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1. Investigating the impact of regionality on the sensorial and chemical aging characteristics of Pinot noir grown throughout the U.S. West coast Cantu, A., Lafontaine, S., Frias, I., (…), Heymann, H., Runnebaum, R.C. 2021 Food Chemistry, 337, art. no. 127720.
2. Generation of functional single-chain fragment variable from hybridoma and development of chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay for determination of total malachite green in tilapia fish Dong, J., Li, Z., Wang, Y., (…), Sun, Y., Wang, H. 2021 Food Chemistry, 337, art. no. 127780.
3. Aging alters neural activity at event boundaries in the hippocampus and Posterior Medial network Reagh, Z.M., Delarazan, A.I., Garber, A., Ranganath, C. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 3980.
4. A nonenzymatic method for cleaving polysaccharides to yield oligosaccharides for structural analysis Amicucci, M.J., Nandita, E., Galermo, A.G., (…), Mills, D.A., Lebrilla, C.B. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 3963.
5. Gemcitabine-retinoid prodrug loaded nanoparticles display in vitro antitumor efficacy towards drug-resilient human PANC-1 pancreatic cancer cells Kakwere, H., Ingham, E.S., Tumbale, S.K., Ferrara, K.W. 2020 Materials Science and Engineering C, 117, art. no. 111251.
6. Author Correction: Hybrid PET/MRI enables high-spatial resolution, quantitative imaging of amyloid plaques in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model (Scientific Reports, (2020), 10, 1, (10379), 10.1038/s41598-020-67284-z) Frost, G.R., Longo, V., Li, T., (…), Zanzonico, P., Li, Y.-M. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 13826.
7. Topoisomerase 1 prevents replication stress at R-loop-enriched transcription termination sites Promonet, A., Padioleau, I., Liu, Y., (…), Lin, Y.-L., Pasero, P. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 3940.
8. Publisher Correction: Integrated analysis of a compendium of RNA-Seq datasets for splicing factors (Scientific Data, (2020), 7, 1, (178), 10.1038/s41597-020-0514-7) Yu, P., Li, J., Deng, S.-P., (…), MacDonald, C.C., Jin, P. 2020 Scientific Data, 7(1), art. no. 267.
9. Modeling, simulation and machine learning for rapid process control of multiphase flowing foods Kim, D.H., Zohdi, T.I., Singh, R.P. 2020 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 371, art. no. 113286.
10. Structure-based virtual screening of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) as endocrine disruptors of androgen receptor activity using molecular docking and machine learning Azhagiya Singam, E.R., Tachachartvanich, P., Fourches, D., (…), Smith, M.T., Durkin, K.A. 2020 Environmental Research, 190, art. no. 109920.
11. Modeling Salmonella enterica fate in fresh-cut pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) during storage as a function of temperature and relative humidity Rodrigues Marques Ferreira, Í.H., de Souza Pedrosa, G.T., Jung, J., (…), Schaffner, D.W., Magnani, M. 2020 LWT, 133, art. no. 109849.
12. Potential of crop-livestock integration to enhance carbon sequestration and agroecosystem functioning in semi-arid croplands Brewer, K.M., Gaudin, A.C.M. 2020 Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 149, art. no. 107936.
13. Impacts of feeding a fish-oil based feed supplement through 160 days in milk on reproductive and productive performance, as well as the health, of multiparous early-lactation Holstein cows Swanepoel, N., Robinson, P.H. 2020 Animal Feed Science and Technology, 268, art. no. 114618.
14. The Specificity of Inhibitory Control Deficits in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Dissociation Between the Speed and Reliability of Stopping Swick, D., Ashley, V. 2020 Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 75, art. no. 102278.
15. Dataset of certified food dye levels in over the counter medicines and vitamins intended for consumption by children and pregnant women Lehmkuhler, A.L., Miller, M.D., Bradman, A., Castorina, R., Mitchell, A.E. 2020 Data in Brief, 32, art. no. 106073.
16. The asm journals committee values the contributions of black microbiologists Schloss, P.D., Junior, M., Alvania, R., (…), Fuller, A.O., Kozik, A.J. 2020 Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 33(4), art. no. e00203-20, pp. 1-4.
17. Development of single-compound reference materials on polytetrafluoroethylene filters for analysis of aerosol samples Yatkin, S., Trzepla, K., White, W.H., Spada, N.J., Hyslop, N.P. 2020 Spectrochimica Acta – Part B Atomic Spectroscopy, 171, art. no. 105948.
18. COVID-19: repositioning nutrition research for the next pandemic Jaggers, G.K., Watkins, B.A., Rodriguez, R.L. 2020 Nutrition Research, 81, pp. 1-6.
19. The Masquelet technique combined with the muscle flap for use in emergency management of acute Gustilo type III trauma of the lower limb with segmental bone loss:Case series Deng, L., Yu, A., Qi, B., (…), Zhu, S., Yu, L. 2020 International Journal of Surgery, 81, pp. 85-93.
20. Pathology of Diseases of Geriatric Exotic Mammals Reavill, D.R., Imai, D.M. 2020 Veterinary Clinics of North America – Exotic Animal Practice, 23(3), pp. 651-684.
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