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1. GC-Recomposition-Olfactometry (GC-R) and multivariate study of three terpenoid compounds in the aroma profile of Angostura bitters Johnson, A.J., Hjelmeland, A.K., Heymann, H., Ebeler, S.E. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 7633.
2. Synthetic, non-intoxicating 8,9-dihydrocannabidiol for the mitigation of seizures Mascal, M., Hafezi, N., Wang, D., (…), Dallas, M.L., Spencer, J.P.E. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 7778.
3. Changes in thyroid hormone activity disrupt photomotor behavior of larval zebrafish Walter, K.M., Miller, G.W., Chen, X., (…), Puschner, B., Lein, P.J. 2019 NeuroToxicology, 74, pp. 47-57.
4. Breakage modeling of needle-shaped particles using the discrete element method Kumar, R., Ketterhagen, W., Sarkar, A., Curtis, J., Wassgren, C. 2019 Chemical Engineering Science: X, 3, art. no. 100027.
5. Arabidopsis defense mutant ndr1-1 displays accelerated development and early flowering mediated by the hormone gibberellic acid Dhar, N., Short, D.P.G., Mamo, B.E., (…), Subbarao, K.V., Klosterman, S.J. 2019 Plant Science, 285, pp. 200-213.
6. Measuring electronic communication networks in virtual care teams using electronic health records access-log data Zhu, X., Tu, S.-P., Sewell, D., (…), Dow, A., Banas, C. 2019 International Journal of Medical Informatics, 128, pp. 46-52.
7. Selenium and Vitamin E Concentrations in a Healthy Donkey Population in Central Italy Bazzano, M., McLean, A., Tesei, B., Gallina, E., Laus, F. 2019 Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 78, pp. 112-116.
8. A multifaceted approach for beech forest conservation: Environmental drivers of understory plant diversity Ottaviani, G., Götzenberger, L., Bacaro, G., (…), de Bello, F., Marcantonio, M. 2019 Flora: Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants, 256, pp. 85-91.
9. Extremity soft tissue sarcoma in the elderly: Are we overtreating or undertreating this potentially vulnerable patient population? Gingrich, A.A., Bateni, S.B., Monjazeb, A.M., (…), Bold, R.J., Canter, R.J. 2019 Journal of Surgical Oncology, 119(8), pp. 1087-1098.
10. What Competencies are Needed to Run a Course or Clerkship? Russo, R.A., Shankar, R., Hilty, D., Levine, R.E. 2019 Academic Psychiatry, 43(3), pp. 354-355.
11. iPlant Systems Biology (iPSB): An International Network Hub in the Plant Community Falter-Braun, P., Brady, S., Gutiérrez, R.A., Coruzzi, G.M., Krouk, G. 2019 Molecular Plant, 12(6), pp. 727-730.
12. Which components of specialized early intervention for psychosis do senior providers see as most important? Savill, M., Sardo, A., Patel, P., (…), Melnikow, J., Niendam, T. 2019 Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 13(3), pp. 677-681.
13. Diagnosis and Treatment of a Swainson’s Toucan (Ramphastos ambiguus swainsonii) with Rhinosinusitis Baden, R.M., Guzman, D.S.-M., Speer, B.L., Sokoloff, A.M., Hawkins, M.G. 2019 Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, 33(2), pp. 155-160.
14. Markers of Bone Mineral Metabolism and Cardiac Structure and Function in Perinatally HIV-Infected and HIV-Exposed but Uninfected Children and Adolescents Margossian, R., Williams, P.L., Yu, W., (…), Miller, T.L., Lipshultz, S.E. 2019 Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999), 81(2), pp. 238-246.
15. Product Selectivity Controlled by Nanoporous Environments in Zeolite Crystals Enveloping Rhodium Nanoparticle Catalysts for CO2 Hydrogenation Wang, C., Guan, E., Wang, L., (…), Gates, B.C., Xiao, F.-S. 2019 Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141(21).
16. Fire regime alteration in natural areas underscores the need to restore a key ecological process Coppoletta, M., Safford, H.D., Estes, B.L., (…), Butz, R.J., Molinari, N.A. 2019 Natural Areas Journal, 39(2), pp. 250-263.
17. Impact of Nb(V) Substitution on the Structure and Optical and Photoelectrochemical Properties of the Cu5(Ta1- xNbx)11O30 Solid Solution Zoellner, B., O’Donnell, S., Wu, Z., (…), Geyer, S., Maggard, P.A. 2019 Inorganic Chemistry, 58(10), pp. 6845-6857.
18. Safety and Efficacy of a Five-Fraction Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Schedule for Centrally Located Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: NRG Oncology/RTOG 0813 Trial Bezjak, A., Paulus, R., Gaspar, L.E., (…), Bradley, J.D., Choy, H. 2019 Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 37(15), pp. 1316-1325.
19. Loss of Function, a Strategy for Adaptation in Arabidopsis Caseys, C. 2019 The Plant cell, 31(5), p. 935.
20. Modified Dose Efficacy Trial of a Canine Distemper-Measles Vaccine for Use in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) Christe, K.L., Salyards, G.W., Houghton, S.D., Ardeshir, A., Yee, J.L. 2019 Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science : JAALAS, 58(3), pp. 397-405.
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