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1. Nondestructive characterization of structural changes during in vitro gastric digestion of apples using 3D time-series micro-computed tomography Olenskyj, A.G., Donis-González, I.R., Bornhorst, G.M. 2020 Journal of Food Engineering, 267, art. no. 109692.
2. Sensitivity analysis of four crop water stress indices to ambient environmental conditions and stomatal conductance Poirier-Pocovi, M., Bailey, B.N. 2020 Scientia Horticulturae, 259, art. no. 108825.
3. Understanding improvements to low-temperature rheology of stiff binders modified with epoxidized plant-derived oil materials through analytical chemistry Podolsky, J.H., Elkashef, M., Hernandez, N., (…), Williams, R.C., Cochran, E.W. 2020 Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 48(1).
4. Achieving Excellence in Sustainable Development Goals in Sunway University Malaysia Woo, W.T., Koh, H.L., Teh, S.Y. 2020 World Sustainability Series, pp. 265-282.
5. Integrating four radiant heat load mitigation strategies is an efficient intervention to improve human health in urban environments Park, C.Y., Yoon, E.J., Lee, D.K., Thorne, J.H. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 698, art. no. 134259.
6. Using ecological niche theory to avoid uninformative biodiversity surrogates Barton, P.S., Westgate, M.J., Foster, C.N., (…), Willig, M.R., Lindenmayer, D.B. 2020 Ecological Indicators, 108, art. no. 105692.
7. The impact of land cover on groundwater recharge in the High Plains: An application to the Conservation Reserve Program Riley, D., Mieno, T., Schoengold, K., Brozović, N. 2019 Science of the Total Environment, 696, art. no. 133871.
8. The role of the gut microbiome in mediating neurotoxic outcomes to PCB exposure Rude, K.M., Keogh, C.E., Gareau, M.G. 2019 NeuroToxicology, 75, pp. 30-40.
9. A constitutive model for clays and plastic silts in plane-strain earthquake engineering applications Boulanger, R.W., Ziotopoulou, K. 2019 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 127, art. no. 105832.
10. Three-month cumulative exposure to testosterone and cortisol predicts distinct effects on response inhibition and risky decision-making in adolescents Shields, G.S., Ivory, S.L., Telzer, E.H. 2019 Psychoneuroendocrinology, 110, art. no. 104412.
11. Optimization of Corner Blending Curves Farouki, R.T., Pelosi, F., Sampoli, M.L. 2019 CAD Computer Aided Design, 117, art. no. 102739.
12. Modeling heat transport in crystals and glasses from a unified lattice-dynamical approach Isaeva, L., Barbalinardo, G., Donadio, D., Baroni, S. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 3853.
13. Auxin-sensitive Aux/IAA proteins mediate drought tolerance in Arabidopsis by regulating glucosinolate levels Salehin, M., Li, B., Tang, M., (…), Kliebenstein, D.J., Estelle, M. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 4021.
14. Extreme high surface temperature events and equity-related physical climate risk Griffin, P., Lont, D., Lubberink, M. 2019 Weather and Climate Extremes, 26, art. no. 100220.
15. A label-free optical whole-cell Escherichia coli biosensor for the detection of pyrethroid insecticide exposure Riangrungroj, P., Bever, C.S., Hammock, B.D., Polizzi, K.M. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 12466.
16. In vitro role of Rad54 in Rad51-ssDNA filament-dependent homology search and synaptic complexes formation Tavares, E.M., Wright, W.D., Heyer, W.-D., Le Cam, E., Dupaigne, P. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 4058.
17. Assessing Susceptibility of Debris Flow in Southwest China Using Gradient Boosting Machine Di, B., Zhang, H., Liu, Y., (…), Luo, Y., Zhan, Y. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 12532.
18. Functional disease architectures reveal unique biological role of transposable elements Hormozdiari, F., van de Geijn, B., Nasser, J., (…), Hormozdiari, F., Price, A.L. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 4054.
19. An ancestral NB-LRR with duplicated 3′UTRs confers stripe rust resistance in wheat and barley Zhang, C., Huang, L., Zhang, H., (…), Liu, D., Fu, D. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 4023.
20. Noninvasive spinal neuromodulation to map and augment lower urinary tract function in rhesus macaques Havton, L.A., Christe, K.L., Edgerton, V.R., Gad, P.N. 2019 Experimental Neurology, 322, art. no. 113033.
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