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1. Repeated evolution of durophagy during ichthyosaur radiation after mass extinction indicated by hidden dentition Huang, J.-D., Motani, R., Jiang, D.-Y., (…), Hu, Y.-C., Zhang, R. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 7798.
2. Non-destructive ZooMS identification reveals strategic bone tool raw material selection by Neandertals Martisius, N.L., Welker, F., Dogandžić, T., (…), Soressi, M., Steele, T.E. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 7746.
3. First report on quality and purity evaluations of avocado oil sold in the US Green, H.S., Wang, S.C. 2020 Food Control, 116, art. no. 107328.
4. Use of viruses for interrogating viscera-specific projections in central nervous system Fan, L., Xiang, B., Xiong, J., He, Z., Xiang, H. 2020 Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 341, art. no. 108757.
5. Mechanical Properties and Performance under Laboratory and Field Conditions of a Lightweight Fluorogypsum-Based Blend for Economic Artificial-Reef Construction Bigdeli, Y., Barbato, M., Lofton, C.D., Gutierrez-Wing, M.T., Rusch, K.A. 2020 Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 32(7), art. no. 04020172.
6. Single cell-based fluorescence lifetime imaging of intracellular oxygenation and metabolism Penjweini, R., Roarke, B., Alspaugh, G., (…), Sackett, D.L., Knutson, J.R. 2020 Redox Biology, 34, art. no. 101549.
7. GABAARα2 is Decreased in the Axon Initial Segment of Pyramidal Cells in Specific Areas of the Prefrontal Cortex in Autism Hong, T., Falcone, C., Dufour, B., (…), Noctor, S.C., Martínez-Cerdeño, V. 2020 Neuroscience, 437, pp. 76-86.
8. Pericardial rupture leading to cardiac herniation after blunt trauma Guenther, T., Rinderknecht, T., Phan, H., Wozniak, C., Rodriquez, V. 2020 Trauma Case Reports, 27, art. no. 100309.
9. Men With Intellectual Disabilities Who Have Offended Sexually Blasingame, G.D., York, J.R. 2020 Current psychiatry reports, 22(6), p. 29.
10. Molecular Mechanisms of Non-ionotropic NMDA Receptor Signaling in Dendritic Spine Shrinkage Stein, I.S., Park, D.K., Flores, J.C., Jahncke, J.N., Zito, K. 2020 The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 40(19), pp. 3741-3750.
11. Pathologist Opinions about EPIC Beaker AP: a Multi-Institutional Survey of Early Adopters VanSandt, M., Turner, K., Dash, R., (…), Hart, S., Raess, P.W. 2020 Journal of medical systems, 44(6), p. 111.
12. Signaling in and out: Long-noncoding RNAs in tumor hypoxia Kuo, T.-C., Kung, H.-J., Shih, J.-W. 2020 Journal of Biomedical Science, 27(1), art. no. 59.
13. Application of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry and a Theoretical Model to the Quantification of Multifunctional Carbonyls and Organic Acids in e-Cigarette Aerosol Li, Y., Burns, A.E., Burke, G.J.P., (…), Pinkerton, K.E., Nguyen, T.B. 2020 Environmental science & technology, 54(9), pp. 5640-5650.
14. Morphology of Shear-Induced Colloidal Aggregates in Porous Media: Consequences for Transport, Deposition, and Re-entrainment Perez, A.J., Patiño, J.E., Soos, M., Morales, V.L. 2020 Environmental science & technology, 54(9), pp. 5813-5821.
15. Erratum: Author Correction: CRISPR/Cas9 microinjection in oocytes disables pancreas development in sheep (Scientific reports (2017) 7 1 (17472)) Vilarino, M., Rashid, S.T., Suchy, F.P., (…), Nakauchi, H., Ross, P.J. 2020 Scientific reports, 10(1), p. 7500.
16. Diazotrophs Show Signs of Restoration in Amazon Rain Forest Soils with Ecosystem Rehabilitation Mirza, B.S., McGlinn, D.J., Bohannan, B.J.M., (…), Tiedje, J.M., Rodrigues, J.L.M. 2020 Applied and environmental microbiology, 86(10).
17. Individual and joint trajectories of change in bone, lean mass and physical performance in older men Cawthon, P.M., Parimi, N., Langsetmo, L., (…), Drieling, R., Orwoll, E.S. 2020 BMC geriatrics, 20(1), p. 161.
18. MYCs and PIFs Act Independently in Arabidopsis Growth Regulation Li, C., Nozue, K., Maloof, J.N. 2020 G3 (Bethesda, Md.), 10(5), pp. 1797-1807.
19. Child Overweight or Obesity Is Associated with Modifiable and Geographic Factors in Vietnam: Implications for Program Design and Targeting Beal, T., Le, T.D., Trinh, H.T., (…), Haan, S., Jones, A.D. 2020 Nutrients, 12(5).
20. The emergence of a sustainable tobacco treatment program across the cancer care continuum: A systems approach for implementation at the university of california davis comprehensive cancer center Tong, E.K., Wolf, T., Cooke, D.T., Fairman, N., Chen, M.S. 2020 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(9), art. no. 3241.
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