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1. Linoleic acid–good or bad for the brain? Taha, A.Y. 2020 npj Science of Food, 4(1), art. no. 1.
2. Electrospun CNT embedded ZnO nanofiber based biosensor for electrochemical detection of Atrazine: a step closure to single molecule detection Supraja, P., Singh, V., Vanjari, S.R.K., Govind Singh, S. 2020 Microsystems and Nanoengineering, 6(1), art. no. 3.
3. Low cost satellite constellations for nearly continuous global coverage Singh, L.A., Whittecar, W.R., DiPrinzio, M.D., (…), Ferringer, M.P., Reed, P.M. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 200.
4. Plant metabolism of nematode pheromones mediates plant-nematode interactions Manohar, M., Tenjo-Castano, F., Chen, S., (…), Klessig, D.F., Schroeder, F.C. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 208.
5. Assisted reproduction mediated resurrection of a feline model for Chediak-Higashi syndrome caused by a large duplication in LYST Buckley, R.M., Grahn, R.A., Gandolfi, B., (…), Prieur, D.J., Lyons, L.A. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 64.
6. Fungal community assembly in drought-stressed sorghum shows stochasticity, selection, and universal ecological dynamics Gao, C., Montoya, L., Xu, L., (…), Lemaux, P.G., Taylor, J.W. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 34.
7. Bushmeat hunting and trade in Myanmar’s central teak forests: Threats to biodiversity and human livelihoods Smiley Evans, T., Myat, T.W., Aung, P., (…), Thu, H.M., Johnson, C.K. 2020 Global Ecology and Conservation, 22, art. no. e00889.
8. A novel calcium-based magnetic biochar is effective in stabilization of arsenic and cadmium co-contamination in aerobic soils Wu, J., Li, Z., Huang, D., (…), Parikh, S.J., Xu, J. 2020 Journal of Hazardous Materials, 387, art. no. 122010.
9. Effective moisture diffusivity and drying simulation of walnuts under hot air Chen, C., Venkitasamy, C., Zhang, W., (…), Upadhyaya, S., Pan, Z. 2020 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 150, art. no. 119283.
10. Fragile X syndrome and associated disorders: Clinical aspects and pathology Salcedo-Arellano, M.J., Dufour, B., McLennan, Y., Martinez-Cerdeno, V., Hagerman, R. 2020 Neurobiology of Disease, 136, art. no. 104740.
11. Controller redesign for delay margin improvement Gündeş, A.N., Özbay, H. 2020 Automatica, 113, art. no. 108790.
12. Valorization of humin as a glucose derivative to fabricate a porous carbon catalyst for esterification and hydroxyalkylation/alkylation Yang, J., Niu, X., Wu, H., (…), Ao, Z., Zhang, S. 2020 Waste Management, 103, pp. 407-415.
13. Heat stress impairs in vitro development of preantral follicles of cattle Aguiar, L.H.D., Hyde, K.A., Pedroza, G.H., Denicol, A.C. 2020 Animal Reproduction Science, 213, art. no. 106277.
14. Defending a Leopoldian basis for biodiversity: a response to Newman, Varner, and Linquist Millstein, R.L. 2020 Biology and Philosophy, 35(1), art. no. 12.
15. Are young adults car-loving urbanites? Comparing young and older adults’ residential location choice, travel behavior and attitudes De Vos, J., Alemi, F. 2020 Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 132, pp. 986-998.
16. Polyhedral finite elements for nonlinear solid mechanics using tetrahedral subdivisions and dual-cell aggregation Bishop, J.E., Sukumar, N. 2020 Computer Aided Geometric Design, 77, art. no. 101812.
17. Roles, Responsibilities, and Value of a Vice Chair of Education in Academic Pediatric Departments McBride, A., Li, S.-T.T., Turner, T.L., Vinci, R.J. 2020 Journal of Pediatrics, 217, pp. 4-6.e1.
18. Influence of Student Loan Debt on General Surgery Resident Career and Lifestyle Decision-Making Gray, K., Kaji, A.H., Wolfe, M., (…), Poola, V.P., Dent, D. 2020 Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 230(2), pp. 173-181.
19. Association Between Central Blood Pressure and Subclinical Cerebrovascular Disease in Older Adults Matsumoto, K., Jin, Z., Homma, S., (…), Sacco, R.L., Di Tullio, M.R. 2020 Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979), 75(2), pp. 580-587.
20. Stable isotope evidence of diet breadth expansion and regional dietary variation among Middle-to-Late Holocene Hunter-Gatherers of Central California Bartelink, E.J., Beasley, M.M., Eerkens, J.W., (…), Wiberg, R.S., Garibay, R. 2020 Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 29, art. no. 102182.
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