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1. Environmental sampling of volatile organic compounds during the 2018 Camp Fire in Northern California Simms, L.A., Borras, E., Chew, B.S., (…), Kenyon, N., Davis, C.E. 2021 Journal of Environmental Sciences (China), 103, pp. 135-147.
2. Soil type modulates the response of C, N, P stocks and stoichiometry after native forest substitution by exotic plantations Crovo, O., Aburto, F., Albornoz, M.F., Southard, R. 2021 Catena, 197, art. no. 104997.
3. Sharing voxelwise neuroimaging results from rhesus monkeys and other species with Neurovault Fox, A.S., Holley, D., Klink, P.C., (…), Poldrack, R.A., Gorgolewski, K.J. 2021 NeuroImage, 225, art. no. 117518.
4. NMR based real-time enzyme kinetics on estimating the inhibitory effect of sucralose in the enzymatic conversion of sucrose Vang, J.Y., Her, C., Krishnan, V.V. 2021 Biophysical Chemistry, 268, art. no. 106495.
5. Probing the structure and composition of van der Waals heterostructures using the nonlocality of Dirac plasmons in the terahertz regime Lavor, I.R., Cavalcante, L.S.R., Chaves, A., Peeters, F.M., van Duppen, B. 2021 2D Materials, 8(1), art. no. 015014.
6. Modern models of trophic meta-communities Gross, T., Allhoff, K.T., Blasius, B., (…), Yeakel, J.D., Zeng, F. 2020 Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 375(1814), p. 20190455.
7. Ecological limits to evolutionary rescue Klausmeier, C.A., Osmond, M.M., Kremer, C.T., Litchman, E. 2020 Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 375(1814), p. 20190453.
8. Introducing a New Journal, Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science Krystal, J.H., Barch, D.M., Carter, C.S. 2020 Biological Psychiatry, 88(12), p. 890.
9. Measurement of groomed jet substructure observables in p+p collisions at s=200 GeV with STAR Adam, J., Adamczyk, L., Adams, J.R., (…), Zurek, M., Zyzak, M. 2020 Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 811, art. no. 135846.
10. Electronic health record alerts enhance mass screening for chronic hepatitis B Chak, E., Li, C.-S., Chen, M.S., MacDonald, S., Bowlus, C. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 19153.
11. Recombinant Antibodies in Basic Neuroscience Research Trimmer, J.S. 2020 Current protocols in neuroscience, 94(1), p. e106.
12. Editorial Comment Dall’Era, M.A. 2020 The Journal of urology, 204(6), p. 1194.
13. The chicken MHC: Insights into genetic resistance, immunity, and inflammation following infectious bronchitis virus infections da Silva, A.P., Gallardo, R.A. 2020 Vaccines, 8(4), art. no. 637, pp. 1-16.
14. “We Too Have Blackened Our Hands”: Work, Harm, and Legitimacy in a Delhi Scrap Market Saraf, I. 2020 Anthropology of Work Review, 41(2), pp. 119-128.
15. Daily and situational reports of substance use and dating violence among college students: A 10-week prospective study Neavins, T.M., Murphy, C.M., Yiaslas, T.A., Demorest, M.E. 2020 Addictive Behaviors Reports, 12, art. no. 100309.
16. Loss of sympathetic innervation to islets of Langerhans in canine diabetes and pancreatitis is not associated with insulitis Gilor, C., Pires, J., Greathouse, R., (…), Murphy, B., Kol, A. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 19187.
17. Genotypic antimicrobial resistance characterization of E. coli from dairy calves at high risk of respiratory disease administered enrofloxacin or tulathromycin Pereira, R.V., Foditsch, C., Siler, J.D., (…), Garzon, A., Warnick, L.D. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 19327.
18. In-hospital mortality trends among patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in the United States between 2013-2017: a comparison of academic and non-academic programs Alqalyoobi, S., Fernández Pérez, E.R., Oldham, J.M. 2020 BMC Pulmonary Medicine, 20(1), art. no. 289.
19. Macroalgal defense phenotype correlates with herbivore abundance Gabara, S.S., Weitzman, B.P., Konar, B.H., Edwards, M.S. 2020 Marine Biology, 167(12), art. no. 179.
20. Dysregulated bile acid receptor-mediated signaling and IL-17A induction are implicated in diet-associated hepatic health and cognitive function Jena, P.K., Sheng, L., Nguyen, M., (…), Jin, L.-W., Wan, Y.-J.Y. 2020 Biomarker Research, 8(1), art. no. 59.
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