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1. Evaluation of potassium thiosulfate as a nitrification inhibitor to reduce nitrous oxide emissions Cai, Z., Gao, S., Xu, M., Hanson, B.D. 2018 Science of the Total Environment, 618, pp. 243-249.
2. Identifying climate risk perceptions, information needs, and barriers to information exchange among public land managers Peters, C.B., Schwartz, M.W., Lubell, M.N. 2018 Science of the Total Environment, 616-617, pp. 245-254.
3. Pitch and aspect ratio effects on single-phase heat transfer through microscale pin fin heat sinks Rasouli, E., Naderi, C., Narayanan, V. 2018 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 118, pp. 416-428.
4. Drought and salt stress in Macrotyloma uniflorum leads to common and specific transcriptomic responses and reveals importance of raffinose family oligosaccharides in stress tolerance George, S., Manoharan, D., Li, J., Britton, M., Parida, A. 2018 Gene Reports, 10, pp. 7-16.
5. Impact of forest maintenance on water shortages: Hydrologic modeling and effects of climate change Luo, P., Zhou, M., Deng, H., (…), Nover, D., Geoffrey Schladow, S. 2018 Science of the Total Environment, 615, pp. 1355-1363.
6. Growth-mediated plant movements: hidden in plain sight Harmer, S.L., Brooks, C.J. 2018 Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 41, pp. 89-94.
7. Guiding morphogenesis in cell-instructive microgels for therapeutic angiogenesis Torres, A.L., Bidarra, S.J., Pinto, M.T., (…), Silva, E.A., Barrias, C.C. 2018 Biomaterials, 154, pp. 34-47.
8. Spatiotemporal prediction of daily ambient ozone levels across China using random forest for human exposure assessment Zhan, Y., Luo, Y., Deng, X., (…), Zhang, M., Di, B. 2018 Environmental Pollution, 233, pp. 464-473.
9. Challenges in translation: Models to promote translation Popp, J., Matthews, D., Martinez-Coll, A., Mayerhöfer, T., Wilson, B.C. 2018 Journal of Biomedical Optics, 23(2), art. no. 021101.
10. Measurement and simulation of water-use by canola and camelina under cool-season conditions in California George, N., Thompson, S.E., Hollingsworth, J., Orloff, S., Kaffka, S. 2018 Agricultural Water Management, 196, pp. 15-23.
11. Distribution and incidence of atoxigenic Aspergillus flavus VCG in tree crop orchards in California: A strategy for identifying potential antagonists, the example of almonds Picot, A., Doster, M., Islam, M.-S., (…), Cotty, P., Michailides, T. 2018 International Journal of Food Microbiology, 265, pp. 55-64.
12. Millennial-scale variations in dustiness recorded in Mid-Atlantic sediments from 0 to 70 ka Middleton, J.L., Mukhopadhyay, S., Langmuir, C.H., McManus, J.F., Huybers, P.J. 2018 Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 482, pp. 12-22.
13. Effect of sucralose on the enzyme kinetics of invertase using real-time NMR spectroscopy and progress curve analysis Her, C., Singh, J., Krishnan, V.V. 2018 Carbohydrate Research, 455, pp. 5-9.
14. Variation in MUTYH expression in Arabian horses with Cerebellar Abiotrophy Scott, E.Y., Woolard, K.D., Finno, C.J., Penedo, M.C.T., Murray, J.D. 2018 Brain Research, 1678, pp. 330-336.
15. Enhancing early psychosis treatment using smartphone technology: A longitudinal feasibility and validity study Niendam, T.A., Tully, L.M., Iosif, A.-M., (…), Fedechko, T.L., Pierce, K.M. 2018 Journal of Psychiatric Research, 96, pp. 239-246.
16. Efficacy of seawater for washing oiled birds during an oil spill response Finlayson, G.R., Louise Chilvers, B., Pearson, H., (…), Morgan, K.J., Clumpner, C. 2018 Marine Pollution Bulletin, 126, pp. 137-140.
17. Performance testing to identify climate-ready trees McPherson, E.G., Berry, A.M., van Doorn, N.S. 2018 Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, 29, pp. 28-39.
18. Evaluating effects of deficit irrigation strategies on grain sorghum attributes and biofuel production Pang, B., Zhang, K., Kisekka, I., (…), Zhang, M., Wang, D. 2018 Journal of Cereal Science, 79, pp. 13-20.
19. Dynamics on flag manifolds: Domains of proper discontinuity and cocompactness Kapovich, M., Leeb, B., Porti, J. 2018 Geometry and Topology, 22(1), pp. 157-234.
20. Social information changes stress hormone receptor expression in the songbird brain Cornelius, J.M., Perreau, G., Bishop, V.R., (…), Hahn, T.P., Meddle, S.L. 2018 Hormones and Behavior, 97, pp. 31-38
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