Synthesis and Colloquium Digital Libraries Update

New Morgan & Claypool eBooks
Synthesis Collection Eight
96 out of 100 published
Data Management Series
Transaction Processing on Modern Hardware
Authors: Mohammed Sadoghi, Spyros Blanas
Keywords: transaction processing, ACID semantics, consistency, isolation levels, concurrency controls, optimistic concurrency, pessimistic concurrency, multi-version concurrency control, hardware-conscious concurrency, HTAP, indexing, hardware acceleration, RDMA
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series
Multidimensional Mining of Massive Text Data
Authors: Chao Zhang, Jiawei Han
Keywords: text mining, multidimensional analysis, data cube, limited supervision
Engineering Series
Ancient Hindu Science: Its Transmission and Impact on World Cultures
Authors: Alok Kumar
Keywords: Hindu science, history of science, Vedic science, Hindu religion, Ancient Indian science, Indian science and technology
Mathematics and Statistics Series
Symmetry Problems. The Navier-Stokes Problem.
Authors: Alexander G. Ramm
Keywords: Helmholtz equation, symmetry problems, Navier-Stokes problem, Inverse problem of potential theory
Mechanical Engineering Series
Fractional Calculus with its Applications in Engineering and Technology
Authors: Yi Yang, Haiyan Henry Zhang
Keywords: fractional calculus, fractional-order controller design, Grünwald-Letnikov, Riemann-Liouville, Caputo, Miller-Ross fractional derivatives, machining chatter, multilink robot, idle speed control
Visualization Series
Diversity in Visualization
Authors: Ronald Metoyer, Kelly Gaither
Keywords: diversity, inclusion, visualization
Colloquium Collection Four
35 out of 35 published — Complete!
Neuroglia in Biology and Medicine Series
Drosophila Glia
Authors: LinFang Wang, Honglei Wang, Margaret S. Ho
Keywords: glia, Drosophila, blood-brain-barrier, synapse, axon pruning, stem cell niche, neurodegeneration, cortex glia, neuropil glia, perineural glia, subperineural glia, ensheathing glia
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