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1. An Experimentally Validated Model of a Cross-Flow Sub-Wet Bulb Evaporative Chiller Yang, Y., Narayanan, V., Pistochini, T., Ross, D. 2021 Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 13(2), art. no. 021006.
2. Protein-starch matrix plays a key role in enzymic digestion of high-amylose wheat noodle Li, H.-T., Li, Z., Fox, G.P., Gidley, M.J., Dhital, S. 2021 Food Chemistry, 336, art. no. 127719.
3. Metoclopramide induces preparturient, low-level hyperprolactinemia to increase milk production in primiparous sows Mathews, A.T., Banks, C.M., Trott, J.F., (…), Pendergast, I.I., Hovey, R.C. 2021 Domestic Animal Endocrinology, 74, art. no. 106517.
4. Evaluating Sustainable Vehicle Technologies for Freight Transportation Using Spherical Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS Jaller, M., Otay, I. 2021 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 1197 AISC, pp. 118-126.
5. A hybrid deep transfer learning model with machine learning methods for face mask detection in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic Loey, M., Manogaran, G., Taha, M.H.N., Khalifa, N.E.M. 2021 Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, 167, art. no. 108288.
6. Molecular memory of Flavescence dorée phytoplasma in recovering grapevines Pagliarani, C., Gambino, G., Ferrandino, A., (…), Marzachì, C., Schubert, A. 2020 Horticulture Research, 7(1), art. no. 126.
7. Microwave-assisted hot air convective drying of whole cranberries subjected to various initial treatments Staniszewska, I., Liu, Z.-L., Zhou, Y., (…), Pan, Z., Zielinska, M. 2020 LWT, 133, art. no. 109906.
8. Development of mathematical models to predict enteric methane emission by cattle in Latin America Benaouda, M., González-Ronquillo, M., Appuhamy, J.A.D.R.N., (…), Ángeles-Hernández, J.C., Castelán-Ortega, O.A. 2020 Livestock Science, 241, art. no. 104177.
9. Assessment of streamflow components and hydrologic transit times using stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in waters of a subtropical watershed in eastern China Hu, M., Zhang, Y., Wu, K., (…), Dahlgren, R.A., Chen, D. 2020 Journal of Hydrology, 589, art. no. 125363.
10. Disentangling the biotic and abiotic drivers of emergent migratory behavior using individual-based models Dodson, S., Abrahms, B., Bograd, S.J., Fiechter, J., Hazen, E.L. 2020 Ecological Modelling, 432, art. no. 109225.
11. Energy-aware trajectory optimization of CAV platoons through a signalized intersection Han, X., Ma, R., Zhang, H.M. 2020 Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 118, art. no. 102652.
12. Direct and high-throughput assays for human cell killing through trogocytosis by Entamoeba histolytica Bettadapur, A., Ralston, K.S. 2020 Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 239, art. no. 111301.
13. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of clodronate disodium evaluated in plasma, synovial fluid and urine Krueger, C.R., Mitchell, C.F., Leise, B.S., Knych, H.K. 2020 Equine Veterinary Journal, 52(5), pp. 725-732.
14. Zone 3 REBOA does not provide hemodynamic benefits during nontraumatic cardiac arrest Nowadly, C.D., Hoareau, G.L., Grayson, J.K., Johnson, M.A. 2020 American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 38(9), pp. 1915-1920.
15. Data and policy decisions: Experimental evidence from Pakistan Callen, M., Gulzar, S., Hasanain, A., Khan, M.Y., Rezaee, A. 2020 Journal of Development Economics, 146, art. no. 102523.
16. Resolution of neurologic signs presumed to be associated with hyperammonemia in 2 endurance horses Fielding, C.L., Magdesian, K.G., Mayer, J.R. 2020 The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne, 61(8), pp. 860-864.
17. Investigation of the maturity changes of cherry tomato using magnetic resonance imaging Baek, S., Lim, J., Lee, J.G., McCarthy, M.J., Kim, S.M. 2020 Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 10(15), art. no. 5188.
18. Transcriptome analysis of pistacia vera inflorescence buds in bearing and non-bearing shoots reveals the molecular mechanism causing premature flower bud abscission Benny, J., Marra, F.P., Giovino, A., (…), Martinelli, F., Marchese, A. 2020 Genes, 11(8), art. no. 851, pp. 1-20.
19. DNA capture by a CRISPR-Cas9-guided adenine base editor Lapinaite, A., Knott, G.J., Palumbo, C.M., (…), Liu, D.R., Doudna, J.A. 2020 Science (New York, N.Y.), 369(6503), pp. 566-571.
20. Racial disparities of Black Americans hospitalized for decompensated liver cirrhosis Spiewak, T., Taefi, A., Patel, S., Li, C.-S., Chak, E. 2020 BMC gastroenterology, 20(1), p. 245.
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