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1. Volatile microbial semiochemicals and insect perception at flowers Crowley-Gall, A., Rering, C.C., Rudolph, A.B., Vannette, R.L., Beck, J.J. 2021 Current Opinion in Insect Science, 44, pp. 23-34.
2. Tensile creep properties of a CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy Zhang, M., George, E.P., Gibeling, J.C. 2021 Scripta Materialia, 194, art. no. 113633.
3. Raoult was right after all: Statistical mechanics derivation and volumetric validation Wexler, A.S. 2021 Fluid Phase Equilibria, 531, art. no. 112899.
4. Trade shocks and the shifting landscape of U.S. manufacturing Eriksson, K., Russ, K.N., Shambaugh, J.C., Xu, M. 2021 Journal of International Money and Finance, 111, art. no. 102254.
5. Integrated microwave- and enzyme-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from olive pomace Macedo, G.A., Santana, Á.L., Crawford, L.M., (…), Dias, F.F.G., de Mour Bell, J.M.L.N. 2021 LWT, 138, art. no. 110621.
6. Partitioning of Mercury into Several Size Fractions in Highway Runoff Ferreira, M., Park, M.-H., Jay, J.A., Green, P.G., Stenstrom, M.K. 2021 Journal of Environmental Engineering (United States), 147(2), art. no. 04020146.
7. Disruption of global hypothalamic microRNA (miR) profiles and associated behavioral changes in California mice (Peromyscus californicus) developmentally exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals Kaur, S., Kinkade, J.A., Green, M.T., (…), Mao, J., Rosenfeld, C.S. 2021 Hormones and Behavior, 128, art. no. 104890.
8. Trustworthiness in Industrial IoT Systems Based on Artificial Intelligence Lv, Z., Han, Y., Singh, A.K., Manogaran, G., Lv, H. 2021 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 17(2), art. no. 9093957, pp. 1496-1504.
9. Requiring post-hoc power of 80% amounts to an unstated lowering of the type-1 error rate Tancredi, D.J., Harvey, D.J., Smiley-Jewell, S., Nguyen, D.V. 2021 NeuroToxicology, 82, p. 99.
10. T-Cell Epitope Immunotherapy in Mouse Models of Food Allergy Wai, C.Y.Y., Leung, N.Y.H., Chu, K.H., Leung, P.S.C. 2021 Methods in Molecular Biology, 2223, pp. 337-355.
11. Not minding the gap: Does ride-hailing serve transit deserts? Barajas, J.M., Brown, A. 2021 Journal of Transport Geography, 90, art. no. 102918.
12. Clinical Implementation of Total-Body PET/CT at University of California, Davis Nardo, L., Abdelhafez, Y.G., Spencer, B.A., Badawi, R.D. 2021 PET Clinics, 16(1), pp. 1-7.
13. Earthquake Soil Structure Interaction Analysis of a Gravity Dam Yang, H., Wang, H., Salamon, J.W., Jeremic, B. 2021 Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 91, pp. 369-380.
14. Increase in vector-borne disease reporting affecting humans and animals in Syria and neighboring countries after the onset of conflict: A ProMED analysis 2003–2018 Tarnas, M.C., Desai, A.N., Lassmann, B., Abbara, A. 2021 International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 102, pp. 103-109.
15. Parametric Stochastic Programming with One Chance Constraint: Gaining Insights from Response Space Analysis Greenberg, H.J., Watson, J.-P., Woodruff, D.L. 2021 International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, 295, pp. 99-124.
16. Building a hemodiafiltration system from readily available components for continuous renal replacement therapy under disasters and pandemics: preparing for an acute kidney injury surge during COVID-19 Hanna, R.M., Ferrey, A., Rhee, C.M., (…), Kalantar-Zadeh, K., Don, B.R. 2021 Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension, 30(1), pp. 93-96.
17. Total-Body PET Imaging of Musculoskeletal Disorders Chaudhari, A.J., Raynor, W.Y., Gholamrezanezhad, A., (…), Rajapakse, C.S., Alavi, A. 2021 PET Clinics, 16(1), pp. 99-117.
18. Mechanisms and dynamics of the NH+2+ H+and NH++ H++ H fragmentation channels upon single-photon double ionization of NH3 Larsen, K.A., Rescigno, T.N., Streeter, Z.L., (…), Slaughter, D.S., Weber, T. 2020 Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 53(24), art. no. 244003.
19. Wearable super-adsorptive fibrous equipment: In situ grafted with porous organic polymers for carcinogenic fumigant defense and detoxification Tang, P., Ji, B., Sun, G. 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8(45), pp. 24128-24136.
20. Rice Protein Tagging Project: A Call for International Collaborations on Genome-wide In-Locus Tagging of Rice Proteins Lu, Y., Ronald, P.C., Han, B., Li, J., Zhu, J.-K. 2020 Molecular Plant, 13(12), pp. 1663-1665.
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