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1 . Physiological mechanisms of prosociality Miller, J.G. 2018 Current Opinion in Psychology ,
20 pp. 50 – 54 .
2 . Evaluation of water quality during successive severe drought years within Microcystis blooms using fish embryo toxicity tests for the San Francisco Estuary, California Kurobe, T., Lehman, P.W., Haque, M.E., Sedda, T., Lesmeister, S., Teh, S. 2018 Science of the Total Environment ,
610-611 pp. 1029 – 1037 .
3 . Parental transfer of microcystin-LR induced transgenerational effects of developmental neurotoxicity in zebrafish offspring Wu, Q., Yan, W., Cheng, H., Liu, C., Hung, T.-C., Guo, X., Li, G. 2017 Environmental Pollution ,
231 pp. 471 – 478 .
4 . Dose-related liver injury of Geniposide associated with the alteration in bile acid synthesis and transportation Tian, J., Zhu, J., Yi, Y., Li, C., Zhang, Y., Zhao, Y., Pan, C., Xiang, S., Li, X., Li, G., Newman, J.W., Feng, X., Liu, J., Han, J., Wang, L., Gao, Y., La Frano, M.R., Liang, A. 2017 Scientific Reports ,
7 ( 1 ) , art. no. 8938
5 . Ethanol fumigation combined with and without nitrogen gas delays potato greening and inhibits glycoalkaloids generation under light Dong, T., Meng, W., Shi, J., Jiang, C.-Z., Wang, Q. 2017 Postharvest Biology and Technology ,
134 pp. 31 – 37 .
6 . Cascaded Multi-view Canonical Correlation (CaMCCo) for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease via Fusion of Clinical, Imaging and Omic Features Singanamalli, A., Wang, H., Madabhushi, A., Weiner, M., Aisen, P., Petersen, R., Jack, C., Jagust, W., Trojanowki, J., Toga, A., Beckett, L., Green, R., Saykin, A., Morris, J., Shaw, L., Kaye, J., Quinn, J., Silbert, L., Lind, B., Carter, R., Dolen, S., Schneider, L., Pawluczyk, S., Beccera, M., Teodoro, L., Spann, B., Brewer, J., Vanderswag, H., Fleisher, A., Heidebrink, J., Lord, J., Mason, S., Albers, C., Knopman, D., Johnson, K., Doody, R., Villanueva-Meyer, J., Chowdhury, M., Rountree, S., Dang, M., Stern, Y., Honig, L., Bell, K., Ances, B., Carroll, M., Creech, M., Franklin, E., Mintun, M., Schneider, S., Oliver, A., Marson, D., Griffith, R., Clark, D., Geldmacher, D., Brockington, J., Roberson, E., Natelson Love, M., Grossman, H., Mitsis, E., Shah, R., Detoledo-Morrell, L., Duara, R., Varon, D., Greig, M., Roberts, P., Albert, M., Onyike, C., D’Agostino, D., Kielb, S., Galvin, J., Cerbone, B., Michel, C., Pogorelec, D., Rusinek, H., De Leon, M., Glodzik, L., De Santi, S., Doraiswamy, P., Petrella, J., Borges-Neto, S., Wong, T., Coleman, E., Smith, C., Jicha, G., Hardy, P., Sinha, P., Oates, E., Conrad, G., Porsteinsson, A., Goldstein, B., Martin, K., Makino, K., Ismail, M., Brand, C., Mulnard, R., Thai, G., Mc-Adams-Ortiz, C., Womack, K., Mathews, D., Quiceno, M., Levey, A., Lah, J., Cellar, J., Burns, J., Swerdlow, R., Brooks, W., Apostolova, L., Tingus, K., Woo, E., Silverman, D., Lu, P., Bartzokis, G., Graff-Radford, N., Parfitt, F., Kendall, T., Johnson, H., Farlow, M., Marie