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1. Spatial C2 closed loops of prescribed arc length defined by Pythagorean-hodograph curves Farouki, R.T., Knez, M., Vitrih, V., Žagar, E. 2021 Applied Mathematics and Computation, 391, art. no. 125653.
2. Simulations of events for the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) dark matter experiment Akerib, D.S., Akerlof, C.W., Alqahtani, A., (…), Yeh, M., Zarzhitsky, P. 2021 Astroparticle Physics, 125, art. no. 102480.
3. Density dependent Resource Budget Model for alternate bearing Esmaeili, S., Hastings, A., Abbott, K., Machta, J., Nareddy, V.R. 2021 Journal of Theoretical Biology, 509, art. no. 110498.
4. Comparison of recent speciated PM2.5 data from collocated CSN and IMPROVE measurements Gorham, K.A., Raffuse, S.M., Hyslop, N.P., White, W.H. 2021 Atmospheric Environment, 244, art. no. 117977.
5. The effective coupling coefficient for a completed PIN-PMN-PT array Stephens, D.N., Wodnicki, R., Chen, R., (…), Morrison, K., Ferrara, K.W. 2021 Ultrasonics, 109, art. no. 106258.
6. Germination syndrome divergence among pairs of sympatric sister species along an estuarine salinity gradient Castillo, J.M., Curado, G., Muñoz-Rodríguez, A.F., Grewell, B.J. 2021 Environmental and Experimental Botany, 181, art. no. 104274.
7. Brew temperature, at fixed brew strength and extraction, has little impact on the sensory profile of drip brew coffee Batali, M.E., Ristenpart, W.D., Guinard, J.-X. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 16450.
8. Accelerated knowledge discovery from omics data by optimal experimental design Wang, X., Rai, N., Merchel Piovesan Pereira, B., Eetemadi, A., Tagkopoulos, I. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 5026.
9. From Inbox Reception to Compliance: A Field Experiment Examining the Effects of E-mail Address and Subject Line on Response and Compliance Rates in Initial E-mail Encounters DeAngelo, T.I., Feng, B. 2020 Social Science Computer Review, 38(6), pp. 766-778.
10. Assessment of building robustness against disproportionate collapse Petrone, F., Shan, L., Kunnath, S. 2020 Journal of Structural Engineering (United States), 146(12), art. no. 04020272.
11. Bayesian hypothesis testing for Gaussian graphical models: Conditional independence and order constraints Williams, D.R., Mulder, J. 2020 Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 99, art. no. 102441.
12. Pleiotropic effects of statins: A focus on cancer Ahmadi, M., Amiri, S., Pecic, S., (…), Zeki, A.A., Ghavami, S. 2020 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Molecular Basis of Disease, 1866(12), art. no. 165968.
13. Atypical acute presentation of an optic nerve sheath meningioma Holan, C., Homer, N.A., Epstein, A., Durairaj, V.D. 2020 American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports, 20, art. no. 100951.
14. FUBP1 and FUBP2 enforce distinct epigenetic setpoints for MYC expression in primary single murine cells Zheng, Y., Dubois, W., Benham, C., Batchelor, E., Levens, D. 2020 Communications Biology, 3(1), art. no. 545.
15. Achieving high combination of strength and ductility of Al matrix composite via in-situ formed Ti-Al3Ti core-shell particle Guo, B., Song, M., Zhang, X., (…), Chen, B., Wang, Q. 2020 Materials Characterization, 170, art. no. 110666.
16. Global biogeography of fungal and bacterial biomass carbon in topsoil He, L., Mazza Rodrigues, J.L., Soudzilovskaia, N.A., (…), Lipson, D.A., Xu, X. 2020 Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 151, art. no. 108024.
17. Author Correction: The genetic ancestry of American Creole cattle inferred from uniparental and autosomal genetic markers (Scientific Reports, (2019), 9, 1, (11486), 10.1038/s41598-019-47636-0) Ginja, C., Gama, L.T., Cortés, O., (…), Delgado, J.V., Martinez, A. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 16930.
18. Large-scale targeted sequencing identifies risk genes for neurodevelopmental disorders Wang, T., Hoekzema, K., Vecchio, D., (…), Xia, K., Eichler, E.E. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 4932.
19. The effect of premature maternal separation on distress vocalizations and activity in kittens (Felis catus) during a brief nest separation Lowell, K.J., Delgado, M.M., Mederos, S.L., Bain, M.J. 2020 Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 232, art. no. 105130.
20. Unhappy Patients Can Turn into Angry Patients: How to Deal with Both Dilger, A.E., Sykes, J.M. 2020 Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America, 28(4), pp. 461-468.
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