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Wiley and ResearchGate announce cooperation agreement to enhance research collaboration – 

Wiley, a global leader in research and education, and ResearchGate, the largest professional network for researchers, has announced a cooperation agreement to explore ways in which Wiley and ResearchGate can collaborate to better support the needs of researchers through ResearchGate’s collaboration platform.… Read More

EBSCO Information Services and Mygrator partner to support libraries adopting the FOLIO LSP – 

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and Mygrator have partnered to support libraries adopting the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP). EBSCO and Mygrator will work together to provide reliable hosting and support services locally. Founded in 2020, Mygrator was formed to meet the FOLIO demand in the… Read More

Leading standards organisations, AENOR and ASTM International, sign technology deal – 

Two of the world’s leading standards organisations, AENOR and ASTM International, have signed a commercial technology agreement that aims to expand the reach of their respective standards and related technical documents. The signing took place in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (USA), at the global headquarters of… Read More

ACM calls for transparency, interoperability, privacy, and scrutiny in COVID contact tracing – 

The ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee (Europe TPC) of the world’s largest society of computing professionals, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), has released detailed principles and practices for the development and deployment of ‘contact tracing’ technology intended to track and arrest the spread of COVID-19.… Read More

Research Square and Dimensions partner to provide citation data on preprints – 

The preprint platform Research Square has partnered with Dimensions to provide early citation data on preprints. The Dimensions Badge will now display on all Research Square preprints that have been cited and will provide four different types of data: the total citations,… Read More

Only 10% of global research output relates to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, says new Digital Science report – 

Technology company Digital Science has released a report highlighting the growth in research around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report Contextualising Sustainable Development Research, which was produced by Digital Science’s Consultancy Group, looks at the state of the world’s… Read More

More open access for CERN authors with a new agreement with IOPP – 

CERN has signed a ‘publish and read’ agreement with IOP Publishing (IOPP) to make open-access (OA) share in scientific information gain more ground in 2020. All research articles by corresponding authors with a primary or secondary affiliation to CERN, including articles… Read More

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