Hake, A., Matthews, B., Brosch, J., Herring, S., Hunt, C., Dyck, C., Carson, R., MacAvoy, M., Varma, P., Chertkow, H., Bergman, H., Hosein, C., Black, S., Stefanovic, B., Caldwell, C., Robin Hsiung, G.-Y., Feldman, H., Mudge, B., Assaly, M., Finger, E., Pasternack, S., Rachisky, I., Trost, D., Kertesz, A., Bernick, C., Munic, D., Mesulam, M.-M., Lipowski, K., Weintraub, S., Bonakdarpour, B., Kerwin, D., Wu, C.-K., Johnson, N., Sadowsky, C., Villena, T., Scott Turner, R., Johnson, K., Reynolds, B., Sperling, R., Johnson, K., Marshall, G., Yesavage, J., Taylor, J., Lane, B., Rosen, A., Tinklenberg, J., Sabbagh, M., Belden, C., Jacobson, S., Sirrel, S., Kowall, N., Killiany, R., Budson, A., Norbash, A., Lynn Johnson, P., Obisesan, T., Wolday, S., Allard, J., Lerner, A., Ogrocki, P., Tatsuoka, C., Fatica, P., Fletcher, E., Maillard, P., Olichney, J., Decarli, C., Carmichael, O., Kittur, S., Borrie, M., Lee, T.-Y., Robbartha, Johnson, S., Asthana, S., Carlsson, C., Potkin, S., Preda, A., Nguyen, D., Tariot, P., Burke, A., Trncic, N., Reeder, S., Bates, V., Capote, H., Rainka, M., Scharre, D., Kataki, M., Adeli, A., Zimmerman, E., Celmins, D., Brown, A., Pearlson, G., Blank, K., Anderson, K., Flashman, L., Seltzer, M., Hynes, M., Santulli, R., Sink, K., Gordineer, L., Williamson, J., Garg, P., Watkins, F., Ott, B., Querfurth, H., Tremont, G., Salloway, S., Malloy, P., Correia, S., Rosen, H., Miller, B., Perry, D., Mintzer, J., Spicer, K., Bachman, D., Pomara, N., Hernando, R., Sarrael, A., Relkin, N., Chaing, G., Lin, M., Ravdin, L., Smith, A., Ashok Raj, B., Fargher, K. 2017 Scientific Reports ,
7 ( 1 ) , art. no. 8137
7 . In vivo label-free structural and biochemical imaging of coronary arteries using an integrated ultrasound and multispectral fluorescence lifetime catheter system Bec, J., Phipps, J.E., Gorpas, D., Ma, D., Fatakdawala, H., Margulies, K.B., Southard, J.A., Marcu, L. 2017 Scientific Reports ,
7 ( 1 ) , art. no. 8960
8 . On mechanism behind UV-A light enhanced antibacterial activity of gallic acid and propyl gallate against Escherichia coli O157:H7 Wang, Q., De Oliveira, E.F., Alborzi, S., Bastarrachea, L.J., Tikekar, R.V. 2017 Scientific Reports ,
7 ( 1 ) , art. no. 8325
9 . Structural alterations in fast-spiking GABAergic interneurons in a model of posttraumatic neocortical epileptogenesis Gu, F., Parada, I., Shen, F., Li, J., Bacci, A., Graber, K., Taghavi, R.M., Scalise, K., Schwartzkroin, P., Wenzel, J., Prince, D.A. 2017 Neurobiology of Disease ,
108 pp. 100 – 114 .
