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1. Floral traits affecting the transmission of beneficial and pathogenic pollinator-associated microbes Adler, L.S., Irwin, R.E., McArt, S.H., Vannette, R.L. 2021 Current Opinion in Insect Science, 44, pp. 1-7.
2. Infusion of trans-resveratrol in micron-scale grape skin powder for enhanced stability and bioaccessibility Rai, R., Merrell, C., Yokoyama, W., Nitin, N. 2021 Food Chemistry, 340, art. no. 127894.
3. Cytotoxic and chemosensitizing effects of glycoalkaloidic extract on 2D and 3D models using RT4 and patient derived xenografts bladder cancer cells Miranda, M.A., Marcato, P.D., Mondal, A., (…), Pan, C.-X., Singh, M. 2021 Materials Science and Engineering C, 119, art. no. 111460.
4. Highly specific nanobody against herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid for monitoring of its contamination in environmental water Li, Z.-F., Dong, J.-X., Vasylieva, N., (…), Gee, S.J., Hammock, B.D. 2021 Science of the Total Environment, 753, art. no. 141950.
5. Fitness costs of pesticide resistance in Hyalella azteca under future climate change scenarios Fulton, C.A., Huff Hartz, K.E., Fuller, N.W., (…), Poynton, H.P., Lydy, M.J. 2021 Science of the Total Environment, 753, art. no. 141945.
6. Understanding creep mechanisms of a Cu-Cr-Nb alloy by testing under constant structure conditions Zhang, M., Gibeling, J.C. 2021 Scripta Materialia, 190, pp. 131-135.
7. Soil management induced shifts in nematode food webs within a Mediterranean vineyard in the Central Coast of California (USA) Lazcano, C., Deniston-Sheets, H.M., Stubler, C., (…), Casassa, L.F., Dodson Peterson, J.C. 2021 Applied Soil Ecology, 157, art. no. 103756.
8. Impact resistance of RC beams with reinforcement corrosion: Experimental observations Tamai, H., Sonoda, Y., Bolander, J.E. 2020 Construction and Building Materials, 263, art. no. 120638.
9. ACE inhibitory peptide KYIPIQ derived from yak milk casein induces nitric oxide production in HUVECs and diffuses via a transcellular mechanism in Caco-2 monolayers Lin, K., Ma, Z., Ramachandran, M., (…), Han, X., Zhang, L.-W. 2020 Process Biochemistry, 99, pp. 103-111.
10. Long-term effects of western diet consumption in male and female mice Hasegawa, Y., Chen, S.-Y., Sheng, L., (…), Wan, Y.-J.Y., Slupsky, C.M. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 14686.
11. The impact of endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure in the mammalian hypothalamic-pituitary axis Graceli, J.B., Dettogni, R.S., Merlo, E., (…), Miranda-Alves, L., Denicol, A.C. 2020 Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 518, art. no. 110997.
12. Infant gut microbiota characteristics generally do not modify effects of lipid-based nutrient supplementation on growth or inflammation: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial in Malawi Hughes, R.L., Arnold, C.D., Young, R.R., (…), Kable, M.E., Dewey, K.G. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 14861.
13. Emergence of behavioural avoidance strategies of malaria vectors in areas of high LLIN coverage in Tanzania Kreppel, K.S., Viana, M., Main, B.J., (…), Lanzaro, G.C., Ferguson, H.M. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 14527.
14. Flexural strengthening of RC slabs with nonprestressed and prestressed CFRP strips using EBROG method Moshiri, N., Czaderski, C., Mostofinejad, D., (…), Breveglieri, M., Motavalli, M. 2020 Composites Part B: Engineering, 201, art. no. 108359.
15. Amnesia for context fear is caused by widespread disruption of hippocampal activity Krueger, J.N., Wilmot, J.H., Teratani-Ota, Y., (…), Lafreniere, M.M., Wiltgen, B.J. 2020 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 175, art. no. 107295.
16. Estrogen and gut satiety hormones in vagus-hindbrain axis Huang, K.-P., Raybould, H.E. 2020 Peptides, 133, art. no. 170389.
17. Milk fat globule membrane: the role of its various components in infant health and development Brink, L.R., Lönnerdal, B. 2020 Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 85, art. no. 108465.
18. Monotonic and cyclic frictional resistance directionality in Snakeskin-inspired surfaces and piles O’Hara, K.B., Martinez, A. 2020 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 146(11), art. no. 04020116.
19. Deterministic predictive dynamic scheduling for crop-transport co-robots acting as harvesting aids Peng, C., Vougioukas, S.G. 2020 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 178, art. no. 105702.
20. Metagenomics in bioflocs and their effects on gut microbiome and immune responses in Pacific white shrimp Tepaamorndech, S., Nookaew, I., Higdon, S.M., (…), Plengvidhya, V., Visessanguan, W. 2020 Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 106, pp. 733-741.
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