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1. Implementations of three OCT angiography (OCTA) methods with 1.7 MHz A-scan rate OCT system on imaging of human retinal and choroidal vasculature Poddar, R., Werner, J.S. 2018 Optics and Laser Technology, 102, pp. 130-139.
2. Reduced difference polynomials and self-intersection computations Farouki, R.T. 2018 Applied Mathematics and Computation, 324, pp. 174-190.
3. An experimental study of furan adsorption and decomposition on vicinal palladium surfaces using scanning tunneling microscopy Loui, A., Chiang, S. 2018 Surface Science, 670, pp. 13-22.
4. Reluctant cocrystal growth of fullerenes with nickel dithiolene complexes Ghiassi, K.B., Powers, X.B., Chen, S.Y., (…), Balch, A.L., Olmstead, M.M. 2018 Inorganica Chimica Acta, 473, pp. 1-8.
5. Morphological consequences of ligand exchange in quantum dot – Polymer solar cells Hickey, R.T., Jedlicka, E., Pokuri, B.S.S., (…), Ginger, D.S., Moulé, A.J. 2018 Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications, 54, pp. 119-125.
6. Predicting the minimum height of forest fire smoke within the atmosphere using machine learning and data from the CALIPSO satellite Yao, J., Raffuse, S.M., Brauer, M., (…), Johnston, F.H., Henderson, S.B. 2018 Remote Sensing of Environment, 206, pp. 98-106.
7. Thermodynamic and structural evolution of Dy2Ti2O7pyrochlore after swift heavy ion irradiation Chung, C.-K., Shamblin, J., O’Quinn, E.C., (…), Lang, M., Navrotsky, A. 2018 Acta Materialia, 145, pp. 227-234.
8. The NOX1 isoform of NADPH oxidase is involved in dysfunction of liver sinusoids in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Matsumoto, M., Zhang, J., Zhang, X., (…), Torok, N.J., Yabe-Nishimura, C. 2018 Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 115, pp. 412-420.
9. Studies on immunity and immunopathogenesis of parrot bornaviral disease in cockatiels Hameed, S.S., Guo, J., Tizard, I., Shivaprasad, H.L., Payne, S. 2018 Virology, 515, pp. 81-91.
10. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry metabolomic study of lipopolysaccharides toxicity on rat basophilic leukemia cells Cui, F., Zhu, P., Ji, J., (…), Zhang, Y., Sun, X. 2018 Chemico-Biological Interactions, 281, pp. 81-88.
11. Ameliorated mechanical and thermal properties of SiC reinforced Al matrix composites through hybridizing carbon nanotubes Guo, B., Zhang, X., Cen, X., (…), Shen, T., Du, Y. 2018 Materials Characterization, 136, pp. 272-280.
12. Post-secondary maternal education buffers against neural risk for psychological vulnerability to future life stress Swartz, J.R., Knodt, A.R., Radtke, S.R., Hariri, A.R. 2018 Neuropsychologia, 109, pp. 134-139.
13. Feasibility of desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for diagnosis of oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma D’Hue, C., Moore, M., Summerlin, D.-J., (…), Gregory Farwell, D., Cooks, R.G. 2018 Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 32(2), pp. 133-141.
14. Segmentation analysis of residential water-electricity demand for customized demand-side management programs Cominola, A., Spang, E.S., Giuliani, M., (…), Lund, J.R., Loge, F.J. 2018 Journal of Cleaner Production, 172, pp. 1607-1619.
15. Reliability of sampling strategies for measuring dairy cattle welfare on commercial farms Van Os, J.M.C., Winckler, C., Trieb, J., (…), Champagne, J.D., Tucker, C.B. 2018 Journal of Dairy Science.
Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press
16. ‘Brain health’: What is it, what can we do about it and when should we start? DeCarli, C. 2018 Nature Reviews Neurology, 14(1), pp. 6-7.
17. Reclaiming Autologous Amputated Tissue for Limb Salvage of a Diabetic Foot Burn with Underlying Critical Limb Ischemia Tchanque-Fossuo, C.N., Wishy, A.M., West, K.I.M., (…), Dahle, S.E., Carson, J.G. 2018 Advances in Skin and Wound Care, 31(1), pp. 596-600.
18. Influence of land use on the persistence effect of riverine phosphorus Huang, H., Wang, Z., Chen, D., (…), Dahlgren, R.A., Mei, K. 2018 Hydrological Processes, 32(1), pp. 118-125.
19. Efficacy of anaerobic soil disinfestation for control of prunus replant disease Browne, G.T., Ott, N., Poret-Peterson, A., Gouran, H., Lampinen, B. 2018 Plant Disease, 102(1), pp. 209-219.
20. Native or proteolytically activated NanI sialidase enhances the binding and cytotoxic activity of Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin and beta toxin Theoret, J.R., Li, J., Navarro, M.A., (…), Uzal, F.A., McClane, B.A. 2018 Infection and Immunity, 86(1), art. no. e00730-17
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