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1. Abundance of conserved CRISPR-Cas9 target sites within the highly polymorphic genomes of Anopheles and Aedes mosquitoes Schmidt, H., Collier, T.C., Hanemaaijer, M.J., (…), Lee, Y., Lanzaro, G.C. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 1425.
2. Integrative analysis of gut microbiome and metabolites revealed novel mechanisms of intestinal Salmonella carriage in chicken Mon, K.K.Z., Zhu, Y., Chanthavixay, G., Kern, C., Zhou, H. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 4809.
3. It’s Trump’s Party and I’ll Cry if i Want to Rapoport, R.B., Reilly, J., Stone, W.J. 2020 Forum (Germany), 17(4), pp. 693-709.
4. Correlation-based network analysis combined with machine learning techniques highlight the role of the GABA shunt in Brachypodium sylvaticum freezing tolerance Toubiana, D., Sade, N., Liu, L., (…), Vogel, J.P., Blumwald, E. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 4489.
5. Pathway and kinetics of malachite green biodegradation by Pseudomonas veronii Song, J., Han, G., Wang, Y., (…), Ruan, Z., Mu, Y. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 4502.
6. Cholesteryl α-D-glucoside 6-acyltransferase enhances the adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to gastric epithelium Jan, H.-M., Chen, Y.-C., Yang, T.-C., (…), Mong, K.-K.T., Lin, C.-H. 2020 Communications Biology, 3(1), art. no. 120.
7. A roadmap for research in octoploid strawberry Whitaker, V.M., Knapp, S.J., Hardigan, M.A., (…), Barbey, C.R., Verma, S. 2020 Horticulture Research, 7(1), art. no. 33.
8. Light-driven antimicrobial activities of vitamin K3 against Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella Enteritidis Sheng, L., Zhang, Z., Sun, G., Wang, L. 2020 Food Control, 114, art. no. 107235.
9. Exploring fruit’s role in dessert: The Dessert Flip and its impact on university student acceptance and food waste Kurzer, A., Wiriyaphanich, T., Cienfuegos, C., Spang, E., Guinard, J.-X. 2020 Food Quality and Preference, 83, art. no. 103917.
10. Phenotypic and molecular characterization of fenhexamid resistance in Botrytis cinerea isolates collected from pistachio orchards and grape vineyards in California Avenot, H.F., Morgan, D.P., Quattrini, J., Michailides, T.J. 2020 Crop Protection, 133, art. no. 105133.
11. Viral vitriol: Predictors and contagion of online toxicity in World of Tanks Shen, C., Sun, Q., Kim, T., (…), Ratan, R., Williams, D. 2020 Computers in Human Behavior, 108, art. no. 106343.
12. The 9-point hedonic scale: Using R-Index Preference Measurement to compute effect size and eliminate artifactual ties Xia, Y., Song, J., Zhong, F., Halim, J., O’Mahony, M. 2020 Food Research International, 133, art. no. 109140.
13. Surface modification induced cuprous oxide nanoparticle toxicity to duckweed at sub-toxic metal concentrations Rippner, D.A., Lien, J., Balla, H., (…), Young, T.M., Parikh, S.J. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 722, art. no. 137607.
14. Intensive fertilizer use increases orchard N cycling and lowers net global warming potential Khalsa, S.D.S., Smart, D.R., Muhammad, S., (…), Houlton, B.Z., Brown, P.H. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 722, art. no. 137889.
15. Planning for groundwater sustainability accounting for uncertainty and costs: An application to California’s Central Valley Escriva-Bou, A., Hui, R., Maples, S., (…), Harter, T., Lund, J.R. 2020 Journal of Environmental Management, 264, art. no. 110426.
16. A quasilinear complexity algorithm for the numerical simulation of scattering from a two-dimensional radially symmetric potential Bremer, J. 2020 Journal of Computational Physics, 410, art. no. 109401.
17. A hydrologic feature detection algorithm to quantify seasonal components of flow regimes Patterson, N.K., Lane, B.A., Sandoval-Solis, S., (…), Yarnell, S.M., Qiu, Y. 2020 Journal of Hydrology, 585, art. no. 124787.
18. Disentangling individual and neighborhood differences in the intention to quit smoking in Asian American male smokers Vyas, P., Tsoh, J.Y., Gildengorin, G., (…), Burke, N.J., McPhee, S.J. 2020 Preventive Medicine Reports, 18, art. no. 101064.
19. Complete genome analysis of Glutamicibacter creatinolyticus from mare abscess and comparative genomics provide insight of diversity and adaptation for Glutamicibacter Santos, R.G., Hurtado, R., Gomes, L.G.R., (…), Seyffert, N., Azevedo, V. 2020 Gene, 741, art. no. 144566.
20. Arginase inhibitor, Nω-hydroxy-L-norarginine, spontaneously releases biologically active NO-like molecule: Limitations for research applications Momma, T.Y., Ottaviani, J.I. 2020 Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 152, pp. 74-82.
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