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1. Association of change in the neighborhood obesogenic environment with colorectal cancer risk: The Multiethnic Cohort Study Shvetsov, Y.B., Shariff-Marco, S., Yang, J., (…), Wilkens, L.R., Cheng, I. 2020 SSM – Population Health, 10, art. no. 100532.
2. Culturable bacteria resident on lettuce might contribute to accumulation of human noroviruses Liu, D., Zhang, Z., Liao, N., (…), Wu, Q., Wang, D. 2020 International Journal of Food Microbiology, 317, art. no. 108492.
3. Rooting response of Prunus wild relative semi-hardwood cuttings to indole-3-butyric acid potassium salt (KIBA) Johnson, E.P., Preece, J.E., Aradhya, M., Gradziel, T. 2020 Scientia Horticulturae, 263, art. no. 109144.
4. Resolving selenium exposure risk: Spatial, temporal, and tissue-specific variability of an endemic fish in a large, dynamic estuary Stewart, A.R., Feyrer, F., Johnson, R.C. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 707, art. no. 135919.
5. Non-inertial opposition-based particle swarm optimization and its theoretical analysis for deep learning applications Kang, L., Chen, R.-S., Cao, W., Chen, Y.-C. 2020 Applied Soft Computing Journal, 88, art. no. 106038.
6. Objective measures of moderate to vigorous physical activity are associated with higher distal limb bone strength among elderly men Langsetmo, L., Burghardt, A.J., Schousboe, J.T., (…), Orwoll, E.S., Ensrud, K.E. 2020 Bone, 132, art. no. 115198.
7. An open-source instrumentation package for intensive soil hydraulic characterization Concialdi, P., Di Prima, S., Bhanderi, H.M., (…), Angulo-Jaramillo, R., Lassabatere, L. 2020 Journal of Hydrology, 582, art. no. 124492.
8. Precipitation of multiple light elements to power Earth’s early dynamo Mittal, T., Knezek, N., Arveson, S.M., (…), Jones, T.D., Li, J. 2020 Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 532, art. no. 116030.
9. Dietary fructose and dyslipidemia: new mechanisms involving apolipoprotein CIII Hieronimus, B., Stanhope, K.L. 2020 Current opinion in lipidology, 31(1), pp. 20-26.
10. Intrinsic charm production of doubly charmed baryons: Collider vs. fixed-target Vogt, R., Brodsky, S.J. 2020 Science China: Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy, 63(2), art. no. 221066.
11. Galectin-3 Coordinates a Cellular System for Lysosomal Repair and Removal Jia, J., Claude-Taupin, A., Gu, Y., (…), Reggiori, F., Deretic, V. 2020 Developmental Cell, 52(1), pp. 69-87.e8.
12. Spectroscopic confirmation of a mature galaxy cluster at a redshift of 2 Willis, J.P., Canning, R.E.A., Noordeh, E.S., (…), Stanford, S.A., Brammer, G. 2020 Nature, 577(7788), pp. 39-41.
13. Complete Sequence of the 22q11.2 Allele in 1,053 Subjects with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Reveals Modifiers of Conotruncal Heart Defects Zhao, Y., Diacou, A., Johnston, H.R., (…), Wang, T., Morrow, B.E. 2020 American Journal of Human Genetics, 106(1), pp. 26-40.
14. Risk of tuberculosis with anti-tumor necrosis factor-alpha therapy in patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in Indian population Sarkar, S., Panda, S., Kim, B., (…), Ghosh, A., Raychaudhuri, S.P. 2020 Indian journal of dermatology, venereology and leprology, 86(1), pp. 1-7.
15. Noticing for Equity to Sustain Multilingual Literacies Patterson Williams, A.D., Higgs, J.M., Athanases, S.Z. 2020 Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 63(4), pp. 457-461.
16. Mifepristone Antagonization With Progesterone to Prevent Medical Abortion: A Randomized Controlled Trial Creinin, M.D., Hou, M.Y., Dalton, L., Steward, R., Chen, M.J. 2020 Obstetrics and gynecology, 135(1), pp. 158-165.
17. Pancreatic trauma Jurkovich, G.J. 2020 The journal of trauma and acute care surgery, 88(1), pp. 19-24.
18. Utility of intraprocedural contrast-enhanced CT in ablation of renal masses Grewal, A., Khera, S.S., McGahan, J.P., (…), Dall’Era, M.A., Evans, C.P. 2020 American Journal of Roentgenology, 214(1), pp. 122-128.
19. Critical Race Theory, Parenting, and Intimate Partner Violence: Analyzing Race and Gender Cannon, C., Ferreira, R.J., Buttell, F. 2020 Research on Social Work Practice, 30(1), pp. 122-134.
20. PacBio single-molecule long-read sequencing shed new light on the transcripts and splice isoforms of the perennial ryegrass Xie, L., Teng, K., Tan, P., (…), Guo, W., Han, L. 2020 Molecular Genetics and Genomics.
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