Synthesis and Colloquium Digital Libraries Update

Advances in Automotive Technology
Author: Teng Liu, University of Waterloo
Keywords: energy management, hybrid electric vehicles, reinforcement learning, deep learning, intelligent transportation information, real-time updating, velocity and power prediction, optimality and adaptability
Abstract: In this book, a series hybrid electric vehicle was considered as the powertrain model, to describe and analyze a reinforcement learning (RL)-enabled intelligent energy management system. The proposed system can not only integrate predictive road information but also achieve online learning and updating. Detailed powertrain modeling, predictive algorithms, and online updating technology are involved, and evaluation and verification of the presented energy management system is conducted and executed. > Download eBook PDF
Algorithms and Software in Engineering
Author: Ioannis Kyriakides, University of Nicosia
Keywords: Bayesian target tracking, particle filtering, sequential Monte Carlo methods, cognitive fusion, sensor networks
Abstract: The adaptive configuration of nodes in a sensor network has the potential to improve sequential estimation performance by intelligently allocating limited sensor network resources. In addition, the use of heterogeneous sensing nodes provides a diversity of information that also enhances estimation performance. This work reviews cognitive systems and presents a cognitive fusion framework for sequential state estimation using adaptive configuration of heterogeneous sensing nodes and heterogeneous data fusion. > Download eBook PDF
Authors: John N. Sahalos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of Nicosia; George A. Kyriacou, Democritus University of Thrace
Keywords: antennas, microwaves, tunable materials, ferrites, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, transmission lines
Abstract: Tunable Materials with Applications in Antennas and Microwaves is a stimulating topic in these modern times. With the explosion of the new generation of the wireless world, greater emphasis than ever before is being placed on the analysis and applications of modern materials. This book describes the characteristics of Ferrites and Ferroelectrics and introduces the reader to Multiferroics. > Download eBook PDF
Computer Architecture
Author: Rajeev Balasubramonian, University of Utah
Keywords: memory system architecture, DRAM, memory controllers, memory channels, low-power memory, memory security, error correction codes, memory reliability, DRAM refresh, near data processing, 3D stacking
Abstract: The memory system has the potential to be a hub for future innovation. While conventional memory systems focused primarily on high density, other memory system metrics like energy, security, and reliability are grabbing modern research headlines. With processor performance stagnating, it is also time to consider new programming models that move some application computations into the memory system. This, in turn, will lead to feature-rich memory systems with new interfaces. > Download eBook PDF
Digital Circuits and Systems
Authors: Steven F. Barrett, University of Wyoming; Daniel J. Pack, University of Tennessee Chattanooga
Keywords: microchip microcontroller, Microchip AVR, ATmega164, microcontroller interfacing, embedded systems design
Abstract: This textbook provides practicing scientists and engineers a primer on the Microchip AVR® microcontroller. The revised title of this book reflects the 2016 Microchip Technology acquisition of Atmel Corporation. In this third edition we highlight the popular ATmega164 microcontroller and other pin-for-pin controllers in the family with a complement of flash memory up to 128 KB. The third edition also provides an update on Atmel Studio, programming with a USB pod, the gcc compiler, the ImageCraft JumpStart C for AVR compiler, the Two-Wire Interface (TWI), and multiple examples at both the subsystem and system level. > Download eBook PDF
Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing with Texas Instruments MSP430FR2433 and MSP430FR5994, Second Edition (Part I and Part II)
Authors: Steven F. Barrett, University of Wyoming; Daniel J. Pack, University of Tennessee Chattanooga
Keywords: MSP430 microcontroller, microcontroller interfacing, embedded systems design, Texas Instruments
Abstract: This book provides a thorough introduction to the Texas Instruments MSP430™ microcontroller. The MSP430 is a 16-bit reduced instruction set (RISC) processor that features ultra-low power consumption and integrated digital and analog hardware. Variants of the MSP430 microcontroller have been in production since 1993. This provides for a host of MSP430 products including evaluation boards, compilers, software examples, and documentation. > Download Part I eBook PDF and > Download Part II eBook PDF
Authors: Rajan Chattamvelli, VIT University; Ramalingam Shanmugam, Texas State University
Keywords: algebra, analysis of algorithms, bio-informatics, CDF generating functions, combinatorics, cumulants, difference equations, discrete mathematics, economics, epidemiology, finance, genetics
Abstract: This is an introductory book on generating functions (GFs) and their applications. It discusses commonly encountered generating functions in engineering and applied sciences, such as ordinary generating functions (OGF), exponential generating functions (EGF), probability generating functions (PGF), etc. Some new GFs like Pochhammer generating functions for both rising and falling factorials are introduced in Chapter 2. > Download eBook PDF
Games and Computational Intelligence
Author: Garrison W. Greenwood, Portland State University
Keywords: human cooperation, game models, social dilemmas, prisoner’s dilemma, spatial games, Moran process, economic games
Abstract: Cooperation is pervasive throughout nature, but its origin remains an open question. For decades, social scientists, business leaders, and economists have struggled with an important question: why is cooperation so ubiquitous among unrelated humans? The answers would have profound effects because anything that promotes cooperation leads to more productive work environments and benefits society at large. Game theory provides an ideal framework for studying social dilemmas, or those situations in which people decide whether to cooperate with others (benefitting the group) or defect by prioritizing their self-interest (benefitting only the individual). > Download eBook PDF
Image, Video, and Multimedia Processing
Authors: Liqiang Nie, Meng Liu, Xuemeng Song, Shandong University
Keywords: micro-video understanding, multimodal transductive learning, multimodal cooperative/transfer/sequential learning, popularity prediction, venue category estimation, micro-video recommendation
Abstract: Micro-videos, a new form of user-generated content, have been spreading widely across various social platforms, such as Vine, Kuaishou, and TikTok. Different from traditional long videos, micro-videos are usually recorded by smart mobile devices at any place within a few seconds. Due to their brevity and low bandwidth cost, micro-videos are gaining increasing user enthusiasm. The blossoming of micro-videos opens the door to the possibility of many promising applications, ranging from network content caching to online advertising. > Download eBook PDF
Mathematics and Statistics
Author: Daniel Ashlock, University of Guelph
Keywords: differential calculus, review of algebra, curve sketching, optimization, limits
Abstract: This book reviews the algebraic prerequisites of calculus, including solving equations, lines, quadratics, functions, logarithms, and trig functions. It introduces the derivative using the limit-based definition and covers the standard function library and the product, quotient, and chain rules. > Download eBook PDF
Author: Daniel Ashlock, University of Guelph
Keywords: integral calculus, polynomials, parametric functions, polar functions, vector functions, methods of integration
Abstract: This book introduces integrals, the fundamental theorem of calculus, initial value problems, and Riemann sums. It introduces properties of polynomials, including roots and multiplicity, and uses them as a framework for introducing additional calculus concepts including Newton’s method, L’Hôpital’s Rule, and Rolle’s theorem. > Download eBook PDF
Author: Daniel Ashlock, University of Guelph
Keywords: partial derivatives, multivariate optimization, constrained optimization, volume, arc-length, surface integrals, multiple integrams, series, power series
Abstract: This book continues the material in two early Fast Start calculus volumes to include multivariate calculus, sequences and series, and a variety of additional applications. These include partial derivatives and the optimization techniques that arise from them, including Lagrange multipliers. > Download eBook PDF
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