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1. Identity and function of an essential nitrogen ligand of the nitrogenase cofactor biosynthesis protein NifB Rettberg, L.A., Wilcoxen, J., Jasniewski, A.J., (…), Britt, R.D., Ribbe, M.W. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 1757.
2. Practice, Practice, Practice! Effect of Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta Volume on Outcomes: Data From the AAST AORTA Registry Theodorou, C.M., Anderson, J.E., Brenner, M., (…), DuBose, J.J., Galante, J.M. 2020 Journal of Surgical Research, 253, pp. 18-25.
3. Theoretical risk of genetic reassortment should not impede development of live, attenuated Rift Valley fever (RVF) vaccines commentary on the draft WHO RVF Target Product Profile Monath, T.P., Kortekaas, J., Watts, D.M., (…), Bird, B.H., Bettinger, G. 2020 Vaccine: X, 5, art. no. 100060.
4. Effects of artificial light at night on the foraging behavior of an endangered nocturnal mammal Shier, D.M., Bird, A.K., Wang, T.B. 2020 Environmental Pollution, 263, art. no. 114566.
5. A method for energy modeling and simulation implementation of machine tools of selective laser melting Yi, L., Glatt, M., Thomas Kuo, T.-Y., (…), Ravani, B., Aurich, J.C. 2020 Journal of Cleaner Production, 263, art. no. 121282.
6. Ordered matrix representation supporting the visual analysis of associated data Chen, Y., Lv, C., Li, Y., Chen, W., Ma, K.-L. 2020 Science China Information Sciences, 63(8), art. no. 184101.
7. Histopathological assessment of seven year-classes of Delta Smelt Teh, S.J., Schultz, A.A., Duarte, W.R., (…), Garcia, P.A.T., Hammock, B.G. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 726, art. no. 138333.
8. Detecting infiltrated water and preferential flow pathways through time-lapse ground-penetrating radar surveys Di Prima, S., Winiarski, T., Angulo-Jaramillo, R., (…), Biddoccu, M., Lassabatere, L. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 726, art. no. 138511.
9. Thermoresponsive, hollow, degradable core-shell nanoparticles for intra-articular delivery of anti-inflammatory peptide Deloney, M., Smart, K., Christiansen, B.A., Panitch, A. 2020 Journal of Controlled Release, 323, pp. 47-58.
10. Girdling of table grapes at fruit set can divert the phenylpropanoid pathway towards accumulation of proanthocyanidins and change the volatile composition Tyagi, K., Maoz, I., Lewinsohn, E., (…), Ebeler, S.E., Lichter, A. 2020 Plant Science, 296, art. no. 110495.
11. Thermochemistry of rare earth oxyhydroxides, REOOH (RE = Eu to Lu) Yang, S., Powell, M., Kolis, J.W., Navrotsky, A. 2020 Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 287, art. no. 121344.
12. A tectono-stratigraphic review of continental breakup on intraplate continental margins and its impact on resultant hydrocarbon systems Alves, T., Fetter, M., Busby, C., (…), Cunha, T.A., Mattos, N.H. 2020 Marine and Petroleum Geology, 117, art. no. 104341.
13. Differences in Incidence and Case Fatality of Abusive Head Trauma Nuño, M., Shelley, C.D., Ugiliweneza, B., Schmidt, A.J., Magaña, J.N. 2020 Child Abuse and Neglect, 104, art. no. 104488.
14. Real-time robotic weed knife control system for tomato and lettuce based on geometric appearance of plant labels Raja, R., Nguyen, T.T., Slaughter, D.C., Fennimore, S.A. 2020 Biosystems Engineering, 194, pp. 152-164.
15. Spontaneous pubic symphysis disruption and concomitant bladder rupture during competitive squatting: A case report Shieh, A.K., Saiz, A.M., Hallare, D.A. 2020 Trauma Case Reports, 27, art. no. 100299.
16. Distributed physiology and the molecular basis of social life in eusocial insects Friedman, D.A., Johnson, B.R., Linksvayer, T.A. 2020 Hormones and Behavior, 122, art. no. 104757.
17. Energetic insights into the crystallization of lanthanum carbonate amorphous precursors Koryttseva, A., Navrotsky, A. 2020 Thermochimica Acta, 688, art. no. 178605.
18. Impacts of directed evolution and soil management legacy on the maize rhizobiome Schmidt, J.E., Mazza Rodrigues, J.L., Brisson, V.L., Kent, A., Gaudin, A.C.M. 2020 Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 145, art. no. 107794.
19. Identification of mosquito bloodmeals collected in diverse habitats in Malaysian borneo using COI barcoding Young, K.I., Medwid, J.T., Azar, S.R., (…), Perera, D., Hanley, K.A. 2020 Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, 5(2), art. no. 51.
20. Evidence of metabolic compartmentation in the bovine placenta and significance for the regulation of placental function and fetal growth in pregnancies bearing in vivo- or in vitro-produced embryos Ticiani, E., Rodrigues, V.H.V., Willhelm, B.R., (…), Rodrigues, J.L., Bertolini, M. 2020 Livestock Science, 236, art. no. 104024.
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