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1. Fanon: Absorption and coloniality Clover, J. 2018 College Literature, 45(1), pp. 39-45.
2. The Argentina Paradox: microexplanations and macropuzzles Taylor, A.M. 2018 Latin American Economic Review, 27(1), art. no. 3.
3. Properties of bacterial communities attached to artificial substrates in a hypereutrophic urban river Cai, X., Yao, L., Sheng, Q., (…), Dahlgren, R.A., Wang, T. 2018 AMB Express, 8(1), art. no. 22.
4. Comparative transcriptomics with self-organizing map reveals cryptic photosynthetic differences between two accessions of North American Lake cress Nakayama, H., Sakamoto, T., Okegawa, Y., (…), Sinha, N., Kimura, S. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 3302.
5. The Flexitarian Flip™ in university dining venues: Student and adult consumer acceptance of mixed dishes in which animal protein has been partially replaced with plant protein Spencer, M., Cienfuegos, C., Guinard, J.-X. 2018 Food Quality and Preference, 68, pp. 50-63.
6. Optimization under uncertainty of a biomass-integrated renewable energy microgrid with energy storage Zheng, Y., Jenkins, B.M., Kornbluth, K., Træholt, C. 2018 Renewable Energy, 123, pp. 204-217.
7. The association between punishment and cooperation in children with high-functioning autism Li, J., Zhu, L., Chen, Z. 2018 Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 171, pp. 1-13.
8. Effect of a heat-spray and heat-double spray process using radiofrequency technology and ethanol on inoculated nuts Salazar, F., Garcia, S., Lagunas-Solar, M., Pan, Z., Cullor, J. 2018 Journal of Food Engineering, 227, pp. 51-57.
9. Filtering of target sequence capture individuals facilitates species tree construction in the plant subtribe Iochrominae (Solanaceae) Gates, D.J., Pilson, D., Smith, S.D. 2018 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 123, pp. 26-34.
10. Theoretical Study of Ductile Fracture in Steel Structures in the Presence of Spatial Variability in Toughness Pericoli, V., Kanvinde, A. 2018 Journal of Structural Engineering (United States), 144(5), art. no. 04018024.
11. Ensemble modeling of the theis equation under uncertain parameter conditions Ceyhan, M.S., Kavvas, M.L. 2018 Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 23(5), art. no. 04018011.
12. Relationships among static strength, dynamic strength, and psychophysically determined levels of acceptable force for a pushing task and foot pedal actuation task Wiggermann, N., Zhou, J. 2018 International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 65, pp. 68-73.
13. Latrunculin B and substratum stiffness regulate corneal fibroblast to myofibroblast transformation Thomasy, S.M., Raghunathan, V.K., Miyagi, H., (…), Morgan, J.T., Murphy, C.J. 2018 Experimental Eye Research, 170, pp. 101-107.
14. On one-dimension semi-linear wave equations with null conditions Luli, G.K., Yang, S., Yu, P. 2018 Advances in Mathematics, 329, pp. 174-188.
15. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions for prescribed concrete compressive strength Fan, C., Miller, S.A. 2018 Construction and Building Materials, 167, pp. 918-928.
16. Semi-direct tree reconstruction using terrestrial LiDAR point cloud data Bailey, B.N., Ochoa, M.H. 2018 Remote Sensing of Environment, 208, pp. 133-144.
17. High-throughput system for quantifying and characterizing homologous recombination in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Nour-Eldin, H.H., Specht, E.A., Ostrand, J., (…), Karunanithi, P.S., Mayfield, S.P. 2018 Algal Research, 31, pp. 167-172.
18. Suppressive effects of aryl-hydrocarbon receptor repressor on adipocyte differentiation in 3T3-L1 cells Ishihara, Y., Tsuji, M., Vogel, C.F.A. 2018 Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 642, pp. 75-80.
19. A drought indicator reflecting ecosystem responses to water availability: The Normalized Ecosystem Drought Index Chang, K.-Y., Xu, L., Starr, G., Paw U, K.T. 2018 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 250-251, pp. 102-117.
20. The effectiveness of augmented versus standard individual placement and support programs in terms of employment: a systematic literature review Dewa, C.S., Loong, D., Trojanowski, L., Bonato, S. 2018 Journal of Mental Health, 27(2), pp. 174-183
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