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1. The role of nicotinic cholinergic neurotransmission in delusional thinking Caton, M., Ochoa, E.L.M., Barrantes, F.J. 2020 npj Schizophrenia, 6(1), art. no. 16.
2. An iron (II) dependent oxygenase performs the last missing step of plant lysine catabolism Thompson, M.G., Blake-Hedges, J.M., Pereira, J.H., (…), Adams, P.D., Keasling, J.D. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 2931.
3. Long-term evaluation of bioaugmentation to alleviate ammonia inhibition during anaerobic digestion: Process monitoring, microbial community response, and methanogenic pathway modeling Yang, Z., Sun, H., Zhao, Q., (…), Liu, G., Wang, W. 2020 Chemical Engineering Journal, 399, art. no. 125765.
4. Paired associated magnetic stimulation promotes neural repair in the rat middle cerebral artery occlusion model of stroke Gao, B.-Y., Sun, C.-C., Xia, G.-H., (…), Xu, D.-S., Bai, Y.-L. 2020 Neural Regeneration Research, 15(11), pp. 2047-2056.
5. Fabrication of robust functional poly-cationic nanodots on surfaces of nucleophilic nanofibrous membrane Tang, P., Zhang, M., Robinson, H., Sun, G. 2020 Applied Surface Science, 528, art. no. 146587.
6. Coupling hydroclimate-hydraulic-sedimentation models to estimate flood inundation and sediment transport during extreme flood events under a changing climate Tu, T., Ercan, A., Carr, K.J., (…), Nosacka, J., Brown, K. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 740, art. no. 140117.
7. Cadmium sulfide nanoparticles-assisted intimate coupling of microbial and photoelectrochemical processes: Mechanisms and environmental applications Dong, G., Wang, H., Yan, Z., (…), Zhang, M., Chen, Z. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 740, art. no. 140080.
8. A stakeholder-based decision support system to manage water resources Ahmadi, A., Kerachian, R., Skardi, M.J.E., Abdolhay, A. 2020 Journal of Hydrology, 589, art. no. 125138.
9. Innovative breeding technologies in lettuce for improved post-harvest quality Damerum, A., Chapman, M.A., Taylor, G. 2020 Postharvest Biology and Technology, 168, art. no. 111266.
10. Evaluation of nitrogen loss reduction strategies using DRAINMOD-DSSAT in east-central Illinois Singh, S., Bhattarai, R., Negm, L.M., Youssef, M.A., Pittelkow, C.M. 2020 Agricultural Water Management, 240, art. no. 106322.
11. Risk assessment of cardiotoxicity to zebrafish (Danio rerio) by environmental exposure to triclosan and its derivatives Wang, D., Zhang, Y., Li, J., (…), Huang, H., Wang, H. 2020 Environmental Pollution, 265, art. no. 114995.
12. Estimating the macroscopic capillary length from Beerkan infiltration experiments and its impact on saturated soil hydraulic conductivity predictions Di Prima, S., Stewart, R.D., Castellini, M., (…), Angulo-Jaramillo, R., Lassabatere, L. 2020 Journal of Hydrology, 589, art. no. 125159.
13. Understanding the pathways from biodiversity to agro-ecological outcomes: A new, interactive approach González-Chang, M., Wratten, S.D., Shields, M.W., (…), Walker, M., Zhou, W. 2020 Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 301, art. no. 107053.
14. Structure and Rheology of Se-I Glasses and Supercooled Liquids Yuan, B., Aitken, B., Sen, S. 2020 Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 544, art. no. 120106.
15. Chemical order in binary Se-Te glasses: Results from high-resolution 2D 77Se and 125Te MATPASS NMR spectroscopy Yuan, B., Hung, I., Gan, Z., Sen, S. 2020 Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 544, art. no. 120212.
16. Autonomic nervous system activity predicts increasing serum cytokines in children Alen, N.V., Deer, L.K., Hostinar, C.E. 2020 Psychoneuroendocrinology, 119, art. no. 104745.
17. In the eye of the beholder: Cross-pollination between art-infused products and retail spaces Kim, P., Deng, X., Unnava, R. 2020 Journal of Business Research, 117, pp. 302-311.
18. Effects of heavy metal pollution on germination and early seedling growth in native and invasive Spartina cordgrasses Infante-Izquierdo, M.D., Polo-Ávila, A., Sanjosé, I., (…), Grewell, B.J., Muñoz-Rodríguez, A.F. 2020 Marine Pollution Bulletin, 158, art. no. 111376.
19. Whole mitochondrial genome of long-clawed mole vole (Prometheomys schaposchnikowi) from Turkey, with its phylogenetic relationships İbiş, O., Selçuk, A.Y., Sacks, B.N., (…), Kefelioğlu, H., Tez, C. 2020 Genomics, 112(5), pp. 3247-3255.
20. Toughening magnesium with gradient twin meshes Wang, X., Jiang, L., Cooper, C., (…), Lavernia, E.J., Schoenung, J.M. 2020 Acta Materialia, 195, pp. 468-481.
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