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1. Invader-resident relatedness and soil management history shape patterns of invasion of compost microbial populations into agricultural soils Gravuer, K., Scow, K.M. 2021 Applied Soil Ecology, 158, art. no. 103795.
2. Chemical composition of soil-associated ash from the southern California Thomas Fire and its potential inhalation risks to farmworkers Wan, X., Li, C., Parikh, S.J. 2021 Journal of Environmental Management, 278, art. no. 111570.
3. Multiresolution classification of turbulence features in image data through machine learning Pulido, J., da Silva, R.D., Livescu, D., Hamann, B. 2021 Computers and Fluids, 214, art. no. 104770.
4. Thermodynamics of high entropy oxides McCormack, S.J., Navrotsky, A. 2021 Acta Materialia, 202, pp. 1-21.
5. A constitutive model for various structural steels considering shared hysteretic behaviors Xie, Z., Kanvinde, A., Chen, Y. 2021 Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 176, art. no. 106421.
6. Epilepsy and neurobehavioral abnormalities in mice with a dominant-negative KCNB1 pathogenic variant Hawkins, N.A., Misra, S.N., Jurado, M., (…), Trimmer, J.S., Kearney, J.A. 2021 Neurobiology of Disease, 147, art. no. 105141.
7. Adrenergic supersensitivity and impaired neural control of cardiac electrophysiology following regional cardiac sympathetic nerve loss Tapa, S., Wang, L., Francis Stuart, S.D., (…), Habecker, B.A., Ripplinger, C.M. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 18801.
8. A multi-parameter, predictive model of starch hydrolysis in barley beer mashes Saarni, A., Miller, K.V., Block, D.E. 2020 Beverages, 6(4), art. no. 60, pp. 1-14.
9. Studying a moving target in development: The challenge and opportunity of heterotypic continuity Petersen, I.T., Choe, D.E., LeBeau, B. 2020 Developmental Review, 58, art. no. 100935.
10. Mutualistic networks emerging from adaptive niche-based interactions Cai, W., Snyder, J., Hastings, A., D’Souza, R.M. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 5470.
11. Ecosystem services in vineyard landscapes: a focus on aboveground carbon storage and accumulation Williams, J.N., Morandé, J.A., Vaghti, M.G., Medellín-Azuara, J., Viers, J.H. 2020 Carbon Balance and Management, 15(1), art. no. 23.
12. Fine-scale tracking of wild waterfowl and their impact on highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks in the Republic of Korea, 2014–2015 Lee, K., Yu, D., Martínez-López, B., (…), Jeong, W., Lee, E. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 18631.
13. Surface Reservoir Reoperation for Managed Aquifer Recharge: Folsom Reservoir System Goharian, E., Azizipour, M., Sandoval-Soils, S., Fogg, G.E. 2020 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 146(12), art. no. 04020095.
14. The morphology of paca (Cuniculus paca) testis with high dose of letrozole an aromatase inhibitor Simões, L.S., Sasahara, T.H.C., Favaron, P.O., (…), Machado, M.R.F., Miglino, M.A. 2020 International Journal of Morphology, 38(6), pp. 1525-1527.
15. Evolutionary and functional genomics of DNA methylation in maize domestication and improvement Xu, G., Lyu, J., Li, Q., (…), Ross-Ibarra, J., Yang, J. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 5539.
16. Decline in cognitively complex everyday activities accelerates along the Alzheimer’s disease continuum Dubbelman, M.A., Jutten, R.J., Tomaszewski Farias, S.E., (…), Marshall, G.A., Sikkes, S.A.M. 2020 Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy, 12(1), art. no. 138.
17. FcRγ Gene Editing Reprograms Conventional NK Cells to Display Key Features of Adaptive Human NK Cells Liu, W., Scott, J.M., Langguth, E., (…), Park, P.H., Kim, S. 2020 iScience, 23(11), art. no. 101709.
18. Polymer-loaded hydrogels serve as depots for lactate and mimic “cold” tumor microenvironments Allen, R., Ivtchenko, E., Thuamsang, B., Sangsuwan, R., Lewis, J.S. 2020 Biomaterials Science, 8(21), pp. 6056-6068.
19. Launching our new Roadmap articles Cherry, S.R., Young, H. 2020 Physics in Medicine and Biology, 65(21), art. no. 210301.
20. Salmonella and Escherichia coli Prevalence in Meat and Produce Sold at Farmers’ Markets in Northern California Pires, A.F.A., Stover, J., Kukielka, E., (…), de Melo Ramos, T., Jay-Russell, M.T. 2020 Journal of food protection, 83(11), pp. 1934-1940.
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