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1. Spaced training improves learning in Ts65Dn and Ube3a mouse models of intellectual disabilities Lauterborn, J.C., Schultz, M.N., Le, A.A., (…), Lynch, G.S., Crawley, J.N. 2019 Translational Psychiatry, 9(1), art. no. 166.
2. Progress update from the hippocampal subfields group Olsen, R.K., Carr, V.A., Daugherty, A.M., (…), Yu, Q., Wisse, L.E.M. 2019 Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment and Disease Monitoring, 11, pp. 439-449.
3. Black phosphorus nanosheets-based stable drug delivery system via drug-self-stabilization for combined photothermal and chemo cancer therapy Liu, G., Tsai, H.-I., Zeng, X., (…), Mei, L., Deng, W. 2019 Chemical Engineering Journal, 375, art. no. 121917.
4. Changes in glycosylation patterns of monoterpenes during grape berry maturation in six cultivars of Vitis vinifera Godshaw, J., Hjelmeland, A.K., Zweigenbaum, J., Ebeler, S.E. 2019 Food Chemistry, 297, art. no. 124921.
5. Structure-tunable graphene oxide fibers via microfluidic spinning route for multifunctional textile Hu, X., Tian, M., Pan, N., (…), Chen, Z., Qu, L. 2019 Carbon, 152, pp. 106-113.
6. Oxygen exposure during red wine fermentation modifies tannin reactivity with poly-L-proline Watrelot, A.A., Day, M.P., Schulkin, A., (…), Waterhouse, A.L., Bindon, K.A. 2019 Food Chemistry, 297, art. no. 124923.
7. Prediction of enteric methane production, yield and intensity of beef cattle using an intercontinental database van Lingen, H.J., Niu, M., Kebreab, E., (…), Casper, D.P., Hristov, A.N. 2019 Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 283, art. no. 106575.
8. Experimental and numerical study into the effects of passive flow disturbance on conversion and C7+ yield of the packed bed Fischer Tropsch reaction Wiryadinata, S., Jenkins, B., Kornbluth, K., Erickson, P. 2019 Fuel, 254, art. no. 115571.
9. Effects of ripening stage on physicochemical properties, drying kinetics, pectin polysaccharides contents and nanostructure of apricots Deng, L.-Z., Pan, Z., Zhang, Q., (…), Gao, Z.-J., Xiao, H.-W. 2019 Carbohydrate Polymers, 222, art. no. 114980.
10. Adsorption mechanism of alkyl hydroxamic acid onto bastnäsite: Fundamental steps toward rational collector design for rare earth elements Wanhala, A.K., Doughty, B., Bryantsev, V.S., (…), Navrotsky, A., Stack, A.G. 2019 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 553, pp. 210-219.
11. Developmental staging and salinity tolerance in embryos of the delta smelt, Hypomesus transpacificus Romney, A.L.T., Yanagitsuru, Y.R., Mundy, P.C., (…), Brander, S.M., Connon, R.E. 2019 Aquaculture, 511, art. no. 634191.
12. A dot matrix and sloping baffle cathode flow field of proton exchange membrane fuel cell Wang, B., Chen, W., Pan, F., (…), Yin, Y., Jiao, K. 2019 Journal of Power Sources, 434, art. no. 226741.
13. Low flows and downstream decline in phytoplankton contribute to impaired water quality in the lower Minnesota River Wang, J., Zhang, Z., Johnson, B. 2019 Water Research, 161, pp. 262-273.
14. β-lactam resistance genes in bacteriophage and bacterial DNA from wastewater, river water, and irrigation water in Washington State Zhang, A., Call, D.R., Besser, T.E., (…), Wang, H., Davis, M.A. 2019 Water Research, 161, pp. 335-340.
15. Microplastic accumulation and biomagnification in a coastal marine reserve situated in a sparsely populated area Saley, A.M., Smart, A.C., Bezerra, M.F., (…), Williams, S.L., Morgan, S.G. 2019 Marine Pollution Bulletin, 146, pp. 54-59.
16. Majority rule in the absence of a majority Nehring, K., Pivato, M. 2019 Journal of Economic Theory, 183, pp. 213-257.
17. Resting heart rate variability is negatively associated with mirror neuron and limbic response to emotional faces Miller, J.G., Xia, G., Hastings, P.D. 2019 Biological Psychology, 146, art. no. 107717.
18. Proteomic genotyping of fingermark donors with genetically variant peptides Borja, T., Karim, N., Goecker, Z., (…), Rice, R., Parker, G. 2019 Forensic Science International: Genetics, 42, pp. 21-30.
19. US exports and employment Feenstra, R.C., Ma, H., Xu, Y. 2019 Journal of International Economics, 120, pp. 46-58.
20. The incidence of anxiety may not be correlated with severity of psoriasis: A prospective pilot study Yu, S., Tu, H.-P., Huang, Y.-C., Lan, C.-C.E. 2019 Medical Hypotheses, 130, art. no. 109254.
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