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1. Selected hematological, biochemical, and acid-base variables of Paso Fino horses living at different altitudes Jaramillo, C., Arias, M.P., Mosqueda, D., (…), Renaud, D., Gómez, D.E. 2021 Tropical Animal Health and Production, 53(1), art. no. 8.
2. Decision trees for informative process alarm definition and alarm-based fault classification Dorgo, G., Palazoglu, A., Abonyi, J. 2021 Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 149, pp. 312-324.
3. Assessment of pyrethroid contamination and potential mitigation strategies in California Central Coast surface waters DeMars, C., Wang, R., Grieneisen, M.L., Steggall, J., Zhang, M. 2021 Journal of Environmental Management, 278, art. no. 111507.
4. 3D/4D Reconstruction and Quantitative Total Body Imaging Qi, J., Matej, S., Wang, G., Zhang, X. 2021 PET Clinics, 16(1), pp. 41-54.
5. Avian Behavior Consultation for Exotic Pet Practitioners Stelow, E. 2021 Veterinary Clinics of North America – Exotic Animal Practice, 24(1), pp. 103-117.
6. Oncologic Applications of Long Axial Field-of-View PET/Computed Tomography Nardo, L., Pantel, A.R. 2021 PET Clinics, 16(1), pp. 65-73.
7. Total Body PET: Exploring New Horizons Badawi, R.D., Karp, J.S., Nardo, L., Pantel, A.R. 2021 PET Clinics, 16(1), pp. xvii-xviii.
8. Bioinformatic Tools in Arabidopsis Research Alex Mason, G., Cantó-Pastor, A., Brady, S.M., Provart, N.J. 2021 Methods in Molecular Biology, 2200, pp. 25-89.
9. Shear Strengthening of Corroded RC Beams Using UHPC-FRP Composites Chen, C., Cai, H., Cheng, L. 2021 Journal of Bridge Engineering, 26(1), art. no. 04020111.
10. Renewable energy for whom? A global systematic review of the environmental justice implications of renewable energy technologies Levenda, A.M., Behrsin, I., Disano, F. 2021 Energy Research and Social Science, 71, art. no. 101837.
11. Generation of camelina mid-oleic acid seed oil by identification and stacking of fatty acid biosynthetic mutants Neumann, N.G., Nazarenus, T.J., Aznar-Moreno, J.A., (…), Durrett, T.P., Cahoon, E.B. 2021 Industrial Crops and Products, 159, art. no. 113074.
12. Increase in aflatoxin exposure in two populations residing in East and West Texas, United States Xue, K.S., Tang, L., Shen, C.L., (…), Phillips, T.D., Wang, J.-S. 2021 International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 231, art. no. 113662.
13. Testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, bone density, and hip fracture risk among older men: The Cardiovascular Health Study Rosenberg, E.A., Bůžková, P., Fink, H.A., (…), Matsumoto, A.M., Mukamal, K.J. 2021 Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental, 114, art. no. 154399.
14. The new era for research on polyphenols and food factors Oteiza, P.I., Toyokuni, S. 2020 Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 696, art. no. 108678.
15. A new anabolic compound, LLP2A-Ale, reserves periodontal bone loss in mice through augmentation of bone formation Jiang, M., Liu, L., Liu, R., (…), Lane, N.E., Yao, W. 2020 BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology, 21(1), art. no. 76.
16. Development, Screening, and Validation of Camelid-Derived Nanobodies for Neuroscience Research Gavira-O’Neill, C.E., Dong, J.-X., Trimmer, J.S. 2020 Current protocols in neuroscience, 94(1), p. e107.
17. Mutational profiling of micro-dissected pre-malignant lesions from archived specimens Nachmanson, D., Steward, J., Yao, H., (…), Borowsky, A.D., Harismendy, O. 2020 BMC Medical Genomics, 13(1), art. no. 173.
18. MicroRNA-1291-5p Sensitizes Pancreatic Carcinoma Cells to Arginine Deprivation and Chemotherapy through the Regulation of Arginolysis and Glycolysis Tu, M.-J., Duan, Z., Liu, Z., (…), Kim, E.J., Yu, A.-M. 2020 Molecular pharmacology, 98(6), pp. 686-694.
19. Response of small mammal and tick communities to a catastrophic wildfire and implications for tick-borne pathogens Pascoe, E.L., Plourde, B.T., Lopéz-Perez, A.M., Foley, J.E. 2020 Journal of Vector Ecology, 45(2), pp. 269-284.
20. Preparing for a future COVID-19 wave: insights and limitations from a data-driven evaluation of non-pharmaceutical interventions in Germany Aravindakshan, A., Boehnke, J., Gholami, E., Nayak, A. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 20084.
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