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1. A rapid method for the detection of extra virgin olive oil adulteration using UHPLC-CAD profiling of triacylglycerols and PCA Green, H.S., Li, X., De Pra, M., (…), Acworth, I.N., Wang, S.C. 2020 Food Control, 107, art. no. 106773.
2. Multi-criteria and multi-expert wind power farm location selection using a pythagorean fuzzy analytic hierarchy process Otay, I., Jaller, M. 2020 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 1029, pp. 905-914.
3. Timing of Surgery and Internal Medicine Clerkships and Surgery Shelf Examination Scores Phares, A., Sauder, C.A., Salcedo, E.S., (…), Middleton, G., Phan, H.H. 2019 Journal of Surgical Research, 244, pp. 456-459.
4. Modeling the binding of diverse ligands within the Ah receptor ligand binding domain Giani Tagliabue, S., Faber, S.C., Motta, S., Denison, M.S., Bonati, L. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 10693.
5. Age, sex, adult and larval diet shape starvation resistance in the Mediterranean fruit fly: an ecological and gerontological perspective Gerofotis, C.D., Kouloussis, N.A., Koukougiannidou, C., (…), Koveos, D.S., Carey, J.R. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 10704.
6. Whole-Genome Sequencing Identifies a Rice Grain Shape Mutant, gs9–1 Jiang, L., Li, G., Chern, M., (…), Zheng, J., Ronald, P.C. 2019 Rice, 12(1), art. no. 52.
7. TurboID-based proximity labeling reveals that UBR7 is a regulator of N NLR immune receptor-mediated immunity Zhang, Y., Song, G., Lal, N.K., (…), Walley, J.W., Dinesh-Kumar, S.P. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 3252.
8. Field evaluation of the impact of environmental conditions on concrete moisture-related shrinkage and coefficient of thermal expansion Mateos, A., Harvey, J., Bolander, J., (…), Paniagua, J., Paniagua, F. 2019 Construction and Building Materials, 225, pp. 348-357.
9. How do people translate their experiences into abstract attribute preferences? Eastwick, P.W., Smith, L.K., Ledgerwood, A. 2019 Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 85, art. no. 103837.
10. Source area management practices as remediation tool to address groundwater nitrate pollution in drinking supply wells Bastani, M., Harter, T. 2019 Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, art. no. 103521.
11. Developmental exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the maternal diet causes host-microbe defects in weanling offspring mice Rude, K.M., Pusceddu, M.M., Keogh, C.E., (…), Lein, P.J., Gareau, M.G. 2019 Environmental Pollution, pp. 708-721.
12. Ventricular septal defect and congestive heart failure in a common degu (Octodon degus) Sanchez, J.N., Summa, N.M.E., Visser, L.C., (…), Sheley, M.F., Sanchez-Migallon Guzman, D. 2019 Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, 31, pp. 32-35.
13. Surgical correction of grade III medial patellar luxation in a pet rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Hyde, E.W., Eshar, D., Wright, L., Wilson, M., Roush, J.K. 2019 Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, 31, pp. 45-48.
14. Unconventional natural gas development and adverse birth outcomes in Pennsylvania: The potential mediating role of antenatal anxiety and depression Casey, J.A., Goin, D.E., Rudolph, K.E., (…), Eisen, E.A., Morello-Frosch, R. 2019 Environmental Research, 177, art. no. 108598.
15. Evaluating efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of best management practices in improving agricultural water quality using integrated SWAT and cost evaluation tool Liu, Y., Wang, R., Guo, T., (…), Collingsworth, P.D., Wallace, C.W. 2019 Journal of Hydrology, 577, art. no. 123965.
16. Odorant Inhibition in Mosquito Olfaction Xu, P., Choo, Y.-M., Chen, Z., (…), Liu, N., Leal, W.S. 2019 iScience, 19, pp. 25-38.
17. Proteome and metabolome analyses reveal differential responses in tomato -Verticillium dahliae-interactions Hu, X., Puri, K.D., Gurung, S., (…), Short, D.P.G., Subbarao, K.V. 2019 Journal of Proteomics, 207, art. no. 103449.
18. Measurement of Bs0 meson production in pp and PbPb collisions at sNN=5.02 TeV Sirunyan, A.M., Tumasyan, A., Adam, W., (…), Smith, W.H., Woods, N. 2019 Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 796, pp. 168-190.
19. A search for pair production of new light bosons decaying into muons in proton-proton collisions at 13  TeV Sirunyan, A.M., Tumasyan, A., Adam, W., (…), Smith, W.H., Woods, N. 2019 Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 796, pp. 131-154.
20. Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Psychiatry Leadership Simonsen, K.A., Shim, R.S. 2019 Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 42(3), pp. 463-471.
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