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1. A Cost–Benefit Approach for Prioritizing Invasive Species Courtois, P., Figuieres, C., Mulier, C., Weill, J. 2018 Ecological Economics, 146, pp. 607-620.
2. Viscous flow in a soft valve Park, K., Tixier, A., Christensen, A.H., (…), Zwieniecki, M.A., Jensen, K.H. 2018 Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 836, p. R3.
3. Piezocone penetration rate effects in transient gold tailings Dientmann, G., Schnaid, F., Maghous, S., DeJong, J. 2018 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 144(2), art. no. 04017116.
4. First detection of feline hemoplasmas in free-ranging jaguars (Panthera onca) Furtado, M.M., Taniwaki, S.A., Metzger, B., (…), Tôrres, N.M., Ferreira Neto, J.S. 2018 Veterinary Microbiology, 214, pp. 75-80.
5. The dynamics of supertranslations and superrotations in 2 + 1 dimensions Carlip, S. 2018 Classical and Quantum Gravity, 35(1), art. no. 014001.
6. Engineered superlattices with crossover from decoupled to synthetic ferromagnetic behavior Chopdekar, R.V., Malik, V.K., Kane, A.M., (…), Arenholz, E., Takamura, Y. 2018 Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 30(1), art. no. 015805.
7. Revisiting monosaccharide analysis-quantitation of a comprehensive set of monosaccharides using dynamic multiple reaction monitoring Xu, G., Amicucci, M.J., Cheng, Z., Galermo, A.G., Lebrilla, C.B. 2018 Analyst, 143(1), pp. 200-207.
8. Rho GTPase effectors and NAD metabolism in cancer immune suppression Chaker, M., Minden, A., Chen, S., (…), Mahipal, A., Azmi, A.S. 2018 Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets, 22(1), pp. 9-17.
9. Close but no cigar: Spatial precision deficits following medial temporal lobe lesions provide novel insight into theoretical models of navigation and memory Kolarik, B.S., Baer, T., Shahlaie, K., Yonelinas, A.P., Ekstrom, A.D. 2018 Hippocampus, 28(1), pp. 31-41.
10. Bioengineered NRF2-siRNA is effective to interfere with NRF2 pathways and improve chemosensitivity of human cancer cells Li, P.-C., Tu, M.-J., Ho, P.Y., (…), Yu, A.-X., Yu, A.-M. 2018 Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 46(1), pp. 2-10.
11. ReMAPping the microtubule landscape: How phosphorylation dictates the activities of microtubule-associated proteins Ramkumar, A., Jong, B.Y., Ori-McKenney, K.M. 2018 Developmental Dynamics, 247(1), pp. 138-155.
12. Joint diseases: From connexins to gap junctions Donahue, H.J., Qu, R.W., Genetos, D.C. 2018 Nature Reviews Rheumatology, 14(1), pp. 42-51.
13. Sanitary enclaves: Hygiene, epidemics, and health in Lima’s Chinatown, 1880-1910 Palma, P., Ragas, J. 2018 Anuario Colombiano de Historia Social y de la Cultura, 45(1), pp. 159-190.
14. Chapter 7: Standard Biological and in vivo Methods Tang, T., Louie, A.Y., Gale, E.M., (…), Farrar, C.T., Keil, B. 2018 New Developments in NMR, 2018-January(13), pp. 499-584.
15. A survey of risk factors for digit injuries among dogs training and competing in agility events Sellon, D.C., Martucci, K., Wenz, J.R., (…), Powers, M., Cullen, K.L. 2018 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 252(1), pp. 75-83.
16. A novel pkhd1 mutation interacts with the nonobese diabetic genetic background to cause autoimmune cholangitis Huang, W., Rainbow, D.B., Wu, Y., (…), Wicker, L.S., Ridgway, W.M. 2018 Journal of Immunology, 200(1), pp. 147-162.
17. Association between subclinical thyroid dysfunction and change in bone mineral density in prospective cohorts Segna, D., Bauer, D.C., Feller, M., (…), Bischoff-Ferrari, H.A., Rodondi, N. 2018 Journal of Internal Medicine, 283(1), pp. 56-72.
18. Evidence for a primate origin of zoonotic Helicobacter suis colonizing domesticated pigs Flahou, B., Rossi, M., Bakker, J., (…), Corander, J., Haesebrouck, F. 2018 ISME Journal, 12(1), pp. 77-86.
19. Highly transparent and rollable PVA-co-PE nanofibers synergistically reinforced with epoxy film for flexible electronic devices Xiong, B., Zhong, W., Zhu, Q., (…), Sun, G., Wang, D. 2017 Nanoscale, 9(48), pp. 19216-19226.
20. Contesting multiculturalism: ethno-regionalism and contending forms of nationalism in late colonial Nigeria Adebanwi, W. 2017 Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, pp. 1-25.
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