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1. Behavioral differences: insights, explanations and comparisons of French and US Twitter usage during elections Davidson, I., Gourru, A., Velcin, J., Wu, Y. 2020 Social Network Analysis and Mining, 10(1), art. no. 6.
2. The bovine Lactoferrin-Osteopontin complex increases proliferation of human intestinal epithelial cells by activating the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway Liu, L., Jiang, R., Liu, J., Lönnerdal, B. 2020 Food Chemistry, 310, art. no. 125919.
3. Connecting activities on Social Network Sites and life satisfaction: A comparison of older and younger users Kim, C., Shen, C. 2020 Computers in Human Behavior, 105, art. no. 106222.
4. Using social interaction trace data and context to predict collaboration quality and creative fluency in collaborative design learning environments Zhou, N., Kisselburgh, L., Chandrasegaran, S., (…), Elmqvist, N., Ramani, K. 2020 International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 136, art. no. 102378.
5. Defining and engineering bioenergy plant feedstock ideotypes Markel, K., Belcher, M.S., Shih, P.M. 2020 Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 62, pp. 196-201.
6. Beyond 100 % renewable: Policy and practical pathways to 24/7 renewable energy procurement Miller, G. 2020 Electricity Journal, 33(2), art. no. 106695.
7. Finding our balance? Revisiting the randomization revolution in development economics ten years further on Barrett, C.B., Carter, M.R. 2020 World Development, 127, art. no. 104789.
8. Effects of chronic intranasal oxytocin on behavior and cerebral glucose uptake in juvenile titi monkeys Arias del Razo, R., Berger, T., Conley, A.J., (…), Witczak, L.R., Bales, K.L. 2020 Psychoneuroendocrinology, 113, art. no. 104494.
9. Exotic herbaceous species interact with severe drought to alter soil N cycling in a semi-arid shrubland Pérez Castro, S., Esch, E.H., Eviner, V.T., Cleland, E.E., Lipson, D.A. 2020 Geoderma, 361, art. no. 114111.
10. The role of the fornix in human navigational learning Hodgetts, C.J., Stefani, M., Williams, A.N., (…), Zhang, J., Graham, K.S. 2020 Cortex, 124, pp. 97-110.
11. Effects of early-arriving pulse-like ground motions on seismic demands in RC frame structures Li, C., Kunnath, S., Zuo, Z., Peng, W., Zhai, C. 2020 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 130, art. no. 105997.
12. Integrating remote sensing data with WRF model for improved 2-m temperature and humidity simulations in China Yan, D., Liu, T., Dong, W., (…), Zheng, Z., Wen, X. 2020 Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, 89, art. no. 101127.
13. A study of periodic operation in bioprocess systems: Internal and external oscillations Zhai, C., Palazoglu, A., Sun, W. 2020 Computers and Chemical Engineering, 133, art. no. 106661.
14. Discussion of “estimating Plastic Strain and Residual Strain Capacity of Earthquake-Damaged Steel Reinforcing Bars” by G. Loporcaro, S. Pampanin, and M. V. Kral Kunnath, S.K. 2020 Journal of Structural Engineering (United States), 146(2), art. no. 07019010.
15. Soil erosion model tested on experimental data of a laboratory flume with a pre-existing rill Aksoy, H., Gedikli, A., Yilmaz, M., (…), Kavvas, M.L., Tayfur, G. 2020 Journal of Hydrology, 581, art. no. 124391.
16. Towards a large-scale locally relevant flood inundation modeling framework using SWAT and LISFLOOD-FP Rajib, A., Liu, Z., Merwade, V., Tavakoly, A.A., Follum, M.L. 2020 Journal of Hydrology, 581, art. no. 124406.
17. Targeting bromodomain protein ANCCA/ATAD2 enhances the efficacy of DNA-damaging chemotherapy agents and radiation Duan, Z., Andrews, N.P., Chen, C.Z., (…), Li, J.-J., Chen, H.-W. 2020 Oncology Reports, 43(1), pp. 318-327.
18. Theater history in 3d: The digital early modern in the age of the interface Bloom, G. 2020 English Literary Renaissance, 50(1), pp. 8-16.
19. Susceptibility of larval zebrafish to the seizurogenic activity of GABA type A receptor antagonists Bandara, S.B., Carty, D.R., Singh, V., (…), Wulff, H., Lein, P.J. 2020 NeuroToxicology, 76, pp. 220-234.
20. Hester pulter’s renaissance Dolan, F.E. 2020 English Literary Renaissance, 50(1), pp. 32-39.
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