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1. Approximation of monotone clothoid segments by degree 7 Pythagorean–hodograph curves Farouki, R.T., Pelosi, F., Sampoli, M.L. 2021 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 382, art. no. 113110.
2. Vineyard site impact on the elemental composition of Pinot noir wines Grainger, C., Yeh, A., Byer, S., (…), Lima, M.M.M., Runnebaum, R.C. 2021 Food Chemistry, 334, art. no. 127386.
3. Modification and extension of anaerobic digestion model No.1 (ADM1) for syngas biomethanation simulation: From lab-scale to pilot-scale Sun, H., Yang, Z., Zhao, Q., (…), Liu, G., Wang, W. 2021 Chemical Engineering Journal, 403, art. no. 126177.
4. Foot injury survival in red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) Loeher, M.M., Moore, J.D. 2020 Aquaculture, 529, art. no. 735734.
5. An osmolality/salinity-responsive enhancer 1 (OSRE1) in intron 1 promotes salinity induction of tilapia glutamine synthetase Kim, C., Kültz, D. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 12103.
6. Structure and distribution of chalky deposits in the Pacific oyster using x-ray computed tomography (CT) Banker, R.M.W., Sumner, D.Y. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 12118.
7. Multi-group analysis using generalized additive kernel canonical correlation analysis Bae, E., Hur, J.-W., Kim, J., (…), Lee, S.-H., Lim, C.Y. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 12624.
8. Chemical characterization and source identification of submicron aerosols from a year-long real-time observation at a rural site of Shanghai using an Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor Zhao, Q., Huo, J., Yang, X., (…), Lin, Y., Zhang, Q. 2020 Atmospheric Research, 246, art. no. 105154.
9. Simultaneous FDG-PET/MRI detects hippocampal subfield metabolic differences in AD/MCI Carlson, M.L., DiGiacomo, P.S., Fan, A.P., (…), James, M.L., Zeineh, M.M. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 12064.
10. Injection of seminal fluid into the hemocoel of honey bee queens (Apis mellifera) can stimulate post-mating changes Jasper, W.C., Brutscher, L.M., Grozinger, C.M., Niño, E.L. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 11990.
11. Novel application of an automated-machine learning development tool for predicting burn sepsis: proof of concept Tran, N.K., Albahra, S., Pham, T.N., (…), Wajda, J., Rashidi, H.H. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 12354.
12. PDZD8 interacts with Protrudin and Rab7 at ER-late endosome membrane contact sites associated with mitochondria Elbaz-Alon, Y., Guo, Y., Segev, N., (…), Li, D., Nunnari, J. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 3645.
13. Genome-wide association study of cognitive function in diverse Hispanics/Latinos: results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos Jian, X., Sofer, T., Tarraf, W., (…), González, H.M., Fornage, M. 2020 Translational Psychiatry, 10(1), art. no. 245.
14. Landscape of somatic single nucleotide variants and indels in colorectal cancer and impact on survival Zaidi, S.H., Harrison, T.A., Phipps, A.I., (…), Hudson, T.J., Peters, U. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 3644.
15. A telescope GWAS analysis strategy, based on SNPs-genes-pathways ensamble and on multivariate algorithms, to characterize late onset Alzheimer’s disease Squillario, M., Abate, G., Tomasi, F., (…), Raj, B.A., Fargher, K. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 12063.
16. Influences of feedstock sources and pyrolysis temperature on the properties of biochar and functionality as adsorbents: A meta-analysis Hassan, M., Liu, Y., Naidu, R., (…), Qi, F., Willett, I.R. 2020 Science of the Total Environment, 744, art. no. 140714.
17. Two expressions of the transition from mafic cumulates to granitoids in the Bushveld Complex, South Africa: Examples from the western and eastern limbs Skursch, O., Tegner, C., Lesher, C.E., Cawthorn, R.G. 2020 Lithos, 372-373, art. no. 105671.
18. Reinvestigation of the intrinsic magnetic properties of (Fe1-xCox)2B alloys and crystallization behavior of ribbons Lamichhane, T.N., Palasyuk, O., Antropov, V.P., (…), Canfield, P.C., Taufour, V. 2020 Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 513, art. no. 167214.
19. A nephrotoxicity-free, iron-based contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging of tumors Xue, X., Bo, R., Qu, H., (…), Louie, A.Y., Li, Y. 2020 Biomaterials, 257, art. no. 120234.
20. Peripheral soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibition reduces hypernociception and inflammation in albumin-induced arthritis in temporomandibular joint of rats Teixeira, J.M., Abdalla, H.B., Basting, R.T., (…), Napimoga, M.H., Clemente-Napimoga, J.T. 2020 International Immunopharmacology, 87, art. no. 106841.
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