Synthesis and Colloquium Digital Libraries Update

New Morgan & Claypool eBooks

Advances in Automotive Technology
Authors:  Chen Tang & Amir Khajepour, University of Waterloo
Keywords: narrow tilting vehicles, urban transportation, tilting mechanism, vehicle modeling, envelope control, vehicle control, rollover mitigation
Abstract: In this book, motivations for building narrow tilting vehicles (NTVs) and various tilting mechanisms designs are reviewed, followed by the study of their dynamics. Finally, control algorithms designed to fully utilize the potential of tilting mechanisms in narrow vehicles are discussed. > Download eBook PDF
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Authors: Kai Shu & Huan Liu, Arizona State University
Keywords: fake news, misinformation, disinformation, social computing, social media, data mining, social cyber security, machine learning
Abstract: The concepts, algorithms, and methods described in this lecture can help harness the power of social media to build effective and intelligent fake news detection systems. This book is an accessible introduction to the study of detecting fake news on social media. It is an essential reading for students, researchers, and practitioners to understand, manage, and excel in this area. > Download eBook PDF
Mathematics and Statistics
Author: Mustapha Akinkunmi, American University of Nigeria
Keywords: descriptive statistics, probability distributions, sampling distribution, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, correlation analysis, confidence interval
Abstract: Introduction to Statistics Using R is organized into 13 major chapters. Each chapter is broken down into many digestible subsections in order to explore the objectives of the book. There are many real-life practical examples in this book and each of the examples is written in R codes to acquaint the readers with some statistical methods while simultaneously learning R scripts. > Download eBook PDF
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