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1. Three-way decisions based on neutrosophic sets and AHP-QFD framework for supplier selection problem Abdel-Basset, M., Manogaran, G., Mohamed, M., Chilamkurti, N. 2018 Future Generation Computer Systems, 89, pp. 19-30.
2. Assessing agreement among alternative climate change projections to inform conservation recommendations in the contiguous United States Belote, R.T., Carroll, C., Martinuzzi, S., (…), Williamson, M.A., Aplet, G.H. 2018 Scientific Reports, 8(1), art. no. 9441.
3. How leaking and overproducing resources affect the evolutionary robustness of cooperative cross-feeding Stump, S.M., Johnson, E.C., Klausmeier, C.A. 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology, 454, pp. 278-291.
4. Different levels of resistance to cyprodinil and iprodione and lack of fludioxonil resistance in Botrytis cinerea isolates collected from pistachio, grape, and pomegranate fields in California Avenot, H.F., Quattrini, J., Puckett, R., Michailides, T.J. 2018 Crop Protection, 112, pp. 274-281.
5. Registered nurses’ preferences for rural and urban jobs: A discrete choice experiment Fields, B.E., Bell, J.F., Bigbee, J.L., Thurston, H., Spetz, J. 2018 International Journal of Nursing Studies, 86, pp. 11-19.
6. Deep injection and the potential of biochar to reduce fumigant emissions and effects on nematode control Gao, S., Doll, D.A., Stanghellini, M.S., (…), Wang, D., Hanson, B.D. 2018 Journal of Environmental Management, 223, pp. 469-477.
7. Community-level Adverse Experiences and Emotional Regulation in Children and Adolescents Thurston, H., Bell, J.F., Induni, M. 2018 Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 42, pp. 25-33.
8. Blocks and gaps in the asymmetric simple exclusion process: Asymptotics Tracy, C.A., Widom, H. 2018 Journal of Mathematical Physics, 59(9), art. no. 091401.
9. Mermaid: A new decision support tool for managing shellfish growing areas Conte, F.S., Ahmadi, A. 2018 International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems, 9(3), pp. 38-53.
10. Distinct trophic specializations affect how phytophthora ramorum and clade 6 phytophthora spp. Colonize and persist on umbellularia californica leaves in streams Aram, K., Rizzo, D.M. 2018 Phytopathology, 108(7), pp. 858-869.
11. A microfluidic platform to study astrocyte adhesion on nanoporous gold thin films Hampe, A.E., Li, Z., Sethi, S., Lein, P.J., Seker, E. 2018 Nanomaterials, 8(7), art. no. 452.
12. Implementation of CTR dairy model using the visual basic for application language of Microsoft excel Ahmadi, A., Robinson, P.H., Elizondo, F., Chilibroste, P. 2018 International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems, 9(3), pp. 74-86.
13. How a drug developer thinks about a new ophthalmic product Novack, G.D. 2018 Ocular Surface, 16(3), pp. 390-392.
14. Whole-Slide Imaging: The Future Is Here Aeffner, F., Blanchard, T.W., Keel, M.K., Williams, B.H. 2018 Veterinary Pathology, 55(4), pp. 488-489.
15. Extending Demand Response to Tenants in Cloud Data Centers via Non-Intrusive Workload Flexibility Pricing Zhan, Y., Ghamkhari, M., Xu, D., Ren, S., Mohsenian-Rad, H. 2018 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 9(4), pp. 3235-3246.
16. Merchant Attitudes Toward a Healthy Food Retailer Incentive Program in a Low-Income San Francisco Neighborhood McDaniel, P.A., Minkler, M., Juachon, L., (…), Estrada, J., Falbe, J. 2018 International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 38(4), pp. 207-215.
17. Association between breast milk intake at 9–10 months of age and growth and development among Malawian young children Kumwenda, C., Hemsworth, J., Phuka, J., (…), Dewey, K.G., Ashorn, P. 2018 Maternal and Child Nutrition, 14(3), art. no. e12582.
18. LATE DORSET TRIANGULAR MIDPASSAGES in the CANADIAN ARCTIC and NORTHWEST Greenland: ORIGINS and DISPERSAL Darwent, J., Savelle, J.M., Darwent, C.M., (…), LeMoine, G.M., Pinard, C. 2018 American Antiquity, 83(3), pp. 525-535.
19. Characterization of argentinian endemic aspergillus flavus isolates and their potential use as biocontrol agents for mycotoxins in maize Camiletti, B.X., Moral, J., Asensio, C.M., (…), De La Paz Giménez-Pecci, M., Michailides, T.J. 2018 Phytopathology, 108(7), pp. 818-828.
20. Co-causation of reduced newborn size by maternal undernutrition, infections, and inflammation Ashorn, P., Hallamaa, L., Allen, L.H., (…), Zeilani, M., Dewey, K.G. 2018 Maternal and Child Nutrition, 14(3), art. no. e12585
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