10 . In vivo and in vitro sex differences in the dendritic morphology of developing murine hippocampal and cortical neurons Keil, K.P., Sethi, S., Wilson, M.D., Chen, H., Lein, P.J. 2017 Scientific Reports ,
7 ( 1 ) , art. no. 8486
11 . Deep carbon storage potential of buried floodplain soils D’Elia, A.H., Liles, G.C., Viers, J.H., Smart, D.R. 2017 Scientific Reports ,
7 ( 1 ) , art. no. 8181
12 . Atherosusceptible Shear Stress Activates Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress to Promote Endothelial Inflammation Bailey, K.A., Haj, F.G., Simon, S.I., Passerini, A.G. 2017 Scientific Reports ,
7 ( 1 ) , art. no. 8196
13 . BRCA locus-specific loss of heterozygosity in germline BRCA1 and BRCA2 carriers Maxwell, K.N., Wubbenhorst, B., Wenz, B.M., De Sloover, D., Pluta, J., Emery, L., Barrett, A., Kraya, A.A., Anastopoulos, I.N., Yu, S., Jiang, Y., Chen, H., Zhang, N.R., Hackman, N., D’Andrea, K., Daber, R., Morrissette, J.J.D., Mitra, N., Feldman, M., Domchek, S.M., Nathanson, K.L. 2017 Nature Communications ,
8 ( 1 ) , art. no. 319
14 . Production of hydrogen-rich syngas using Zr modified Ca-Co bifunctional catalyst-sorbent in chemical looping steam methane reforming Akbari-Emadabadi, S., Rahimpour, M.R., Hafizi, A., Keshavarz, P. 2017 Applied Energy ,
206 pp. 51 – 62 .
15 . Reinforcement size effects on the abrasive wear of boron carbide reinforced aluminum composites Nieto, A., Yang, H., Jiang, L., Schoenung, J.M. 2017 Wear ,
390-391 pp. 228 – 235 .
16 . In-situ study of the dewetting behavior of Au/Ni bilayer films supported by a SiO<inf>2</inf>/Si substrate Cen, X., Thron, A.M., van Benthem, K. 2017 Acta Materialia ,
140 pp. 149 – 156 .
17 . “California low carbon fuel policies and natural gas fueling infrastructure: Synergies and challenges to expanding the use of RNG in transportation” Scheitrum, D., Myers Jaffe, A., Dominguez-Faus, R., Parker, N. 2017 Energy Policy ,
110 pp. 355 – 364 .
18 . Bacterial and archaeal community distribution and stabilization of anaerobic sludge in a strengthen circulation anaerobic (SCA) reactor for municipal wastewater treatment Yang, B., Xu, H., Wang, J., Song, X., Wang, Y., Li, F., Tian, Q., Ma, C., Wang, D., Bai, J., Sand, W. 2017 Bioresource Technology ,
244 pp. 750 – 758 .
19 . Effect of Stereoscopic Anaglyphic 3-Dimensional Video Didactics on Learning Neuroanatomy Goodarzi, A., Monti, S., Lee, D., Girgis, F. 2017 World Neurosurgery,
107 pp. 35 – 39 .
20 . Cyclic Loading Response of Silt with Multiple Loading Events Price, A.B., DeJong, J.T., Boulanger, R.W. 2017 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering ,
143 ( 10 ) , art. no. 04017080
21 . Recent advances in time domain NMR &amp; MRI sensors and their food applications Kirtil, E., Cikrikci, S., McCarthy, M.J., Oztop, M.H. 2017 Current Opinion in Food Science ,
17 pp. 9 – 15 .
22 . Diet-induced obesity and weight loss alter bile acid concentrations and bile acid–sensitive gene expression in insulin target tissues of C57BL/6J mice La Frano, M.R., Hernandez-Carretero, A., Weber, N., Borkowski, K., Pedersen, T.L., Osborn, O., Newman, J.W. 2017 Nutrition Research ,
46 pp. 11 – 21 .
23 . Evaluating Which Dose-Function Metrics Are Most Critical for Functional-Guided Radiation Therapy Faught, A.M., Yamamoto, T., Castillo, R., Castillo, E., Zhang, J., Miften, M., Vinogradskiy, Y. 2017 International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics ,
99 ( 1 ) pp. 202 – 209 .
24 . Psoriasis and suicidality: A systematic review and meta-analysis Singh, S., Taylor, C., Kornmehl, H., Armstrong, A.W. 2017 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology ,
77 ( 3 ) pp. 425 – 440.e2 .
25 . Evacuation of pets during disasters: A public health intervention to increase resilience Chadwin, R. 2017 American Journal of Public Health ,
107 ( 9 ) pp. 1413 – 1417 .
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