fiehn, O. 2019 ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 10(3), pp. 1369-1379.
20. Mechanochemical Synthesis, Accelerated Aging, and Thermodynamic Stability of the Organic Mineral Paceite and Its Cadmium Analogue Li, S., Huskić, I., Novendra, N., (…), Navrotsky, A., Friščić, T. 2019 ACS Omega, 4(3), pp. 5486-5495.
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