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1. Assimilable nitrogen reduces the higher alcohols content of huangjiu Liu, S., Ma, D., Li, Z., (…), Zhou, Z., Mao, J. 2021 Food Control, 121, art. no. 107660.
2. Lignification of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) pericarp tissue during blossom-end rot development Reitz, N.F., Mitcham, E.J. 2021 Scientia Horticulturae, 276, art. no. 109759.
3. Bond characteristics and modeling of near-surface mounted CFRP in concrete Wang, X., Cheng, L. 2021 Composite Structures, 255, art. no. 113011.
4. Relative abundance of ureides differs among plant fractions in soybean Moro Rosso, L.H., Tamagno, S., da Silva, A.L., (…), Schwalbert, R.A., Ciampitti, I.A. 2021 European Journal of Agronomy, 122, art. no. 126175.
5. Antagonists and defense mechanisms of entomopathogenic nematodes and their mutualistic bacteria Karthik Raja, R., Arun, A., Touray, M., (…), Kaya, H.K., Hazir, S. 2021 Biological Control, 152, art. no. 104452.
6. Incompatibility of argon during magma ocean crystallization Jackson, C.R.M., Williams, C.D., Du, Z., (…), Mukhopadhyay, S., Fei, Y. 2021 Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 553, art. no. 116598.
7. On the relationship between baseline corticosterone levels and annual survival of the thorn-tailed rayadito Quirici, V., Botero-Delgadillo, E., González-Gómez, P.L., (…), Wingfield, J.C., Vásquez, R.A. 2021 General and Comparative Endocrinology, 300, art. no. 113635.
8. Racial attitudes & political cross-pressures in nationalized elections: The case of the Republican coalition in the Trump era Algara, C., Hale, I. 2020 Electoral Studies, 68, art. no. 102207.
9. Adaptation of Multiobjective Reservoir Operations to Snowpack Decline in the Western United States Cohen, J.S., Zeff, H.B., Herman, J.D. 2020 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 146(12), art. no. 04020091.
10. Secondary production is an underutilized metric to assess restoration initiatives Layman, C.A., Rypel, A.L. 2020 Food Webs, 25, art. no. e00174.
11. Leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) hatch success and essential and nonessential metals in eggs and embryos from nests in St. Kitts (2015) Dennis, M.M., Poppenga, R., Conan, A., (…), Maroun, V., Stewart, K.M. 2020 Marine Pollution Bulletin, 161, art. no. 111726.
12. Novel idebenone analogs block Shc’s access to insulin receptor to improve insulin sensitivity Hui, C., Tomilov, A., Garcia, C., (…), Havel, P., Cortopassi, G. 2020 Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 132, art. no. 110823.
13. Recent advances in non-thermal decontamination technologies for microorganisms and mycotoxins in low-moisture foods Deng, L.-Z., Tao, Y., Mujumdar, A.S., (…), Wang, H., Xiao, H.-W. 2020 Trends in Food Science and Technology, 106, pp. 104-112.
14. Pyoderma gangrenosum Maverakis, E., Marzano, A.V., Le, S.T., (…), Shinkai, K., Langan, S.M. 2020 Nature Reviews Disease Primers, 6(1), art. no. 81.
15. Effect of an oral probiotic nutraceutical containing Aspergillus-derived ingredients on a serum and urine galactomannan antigen assay in dogs Reagan, K.L., Wheat, L.J., Sykes, J.E. 2020 Veterinary Journal, 265, art. no. 105551.
16. Demystifying and Demonstrating the Value of a One Health Approach to Parasitological Challenges Krecek, R.C., Rabinowitz, P.M., Conrad, P.A. 2020 Veterinary Parasitology, 287, art. no. 109202.
17. MILK Symposium review: Sustainability of dairy production and consumption in low-income countries with emphasis on productivity and environmental impact Tricarico, J.M., Kebreab, E., Wattiaux, M.A. 2020 Journal of Dairy Science, 103(11), pp. 9791-9802.
18. Ultrahigh temperature in situ transmission electron microscopy based bicrystal coble creep in Zirconia II: Interfacial thermodynamics and transport mechanisms Grosso, R.L., Vikrant, K.S.N., Feng, L., (…), Hattar, K., Dillon, S.J. 2020 Acta Materialia, 200, pp. 1008-1021.
19. Superhydrophobic bowl-like SERS substrates patterned from CMOS sensors for extracellular vesicle characterization Suarasan, S., Liu, J., Imanbekova, M., (…), Voss, J.C., Wachsmann-Hogiu, S. 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 8(38), pp. 8845-8852.
20. Imaging Neurotransmitter and Neuromodulator Dynamics In Vivo with Genetically Encoded Indicators Sabatini, B.L., Tian, L. 2020 Neuron, 108(1), pp. 17-32.
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