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1. Multi-modified effects of varying admixtures on the mechanical properties of pervious concrete based on optimum design of gradation and cement-aggregate ratio Dai, Z., Li, H., Zhao, W., (…), Zhou, H., Yang, B. 2020 Construction and Building Materials, 233, art. no. 117178.
2. Profile storage and vertical distribution (0–150 cm) of soil inorganic carbon in croplands in northeast China You, M., Han, X., Hu, N., (…), Doane, T.A., Li, L.-J. 2020 Catena, 185, art. no. 104302.
3. Uniaxial concrete tension damage evolution using acoustic emission monitoring Yue, J.G., Kunnath, S.K., Xiao, Y. 2020 Construction and Building Materials, 232, art. no. 117281.
4. Climate change shifts in habitat suitability and phenology of huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum) Prevéy, J.S., Parker, L.E., Harrington, C.A., Lamb, C.T., Proctor, M.F. 2020 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 280, art. no. 107803.
5. Exploring the profile of antimicrobial resistance genes harboring by bacteriophage in chicken feces Yang, Y., Xie, X., Tang, M., (…), Wang, H., Zhang, A. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 700, art. no. 134446.
6. Excess N2 and denitrification in hyporheic porewaters and groundwaters of the San Joaquin River, California Hinshaw, S.E., Zhang, T., Harrison, J.A., Dahlgren, R.A. 2020 Water Research, 168, art. no. 115161.
7. Load recovery mechanism of arching within piled embankments using discrete element method and small scale tests Badakhshan, E., Noorzad, A., Bouazza, A., (…), Zameni, S., King, L. 2020 Powder Technology, 359, pp. 59-75.
8. Milk fat globules, a novel carrier for delivery of exogenous cholecalciferol Alshehab, M., Reis, M.G., Day, L., Nitin, N. 2019 Food Research International, 126, art. no. 108579.
9. Recent advances in anomalous transport models for predicting contaminants in natural groundwater systems Bolster, D., Roche, K.R., Morales, V.L. 2019 Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 26, pp. 72-80.
10. Energetics of porous amorphous low-k SiOCH dielectric films Chen, J., Calvin, J.J., King, S.W., Woodfield, B.F., Navrotsky, A. 2019 Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 139, art. no. 105885.
11. A lack of “environmental earth data” at the microhabitat scale impacts efforts to control invasive arthropods that vector pathogens Pascoe, E.L., Pareeth, S., Rocchini, D., Marcantonio, M. 2019 Data, 4(4), art. no. 133.
12. Hidden Markov models reveal temporal patterns and sex differences in killer whale behavior Tennessen, J.B., Holt, M.M., Ward, E.J., (…), Giles, D.A., Hogan, J.T. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 14951.
13. Metabolite-related dietary patterns and the development of islet autoimmunity Johnson, R.K., Vanderlinden, L., DeFelice, B.C., (…), Johnson, S.B., Triplett, E. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 14819.
14. Disruptive mutations in TANC2 define a neurodevelopmental syndrome associated with psychiatric disorders Guo, H., Bettella, E., Marcogliese, P.C., (…), Murgia, A., Eichler, E.E. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 4679.
15. Accuracy Assessments of Stochastic and Deterministic Interpolation Methods in Estimating Soil Attributes Spatial Variability Nogueira Martins, R., Ferreira Lima Dos Santos, F., De Moura Araújo, G., De Arruda Viana, L., Fim Rosas, J.T. 2019 Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 50(20), pp. 2570-2578.
16. Responses to selection for yield traits and key diseases among common bean genetic pyramids across locations Okii, D., Badji, A., Odong, T., (…), Gepts, P., Mukankusi, C. 2019 Journal of Crop Improvement, 33(6), pp. 834-854.
17. The conundrum of managing small abdominal aortic aneurysms Mell, M.W. 2019 Journal of Vascular Surgery, 70(5), p. 1383.
18. The tail wags the motor McKenney, R.J. 2019 Nature chemical biology, 15(11), pp. 1033-1034.
19. A publication missing from Lewis M. Terman’s CV? Ralph K. White’s 1931 “The versatility of genius” Simonton, D.K. 2019 History of psychology, 22(4), pp. 372-374.
20. Unexpected Role of CD8 T Cells in Accelerated Clearance of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium from H-2 Congenic mice Labuda, J.C., Depew, C.E., Pham, O.H., (…), Ramirez, N.A., McSorley, S.J. 2019 Infection and immunity, 87(11).
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