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1. CA1 and CA3 differentially support spontaneous retrieval of episodic contexts within human hippocampal subfields Dimsdale-Zucker, H.R., Ritchey, M., Ekstrom, A.D., Yonelinas, A.P., Ranganath, C. 2018 Nature Communications, 9(1), art. no. 294.
2. Mechanisms controlling the impact of multi-year drought on mountain hydrology Bales, R.C., Goulden, M.L., Hunsaker, C.T., (…), Hopmans, J.W., Safeeq, M. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 690.
3. Identification of genetic elements in metabolism by high-throughput mouse phenotyping Rozman, J., Rathkolb, B., Oestereicher, M.A., (…), Werner, T., De Angelis, M.H. 2018 Nature Communications, 9(1), art. no. 288.
4. Achieving local and global shared realities: distance guides alignment to specific or general social influences Ledgerwood, A., Wang, Y.A. 2018 Current Opinion in Psychology, 23, pp. 62-65.
5. Influence of Discussion Incivility on Deliberation: An Examination of the Mediating Role of Moral Indignation Hwang, H., Kim, Y., Kim, Y. 2018 Communication Research, 45(2), pp. 213-240.
6. Microglia from offspring of dams with allergic asthma exhibit epigenomic alterations in genes dysregulated in autism Vogel Ciernia, A., Careaga, M., LaSalle, J.M., Ashwood, P. 2018 GLIA, 66(3), pp. 505-521.
7. Experimental heat capacities, excess entropies, and magnetic properties of bulk and nano Fe3O4-Co3O4and Fe3O4-Mn3O4spinel solid solutions Schliesser, J.M., Huang, B., Sahu, S.K., (…), Navrotsky, A., Woodfield, B.F. 2018 Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 259, pp. 79-90.
8. How do landowners learn about high-volume hydraulic fracturing? A survey of Eastern Ohio landowners in active or proposed drilling units Arnold, G., Farrer, B., Holahan, R. 2018 Energy Policy, 114, pp. 455-464.
9. Collisional stripping of planetary crusts Carter, P.J., Leinhardt, Z.M., Elliott, T., Stewart, S.T., Walter, M.J. 2018 Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 484, pp. 276-286.
10. Search for heavy resonances decaying to a top quark and a bottom quark in the lepton+jets final state in proton–proton collisions at 13 TeV Sirunyan, A.M., Tumasyan, A., Adam, W., (…), Taylor, D., Woods, N. 2018 Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 777, pp. 39-63.
11. Association of diabetes mellitus and biochemical knee cartilage composition assessed by T2relaxation time measurements: Data from the osteoarthritis initiative Chanchek, N., Gersing, A.S., Schwaiger, B.J., (…), McCulloch, C.E., Link, T.M. 2018 Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 47(2).
12. The effects of aspirated thickened water on survival and pulmonary injury in a rabbit model Nativ-Zeltzer, N., Kuhn, M.A., Imai, D.M., (…), Adams, B., Belafsky, P.C. 2018 Laryngoscope, 128(2), pp. 327-331.
13. Canine demodicosis: a retrospective study of a veterinary hospital population in California, USA (2000–2016) Bowden, D.G., Outerbridge, C.A., Kissel, M.B., Baron, J.N., White, S.D. 2018 Veterinary Dermatology, 29(1), pp. 10-19.
14. Encoding-Stage Adaptation Effects: Long-Term Memory Peacock, C.E., Gözenman, F. 2018 Perception, 47(2), pp. 216-224.
15. Up-and-Over Technique for Implantation of Iliac Branch Devices After Prior Aortic Endograft Repair Dawson, D.L., Sandri, G.A., Tenorio, E., Oderich, G.S. 2018 Journal of Endovascular Therapy, 25(1), pp. 21-27.
16. Influencing Myself: Self-Reinforcement Through Online Political Expression Cho, J., Ahmed, S., Keum, H., Choi, Y.J., Lee, J.H. 2018 Communication Research, 45(1), pp. 83-111.
17. Comparative genomics of myxobacterial chemosensory systems Sharma, G., Khatri, I., Subramanian, S. 2018 Journal of Bacteriology, 200(3), art. no. e00620-17.
18. Novel Nitinol Stent for Lesions up to 24 cm in the Superficial Femoral and Proximal Popliteal Arteries: 24-Month Results From the TIGRIS Randomized Trial Laird, J.R., Zeller, T., Loewe, C., (…), Lansky, A., Jaff, M.R. 2018 Journal of Endovascular Therapy, 25(1), pp. 68-78.
19. An unresponsive progressive pustular and crusting dermatitis with acantholysis in nine cats Outerbridge, C.A., Affolter, V.K., Lyons, L.A., (…), Ihrke, P.J., White, S.D. 2018 Veterinary Dermatology, 29(1), pp. 33-81.
20. Rbm24, a target of p53, is necessary for proper expression of p53 and heart development Zhang, M., Zhang, Y., Xu, E., (…), Zhang, J., Chen, X. 2018 Cell Death and Differentiation, pp. 1-13
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